Swapmeet (Arenan, Skövde)

Yet another year of swapmeet/gathering in Skövde is to an end.
This year things were a little different thou, instead of the ”free for all” flying at all times there were a strict schedule.
This had its pros and cons.
I arrived at 11.00 when the event opened. There were a lot of people there but there were no airplane in the air!
Instead there were 3 rc-cars driving around in one corner
-Bad first impression, I must say.
However there were a lot of retailers present which was nice. I bought 2 3s800mAh Loong-Max LiPo’s and a R608FS Futaba receiver at a “nice price”

After 30 minutes the car guys were pushed aside and the airplanes started to come up in the air. I greatly regretted not bringing any airplanes as this space is hugh! and there were only a handful of pilots.
30 minutes later a sponsored pilot came on to the floor with a Beam E4 “450” class helicopter to put on a show. He did a few 3D maneuvers like a funnel and a quite good chaos orb before he slammed the heli into the floor.

After that the in my opinion the most amusing thing of the day took place. A bachelorette party made the bride to be first drive an rc-car witch she managed pretty good, but then they gave her an airplane transmitter.
Now she wasn’t to cocky. But what she didn’t see was that a hidden guy stood with the real transmitter. The plane were a bipe shockflyer, and the guy controlling it made a very good impression of “bad” flying and near misses.
Ahh it was to funny. Poor girl.

A little later the freestyle composition was due. Nothing spectacular in my opinion. One guy has flown the exact same routine 3 years in a row, witch I can remember, to the exact same music. He’s good but come on! And he’s won the last 2 years with that program.

Not the best “Arenan i Skövde” I’ve been to but still worth going.
Next year I’ll bring some models and try to get people to have planes in the air all the time.

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