I lost the GoPro Hero HD camera!

Disaster! I’ve lost the GoPro Hero HD camera and I can’t find it!
It was during the first FPV flight with the FunJet GoPro edition. I was out flying at a field near the lake Vättern. It was late in the afternoon, the wind had died down and it was a perfect evening to fly FPV.

With the 6*4 prop screaming at 22000 RPM, I threw her up into the sky. Even with the GoPro camera mounted it still flies pretty good. After flying a couple of passes visually I threw on the goggles. The video link was nice and crisp. After a couple of minutes of putting the video link to the test, I felt completely comfortable with the setup except for one thing, the pan was reversed. I didn’t want to land to correct it, nor did I want to try and correct it in the air, so I let it be for now. The GoPro has such a wide angle and I don’t often use the pan on the FunJet when flying fast. Little did I know that this would cost me the GoPro camera…

The tree I hit and the “beach” the plane crashed on. The picture is taken the morning after the crash.Continue Reading

The Aiptek Z500+ is dead

A while back I killed my FPV FunJet. It was the first flight with the Aiptek Z500+. After the crash I powered up the camera to makes sure that it still worked. It did boot up and showed me the option to choose between “Earphones” and “TV-out”. -Great! It works, I thought, and laid it a side for the moment to work on the tricopter.

After finishing the FunJet V2 build, it was finally time to get out and do some flying with the Z500+. I drove to the field and set everything up for what was looking to be an awesome flight. The weather was perfect and there was no wind at all. I powered everything up and looked in the goggles, the “Earphones” or “TV-out” screen was showing. So I selected “TV-out” using the remote. This was when I got a feeling like missing a step walking down some stairs…Continue Reading

Flytron DT-3K Headtracker Review

This is the Flytron DT-3K Headtracker.

The headtracker came nicely packed in an anti-ESD bag. It’s very compact and light weight, which keeps down the shipping cost. The DT-3K headtracker doesn’t come with a physical manual, but inside the package is a note with the address to an online manual. The manual is very clear and easy to understand, containing illustrative pictures and detailed instructions.
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Under the bridge and into a tree 2 this time in HD!

It was 6:30am, a blue sky and no wind. The park was empty, the ground was covered in a blanket of windflowers and the sun had just broken the horizon. The GoPro Hero HD was hastily mounted with rubber bands. Anything to be able to capture the glorious sunrise in HD.
Here are the results; Under the bridge and into a tree 2

More info about the Tricopter setup can be found here

The Tricopter V1.5 is done and flown

It’s done! The tricopter V1.5 is operational.

It’s not as pretty as the old one but I hope it makes up for it in the air.

Comparing the old Turnigy 302 gyros to the new HK401B, the HK401B’s are much more sensitive to vibrations. But once you get rid of the vibrations the HK401B’s perform a little better than the 302’s. It feels a more…
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