Show #4 – The death of a Blizzard

This episode is a tribute to the death of my Multiplex Blizzard.

Continue to read to find out why this happened

I had resently modyfied my transmitter with a U.FL to SMA pigtail to be able to use the same antenna for both the Assan module and the stock module.

Everything seemed fine and I did do a range check, which it passed, before the flight and everything seemed to be in order until I suddenly lost control over the Blizzard.

After a little investigation I found that the U.FL to SMA pigtail was to blame. The signal pin wasn’t properly clamped to the wire…

I liked the Blizzard a lot. It was my “backup” plane, always there when everything else was grounded. I loved the swishing sound it made. I will be ordering two new planes soon, stick around and you’ll see which ones.
Blizzard build-log
Blizzard Review

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