A new FPV Easystar is born

Now its time to start the build of my new FPV Easystar!

I started out with some 2mm carbonrod to stiffen up the elevator

Nice and flat after sanding som exess of

I also added a 6*1mm carbon strip to stiffen the rest of the tail (I dont like flex )

Some 10*0,5mm carbon strips in the wings

It adds a lot of strenght to the wing

I also added a washer thats 18mm across and has a 8,5mm hole so ensure that the carbon rod that goes in to the wing doesn’t ware on the epp hole and make the connection sloppy.

Melting away some epp with my soldering iron (I use a diffrent tip for this)

6mm carbon rod glued in

I use a layer of heatshrink on the motor so that I dont have to glue the motor itself to the epp

Melted some extra room for the wireing to the ESC

Making myself a new rudder from the start

Made frome lightwheight plywood

Monocoated it with dayglow orange

Du-bro hinges are so sweet

Well thats it for now.
Stay tuned for the next update!

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