Hobbymässan 2009

Yesterday I went to a hobby trade fair in Stockholm here in Sweden. It was a 4 and half hours drive from where I live, and I had never been to the “Hobbymässan” before but from what I could gather from the information on the internet, it seemed to be a quite large event. Even Multiplex was going to be there and show off their new flying wing “Xeno”. Unfortunately the day didn’t turn out as great as I expected.

The Multiplex Merlin. Expected release in 2 weeksContinue Reading

GlobeFlight Pan/tilt for the TwinStar Review

This pan/tilt system comes pretty much prebuilt. It’s made from CNC milled 1.5 mm glass fiber and is glued together with CA glue, which makes it very strong. The milling quality is high and there are a lot of holes that simplifies wire installiton. It weights about 60 grams empty. The pan/tilt comes prepainted, the canopy part in gray and the tilt in red.

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100 Youtube subscribers and some updates on the homepage

Today is a big day!
I got my 100:th youtube subscriber! Yay congratulations David, woho!

I also updated the homepage a little today upon request.

  • It’s now possible to add comments to all the projects in the projects category.
  • I added a search page, which makes finding stuff on the page a lot easier. Just click the little icon in the sidebar on the left.
  • I added a FPV Videos page, which has an embedded player with all my FPV videos in chronological order.
  • I also optimized some code to make the homepage a little faster

So get started with the commenting on the projects!

The FPV FunJet maiden!

I’m proud to present the FPV FunJet:

It weighs in at 680 grams and it’s equipped with the new camera and a 300mW 1.3GHz transmitter.

Here is a link to more pictures and info

This is the video from the maiden flight

This was the best FPV flight I have ever done! I had such a blast. I love the FunJet as an FPV platform. It’s so stable in the wind and very agile. I can promise more videos now that I have a functioning FPV airplane

New camera

Since the tragic death of my old faithful KX-171 which has been with me since my start in FPV, I’ve been looking around for a new small camera to put on my new FunJet. Well, now I have found a camera.

I found this camera in a local electronics shop and decided to test it out.
It’s has quite a bit larger footprint that the KX-171 and it’s a lot heavier due to the thick solid metal case.
After testing it extensively, I found it to be quite excellent picture vice, so I decided to modify it!

I started out by removing the heavy metal case.Continue Reading


The FPV FunJet

Here is the build and maiden video of the FunJet:

Motor: Warp 4 3-turn 2580kV
ESC: Mystery 40A
Battery: 3s OEM 25-35C 2200mAh LiPo
Servos: 2 x Hitec HS-65HB
Prop: 6*4/5.5*4.5/5.25*4.75
Power: [email protected] – 22000RPm (6*4 prop) – 1000 grams thrust
All up weight: 680 grams

FPV setup:
Battery: 3s 500mAh
Transmitter: 300mW 1.3GHz
Camera: Modified 1/3” Sony CCD camera (more info)
Lens: f2.97 mm “Wide”
Pan/Tilt: Only pan – 1 multiplex nano-s modified for 180°

I really enjoy the FunJet as a FPV platform. It’s super stable in wind, very agile and fast. It’s a blast to fly!

Here is the video from the maiden FPV flight of the FunJet. This is the best FPV flight I ever had!