I’ve got a green nose

I’ve been planning on painting the nose of my FPV Twin Star in a darker color for quite a while now and finally i got an opportunity this weekend. I was fixing some rust on my Clio -01 and while the paint was drying on the car, I took the same color and sprayed the nose of the airplane:

When painting Elapor be sure to spray a thin layer from a distances and let it dry first so that the propellent of the spray paint doesn’t eat the foam. Now you have a protective layer and can lay on a thicker layer of paint.

3 layers of paint later. I like this color.

So why do you want a dark color for the nose of your FPV airplane?
The answer is that the exposure of the camera gets fooled by the white foam to underexpose (picture gets darker), which in the worst case scenario means that you cant see the ground. And the thing that is most important to be able to see, while flying FPV, is the ground.

A simple fix to this problem is to make the nose of the plane darker, thus getting the cameras autoexposure to make the picture brighter. Well see in the next video if it works.

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