Dark times

My comrades… The days are getting shorter and shorter in this dark country. We now got less than 9 hours of daylight a day. Another bittersweet piece of news is that I started working here in Hjo. It’s nice to get the money but I am now away the all the 9 hours when it’s light outside. This means that I can’t fly during the weekdays any more… And I won’t be able to update the blog as much.

I will still continue to build when I have the time and fly during the weekends, and this blog will be updated, just not as often as before.

On a sidenote, for those who are interested in the progress of the Simple OSD. I can report that I’ve now tested it extensively and shall soon start with the review. Stay tuned

The resurrected FunJet

he FunJet lives to see another day! I crashed it a fortnight ago, but all it took was some boiling water and glue, now it’s even hard to see that it has been crashed! Multiplex models are the best ones to crash.

After the crash both me and the wife thought that the FunJet was finished. But now it flies just like it always has; awesome.

I got the chance to try out the SimpleOSD Ultralight Edition from Flytron after the remained.

I’m glad to say that it works just fine. I hope to test it out some more soon.

New OSD to try out!

I got a new product to review! This time it’s the SimpleOSD Ultralight Edition from Flytron. I will be doing this review in cooperations with FPV-Community.com, like I did with the Pan/Tilt from GlobeFlight.

The OSD came nicely packaged in anti ESD bags.

I also got the current sensor to try out which is an optional extra. The USB programmer is included in the package.

This OSD is tiny! It weights 3 grams and is the size of an SD memory card! It’s going to be perfect for my FPV FunJet

Progress on the HD camera

Today nearly all connectors I need to make the HD camera pan/tilt arrived!

When I say nearly all I mean that I got 3 of the 4 stuff I ordered. The final connecor is on backorded and I don’t know when I’ll be getting it. But in the meanwhile I’ve etched a connector board, allowing me to use the 1mm FCC cable. I hope to experiment some more soon.
More info about dissasembling the HD camera

Multiplex FunJet Review

Name: FunJet
Manufacturer: Multiplex
Type of product: Model Kit
Airplane type: High speed jet
For: Intermediate to advanced pilots
Flying weight: 620 g
Length: 750 mm (28.75”)
Wingspan: 795 mm (31.5”)
Wing area: 15 dm² (233 sq. in.)
Wing loading: ~41 g/dm²
Prop: 4.75*4.75”
Motor: 300 W 28 mm Brushless inrunner
Servos: 2 ~9g servos
CG: 30 mm from the leading edge of the wing
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New charger

After a weeks wait the package from Hongkong finally arrived.

I ordered an Imax B6 charger so that I can charge more batteries at one. It feels like a high quality charger. The display is easy to read and it looks to have a lot of features. I also threw in the standard stuff like servos and connectors, like you always tend to do when ordering from Hongkong.