Multi rotor Control board

Hello every one, Elyas here. I am new to the forum been in the hobby for about a year or so. I have just finished High School, hoping to get into Aviation or Mechatronics in 2013.

I was planning to make a small tricopter probably running of single cell lipo, for the yaw i have planned to use rudder under the back motor to direct the direction of the thrust. But I was unsuccessful to find a small multi rotor control board capable of doing that.

I do happen to be in electronics a bit as well,  so I thought I might be able to make a small control board myself, but it got complicated, so I sort of have up. But I am still looking forward into building one myself in the future.

So if you gamy one knows a small control board for a tricopter please let me know, or if anyone could help me make one myself Thanks.

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