More presents from the wife!

The wife and I were doing some errands in the same town as a hobby shop. So I slipped in a comment on that it would be a waste not to visit the hobby shop, and she agreed! I needed some small stuff like some servo cable and a prop. After looking around in the shop for a while my wife says:
-I planned that we were going here so that I could by you some monokote. I want you to see your new planes so that you don’t loose them.

My wife is awesome! I never buy covering since it’s so expensive (At least if you compare it to buying cheep servos from china).
I’m so lucky that I such a lovely wife!

The mystery airplane has arrived!

Today my wife and I were cleaning the apartment, and when we were done we had a bag of old stuff that was going down into the basement. So I took the bag and heaved it down the seven staircases to the basement. We have our basement pretty neatly organized so when I opened the door and there were this big cardboard box standing in the way of where I was going to put down the heavy bag. Feeling a little irritated that there was a box in the way I asked my wife:
-What is this box doing… wait a second! Is that?! The airplane!!
My wife is sneaky! And oh so wonderful! I did not expect the airplane until earliest the end of the week.

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The Twin Boom Easystar

I have had the old pieces of that Easystar just lying around for quite a while now, and every night when I go to sleep I can see the pieces lying on my shelf. But now, after many nights of thinking of what I could do with it, I finally got an idea. I will not share with you just yet what it is, but soon you will find out.

What would you do withe these pieces?

This is an experiment, I’m going to try to get an Easystar that don’t look nor fly like an ordinary, everyday Easystar.
I’ll try to push the envelope and expand my horizons to speak.

To do that I’ll need carbon fiber, glue, a new motor and a different propeller.

Two 10*8*500 mm carbon tubes should do it.

A Turnigy 35-30C 1100kv motor with a 10*5 prop should be something to start out with. Here it is compared to a 6” prop that I had mounted on this Easystar before it crashed.

I went with the approach of gluing the carbon tubes to the tail.

To hold the carbon booms to the main airframe I chose to make a mount of 3 mm plywood. The booms will be fastened with screws which gives makes me able to take the airplane apart if I would like to.

I’ll use epoxy to glue the plywood to the wings.

Testing the mounts.

I used my hot wire I chopped of the tail.

I made a simple motor mount out of 3 mm plywood. The angel of the motor is the same as the original.

Wow it’s ugly at the moment.

FASST antenna tubes in place. I want the best reception as I can hence the “performance before look”.

Speed controller now occupies the place where one of the old servos use to be.

Didn’t your servos come with 1 meter of cable? Mine hither, so I had to solder on new ones.

All Easystar’s need a larger rudder, this one is no exception.

Mono coated and DU-BRO hinges.

The rudder in place along with the tail rudder servo.

The elevator servo in place.

Cables tidied up.

The tail needed some cosmetic work after the amputation. It does not look good, but it looks better.


Out in the wild.

It’s not a beauty, but I can give it a makeover once it seen some sky.

Servo cables tidied up.

The only thing I need now is some calm weather so that I can unleash the beast so that it can rip up the sky.

My wife is buying my a mystery airplane!

On the evening of the crash of the Twin Boom Biplane I was pretty downcast, and when my wife came home, she could instantly see that something was wrong. So she asked me what had happened. I told her about my day and about the crash and she didn’t even laughed. Instead she look at me and said: – I’m going to buy you a new airplane.

My wife is the best!
That managed to cheer me up quite a bit I must admit.
And I asked what airplane she had planned to buy, and she said:
-I’m not telling, I want it to be a surprise!

I don’t know what airplane she is going to buy but I have been raving on about both the Multiplex Twinstar and the Blizzard and I think it’s going to be one of them.

Oh I’m so exited!

Which one would you pick?

Multiplex EasyStar Review

Name: Easystar
Manufacturer: Multiplex
Type of product: Model Kit
Airplane type: Park Flyer
For: Beginner to intermediate pilots
Flying weight: ~700 g (24 oz)
Length: 917 mm (34”)
Wingspan: 1370 mm (54”)
Wing area: 24 dm² (372 sq. in.)
Wing loading: ~28 g/dm² (10.76 oz./sq. ft.)
Prop: 5*4” Included
Motor: Permax Speed 400 Included
Servos: 2 ~9-20g servos
CG: 78 mm from the leading edge of the wing

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A trip to the local hobby-shop

Today I took a trip to the local hobby-shop that is located about 30 kilometers from my home. I bought a 11*7 prop and some balsa. The Turnigy C3530-1100 on 3sA123 only gave me 168W with the 11*7 which was a lot less than I expected considering that the 10*5 gave me 140W. I’ll give it a try and see how it feels in the air.

In the meantime; Care to guess what I’m going to do with these balsa sticks?