RCPowers Extra300

This RCPowers Extra300 is going to be my first ever fully fledged 3D airplane. I’m making mine out of 6 mm depron so we’ll have to see how long it lasts.

Wingspan: 900 mm
Length: 915 mm
All up weight: 352 g

Power setup:
Motor: Turnigy C28-30 1050kV
ESC: 25A HiModel ESC
Battery: 3s 800mAh Li-po
Servos: 4 x 9g Servos
Prop: 9*4.7 Prop

All the pieces cut out

Since the depron sheets I can get my hands on only measure 900*400 mm, I decided to make the main plate into two pieces in another fashion than the original.

Here you can see where I made the cut rather then along the whole fuselage.

I use a dremel to make perfect slot for the 3 mm carbon tube

A slot in the elevator as well.

45°ing the control surfaces.

Glued together

Du-bro hinges on the rudder.

For the motor mount I took the stick-mount that comes with the towerpro motors and removed the unnecessary bits.

The Turnigy C28-30 1050kV Motor in place.

Aileron servo in place on the underside.

Tape hinges.

Rudder mounted.

I decided to go with two separate aileron servos to be able to have programmable offsets.

I placed the elevator and rudder servos close to the CG and made some simple pushrods.

Rudder pushrod and control-horn.

Elevator pushrod and control-horn.

Receiver and 25A ECS mounted

3s800mAh LiPo

9*4.7 Prop, I didn’t have any 3.2 mm propsaver at home, so this have to do for now.

All done!

352 g All Up Weight

I sold the Extra 300 to a friend of mine a couple of days later.

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