The build continues

Update time!

I made a step-up converter to be able to get rid of the 3s500mAh battery I used before, and since I fly on a 3sA123 I need to step-up the voltage to 12V to power the video setup.
Sorry for the messy layout but I didn’t feel like making a new board after adding the nessesery filtering.

I had to sacrifice looks for preformance when I mounted the FASST antennas.

One of the two gyros that is going to help me get a nice smooth flight in a litle more wind
The other gyro hasn’t arrived yet, but its going to be mounted at a 45° angel to get best performance for the rudder.

Heatshrink on the servos to not have to glue directly on the servos.

Just before the gluing of the fuse.


Tail glued.

Controlrods mounted.

Servos in place.

6*4 Prop mounted

The build continues soon…

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