HobbyKing Buddy Codes, valid till 2014-10-25

Hi there everyone.

I’m nut sure if you are interested in buddy codes, or if it is OK to share the codes like this, but I give it a try. Of course, I will benefit from you using the BC’s at the same time as you get some discount on the given products.

AeroSIM RC Multi-Function Flight Simulator System

Main Blade Holder Bearing 4X8X3mm for 450 Size Heli (4pcs/bag)

HKPilot Mega 2.7 Flight Controller USB/GYRO/ACC/MAG/BARO

10CM Servo Lead (Futaba) 32AWG Ultra Light (10pcs/set)

All BC’s expire October 25th 2014.

5 thoughts on “HobbyKing Buddy Codes, valid till 2014-10-25

  1. Hello,
    I have put an APM 2.5 with GPS and external Magnetometer on mine.

    I have used autotune and running FW 3.2 and I see a tendancy to slight tail wagging.

    How is yours behaving?

    • Hi.
      I’m using the HK pilot mega 2.7 with an Ublox NEO-7M GPS/compass module. My firmware is ArduCopter v3.2. To be honest, I have had some problems getting the compass to show correct direction, but after doing an automatic declination calibration the compass finally shows correct direction.
      I have not completed auto tune yet, because one prop has become lose by the quick movements of the auto tune – nylon lock nuts are not good enough.
      Also, I’m using 11×4.7 carbon props, so my tri is more slow compared to other with smaller props, I guess. I like the way it flies, prefect for a rookie like me. The tail is not 100 % still at loiter mode, but to be stock parameters I guess this is ok.

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