The mystery airplane has arrived!

Today my wife and I were cleaning the apartment, and when we were done we had a bag of old stuff that was going down into the basement. So I took the bag and heaved it down the seven staircases to the basement. We have our basement pretty neatly organized so when I opened the door and there were this big cardboard box standing in the way of where I was going to put down the heavy bag. Feeling a little irritated that there was a box in the way I asked my wife:
-What is this box doing… wait a second! Is that?! The airplane!!
My wife is sneaky! And oh so wonderful! I did not expect the airplane until earliest the end of the week.

Which airplane do you think it’s going to be?

I was so exited that I almost felt ill! This is what I saw when I opened it:

She freaking bought me two airplanes! And the two I wanted! She is the best wife EVER! I’m so glad right now!

Now I need to order some electronics from china.

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