New camera

Since the tragic death of my old faithful KX-171 which has been with me since my start in FPV, I’ve been looking around for a new small camera to put on my new FunJet. Well, now I have found a camera.

I found this camera in a local electronics shop and decided to test it out.
It’s has quite a bit larger footprint that the KX-171 and it’s a lot heavier due to the thick solid metal case.
After testing it extensively, I found it to be quite excellent picture vice, so I decided to modify it!

I started out by removing the heavy metal case.
I then took the case from the KX-171 and cut of the threaded top of the case.
I then glued this to the new camera with epoxy.

I then shrink wrapped the whole camera with black heatshrink to block out any unwanted light and protect the camera. I also fitted a f2.97 mm wide angle lens.

The wheight of the camera before the modification: 52 grams
Wheight after modification: 20 grams
That’s less then the stock KX-171!

Here is the specs of the camera:
Sensor: 1/3” SONY CCD
Resolution: 500 H * 582 V Pixels, 420 TVL
Electronic shutter: 1/50-1/100000 second
S/N ratio: better than 48 db
Min lighting: 1 lux / F1.2
White balance: automatic white balance
Size: 44*43*30 mm (incl. bracket)
Power supply: 12 V DC
Integrated microphone

I’ll post a FPV video soon so that you can compare the picture quality your self.

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