Allways In The Trunk Wing (AitT)

I had the electronics for a fast ~300 grams model lying around so I decided to venture in to the land of Hot-wire cutting.

The model I had in mind to start with was something like the ST-Model Typhoon 430 and just by chance my friend happened to have one.

I took the measurements of his model and printed out a Zagi-10 wing profile and made a template of do it yourself printed circuit board glass fiber.

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What was the damage?

After washing off all the dirt I let the electronics sit in the oven at 50°C to make sure they were completely dry from all the melted snow.
With held breath I plugged everything back together and switched on the power…
Picture! We have picture!
Servos swing as they should without any broken gears.

The only thing that broke was the nose and the EZ-Pod as you can see.

Everything else works just fine!

I think its time to build myself a nice new Easystar now.