flashing Rig for turnigy Plush 18A


I had to flash my esc’s turnigy’s Plush 18a with arduino Uno. I need a flashing ring and i was searching something easy to make and performant. I think ii have found the solution :

it was the first time i had to use a module such Arduino Uno and i had to search the best way of working. Finaly, i found these picture on the web and it succeed ! Package used : http://www.olliw.eu/uploads/ow-silpr…121215beta.zip

Now, my esc’s are flashed, my tricopter fly really nice. I made a test flight at home in self-mode. check : https://vimeo.com/56281389

I hope it can help someone 🙂

7 thoughts on “flashing Rig for turnigy Plush 18A

  1. Just a quick comment and a question.

    I’m very happy to see an Arduino used for flashing an ESC. I own a couple Arduino’s and was hoping this would be possible. THANK YOU!!

    Question: I was seriously considering using the Turnigy PLUSH 18’s on my first Tri. I was hoping to NOT have to flash my very first ESCs. So, what made you feel you needed to, and what did you gain by doing so?

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