Two maidens!

Today, finally, after over 2 week of bad weather, the wind died down long enough to do the maiden flights of both the Blizzard and the Twin Star.

I flew the Twin Star first and I was impressed. It flies great! It is super stable in the wind very easy to control. It has plenty of power to! After the flight it was time to maiden the Blizzard. Truth be told I’m a little scared of this beast. My heart rate went up quite a bit when I held it in my hand and gave it full throttle for the first time. I did not even need to throw it, it just left my hand and climbed like rocket. The neat thing with the Blizzard is when you cut the throttle and start to dive it accelerates even more and it keeps its inertia a long time! 8 seconds of full throttle and it’s a spec in the sky and when you dive it makes “the sound”, the wonderful whistling sound that I love. Ahh man that was an awesome maiden flight! It’s nice to pump some adrenaline once in a while.

Thanks to my friend Christian Mogensen for assisting me!

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