7 thoughts on “A little mock-up :-)

  1. That is nice, and funny; I have done the “same” but I added a SSG to mine and a draft of a protective casing for the KK mini(I have a friend to rapid prototype it).

  2. No idea what a SSG is 🙂 I’m STILL waiting for HobbyKing to figure out which of the items that were all in stock when I ordered them from Hongkong, that they actually have in stock. I have had contact with 5 different operators, 2 by “request” and 3 by live chat. Seems the packaging end of the chain combined with varying degrees of competence is to blame for the 15 days delay in shipping. I am less than impressed! As long as I do not have the physical KK2 mini board, I can not draft a case for it, nor do the wiring (AWG18 black wire suddenly unavailable from EU) had to go for AWG16 instead. That order from the EU warehouse is now delayed for 7 days… I guess David is going to beat Hobbyking on the delivery, even though he has to order G10 and carbon booms and run them through his CNC! And David INFORMED me up front, that frame was on backorder and would not be available till late October and has not charged me for it yet 🙂

  3. Ok, I have build a “real” gimbal that weighs 130g using two 35g brushless gimbal motors and a mini SimpleBGC 2axis controller. It attaches to the front (rotate camera plate 180 degrees) of the plate. Can’t wait to try it out. Still missing parts from Hobbyking 🙁

  4. Items finally shipped from Hongkong! Should arrive in… 7-21 days. Ordered some 10×5″ nylon props for practice from EU warehouse in the meantime. Hope they work out. Will be good for prop balancing practice?

  5. I just want to say that your wording about the Phantom 2 Vision is not entirely accurate, I will give you the fact that it can auto land, but flying it manually allows me to land it with the landing skids inside of a 1 square foot space. I would have gotten a Tricopter from David, but our Phantom was donated to our studio for films, and it does fly quite well, I haven’t crashed it yet (knock on wood). I am looking into getting a Tricopter v3 for personal use though.

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