Elefantastiskt 2009

This weekend I attended the Elefantastiskt RC event in Karlsborg here in Sweden. The field at where it’s held was pretty huge and it had a nice big runway. Since this was a two day event there were a camping area at one end of the field, here the two vendors that turned up also had their stands. The weather on Saturday was extremely windy with a few raindrops here and there. This was unfortunate as this was the day that most visitors came to watch the flying and the noon demo. Since it was so windy there weren’t that many planes in the air and the noon demo was made difficult.

I brought the Twin-Star and the Blizzard on the Saturday and I flew both in the wind. A lot of people were interested in my planes and I got to meet a lot of new great people. A few even recognized me from my youtube-show, which was cool.
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I’m mentioned on ATTF!

I’m mentioned on the very well known AllThingsThatFly podcast!

24 minutes and 10 seconds into episode #102 Diggs mentions my youtube show episode 1 and episode 2 as “Funny as hell”.

He is also kind enough to plug this site! After that he mentions my Multiplex Blizzard as “… One of the coolest paint scheme I’ve seen yet on a Blizzard”

Click here to download the episode as a MP3

A big thank you to all the guys at ATTF!

My prize has arrived

My prize from the competition on the FPV-Community forums just arrived in my mailbox!

The quality of this pan/tilt unit from GlobeFlight is excellent. The panning servo is located higher that on any other pan/tilt unit I’ve seen for the Twin Star. It’s also possible to look straight down thanks to the different tilt mechanism. All parts are made from glass fiber and are very strong and light. The whole unit weights 60 grams as seen in the picture. Now I only need a HS-81 size servo to be able to test this ting out.

I’m sending back the HD camera

The homepage where I got the Aiptek AHD300 said that it could do 720p in 60fps but that was not true. Apparently there is another model called the AHD300 PLUS that has this capability. So I sent back the AHD300 and instead I’m getting a AHD200 for half the price. It can “only” record in 1280*720p at 30fps compared to the 1440*1080p 30fps of the AHD300, but for me that is not worth two AHD200’s.

But before I sent the AHD300 back, I made a few test videos
Be sure to watch the comparison videos between the KX171 and the AHD300


RCPowers Extra300

This RCPowers Extra300 is going to be my first ever fully fledged 3D airplane. I’m making mine out of 6 mm depron so we’ll have to see how long it lasts.

Wingspan: 900 mm
Length: 915 mm
All up weight: 352 g

Power setup:
Motor: Turnigy C28-30 1050kV
ESC: 25A HiModel ESC
Battery: 3s 800mAh Li-po
Servos: 4 x 9g Servos
Prop: 9*4.7 Prop

All the pieces cut out

Since the depron sheets I can get my hands on only measure 900*400 mm, I decided to make the main plate into two pieces in another fashion than the original.

Here you can see where I made the cut rather then along the whole fuselage.

I use a dremel to make perfect slot for the 3 mm carbon tube

A slot in the elevator as well.

45°ing the control surfaces.

Glued together

Du-bro hinges on the rudder.

For the motor mount I took the stick-mount that comes with the towerpro motors and removed the unnecessary bits.

The Turnigy C28-30 1050kV Motor in place.

Aileron servo in place on the underside.

Tape hinges.

Rudder mounted.

I decided to go with two separate aileron servos to be able to have programmable offsets.

I placed the elevator and rudder servos close to the CG and made some simple pushrods.

Rudder pushrod and control-horn.

Elevator pushrod and control-horn.

Receiver and 25A ECS mounted

3s800mAh LiPo

9*4.7 Prop, I didn’t have any 3.2 mm propsaver at home, so this have to do for now.

All done!

352 g All Up Weight

I sold the Extra 300 to a friend of mine a couple of days later.

FPV HD Camera has arrived

Behold! The future is here! I’m proud to present the Aiptek AHD300 Full HD Camcorder:

The camera empty weights 148 g according to my scale and with battery and SD card it weights in at 183 grams.
The plan is to take it apart and strip it of all unnecessary parts to make it as light as possible. I will also replace the connection between the CMOS sensor board and the main board with a ribbon cable to make it easier to pan/tilt.

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New personal altitude record

I was out testing how the camera reacted to the green nose I gave it. The results were good, the camera didn’t under expose the ground as much. But whilst I was flying around I felt like climbing a little. Since I didn’t have that much juice left in the battery I had to settle at 1114 meters which happen to be a personal record. The Twin Star is far superior to the Easy Star when it comes to climbing.

I love FPV flying.