Tricopter Tip

First of all, thanks to David for all the time he spent creating an awesome tricopter design. I have been wanting to build one since I saw David’s original V1 tricopter and I finally took the plunge when he started selling the V3 kits. I have built it and it flies well, but the main problem is on the other end of the transmitter ! I have flown some beginner fixed wings and the occasional cheap beginner helicopters but never a tricopter. I haven’t had any major crashes, but I have popped off the landing gear numerous times. So many times in fact that I gave up on cable tieing them back on. Unfortunately this lead to the electronics taking a hammering as I had zip tied them under the motors as David suggested.

Tricopter V3 landing damage

As you can see the caps on the end had been badly damaged and I have ordered new ESC to replace them. The fix that I have come up with is to use larger cable ties attached to the booms as per this post on Flitetest.

I also added a strip of the foam packing that was in the tricopter frame box, to the bottom of the battery plate with double sided tape, to help cushion the landing and provide some damping.

My tricopter flies well but has a tendency to wander, I have played with the KK board settings but I’m looking forward to David’s promised video on how to set the KK board for the tricopter.

Thanks again David !




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