The FPV FunJet

Here is the build and maiden video of the FunJet:

Motor: Warp 4 3-turn 2580kV
ESC: Mystery 40A
Battery: 3s OEM 25-35C 2200mAh LiPo
Servos: 2 x Hitec HS-65HB
Prop: 6*4/5.5*4.5/5.25*4.75
Power: [email protected] – 22000RPm (6*4 prop) – 1000 grams thrust
All up weight: 680 grams

FPV setup:
Battery: 3s 500mAh
Transmitter: 300mW 1.3GHz
Camera: Modified 1/3” Sony CCD camera (more info)
Lens: f2.97 mm “Wide”
Pan/Tilt: Only pan – 1 multiplex nano-s modified for 180°

I really enjoy the FunJet as a FPV platform. It’s super stable in wind, very agile and fast. It’s a blast to fly!

Here is the video from the maiden FPV flight of the FunJet. This is the best FPV flight I ever had!

5 thoughts on “The FPV FunJet

  1. Nice flight David! I just bought the Dominators with circular polarized antennas. I cant wait to put fpv on the Habu jet, among many other planes in my collection (23 to date).
    I have been flying rc for 6 years and also a PPL (license) holder since 2007. U are a very smart dude. Thanks for all the info.. On antennas, FPV, and everything else posted.

    I hope u realize the impact u have on the rc community.

    I am eagerly waiting for the “how to make your own cloverleaf omnidirectional CP antennas” and the “helical CP directional antenna builds”

    You and the flitetest crew are awesome and I watch everything u post. They are very lucky to have your expertise on their side.

    Keep up the great work and keep the vids/blogs/info coming.


  2. Great site and ideas, David, thanks for sharing!
    Would you recomend a motor for the funjet? I keep running into cheap funjet offers here and there but the Warp4 motor that you (and many others) used seems no longer available. Still looks like an awesome airframe to me.

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