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First off, thanks to David for his effort in showing us how build an inexpensive multirotor. I bought all the parts from hobbyking, had great fun building it, and it flew beautifully first time.

Now to my question. The suggested Blue Bird servo burnt out after a crash and I cannot find a replacement here in South Africa, and Hobbyking is out of stock as well. Any suggestions on a different servo?

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  1. To be honnest, you can use a $7 turnigy servo. But it has to be metal gear and make sure its 100% metal gear. I got myself an “MG” servo from my hobby shop… Only the last 2gears where metal and it has some slop (still flys great though). It doenst matter if its 11bit digital or normal or .10 seconds to .13 seconds. 90% of all servos are coreless and are just as fast. Your tri will still fly bad if your gains are bad.

  2. sorry if my question may already be asking
    I have tricopter with spesification :
    Frame using hk x900
    Motor using rctimer 5010 530kv
    Propeller using 14×5
    servo for yaw using turnigy tgy 9025mg
    Battery using 3s 3600mAh
    after flying a few minute, my servo broken. Can you give me suggestions for what servo suitable and strong enough for my tricopter you can gift me a link for that product thx

  3. Hmm. You are swinging some huge pros there. Im guessing carbons(carbon props be heavy).
    Im sorry, if you designed it over a small servo, because you need 7kg/cm or more, and no regular servo will do it.

    This one was the best i could think of. But you might need to redo your mechanism.
    Im curious, how much flight time do you get? 40min?
    My 2nd tri with dt700s and 12×38 props lasted 35 min on a 3S4000.

  4. Yes i am using carbons prop.
    I just realized that I could not use a small servo.
    Should I use a servo 7kg / cm?
    its very large size servo, I’m not sure it would fit with my frame.
    what do you think if I use a servo 4kg / cm?
    if this is enough?
    because I have to adjust the size of the servo mount
    This is a link to the servo I mean

    actualy i am not sure that servo will be fit with my servo mount

  5. I don’t think you can use that. Just order both. Use the small one. If it brakes, then try the big one.
    Put some servo filter and reduce the gains. Might be slow but you are kinda spinning 14×6 props. So the whole thing is slow.

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