Problems with the headtracker

The headtracker that I’m reviewing for FPV-Community isn’t working as it should. The headtracker only registers movement in one direction on the x axis. When I tilt the headtracker forwards, the servo moves forward, but when I tilt the headtracker backwards the servo doesn’t move at all. After several hours of testing I decided to take the headtracker apart and take a look inside of it, to see if I could find the culprit of this dilemma. This is what I found:

On one of the accelerometers a capacitor was broken. This must have happened during construction of the headtracker since the PCB was very well protected inside of the device. I’ve e-mailed AEORC and asked them for the value of the capacitor, hopfully exchanging the capacitor is all that is needed to make it work again…
So for now the testing is at a halt.

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