Finally a new HD camera

Nearly 2 months ago I got myself a Aiptek AHD300 camera that I had planned to modify for FPV flying. But it turned out that the webshop I bought it from had printed that it could do 720p in 60FPS, but it turned out it couldn’t.
So I sent it back, to buy a cheaper cam with almost the same specs. But why have it taken such a long time to get the new camera?
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So why have it taken such a long time to get the new camera? And why isn’t it the same camera that I said I would get?
Here is the thrilling story…

Nearly two months ago, I sent the AHD300 back to Conrad. I had decided to buy a AHD200 instead since the AHD300 costed nearly twice as much for nearly no extras. Conrad was supposed to refund my money to my bank-account as soon as they got the product back, but after 2 weeks I still hadn’t got any money so I sent them an e-mail.

After a few days I got a reply saying that the money will be sent out in the beginning of next week. A week later I still hadn’t got any money so I sent another e-mail.

A few days later I got a reply saying that the product has to be sent back to Germany before they can send out any money. So I waited another week… and no money.

Now I started getting a bit irritated. So I sent yet another e-mail, and got the reply that they had sent out the money the day before. 6! days later I finally got the money.

But not the whole sum! So I sent them yet another e-mail asking if it should take another month before I get that money too, and I have still haven’t received it…

I will never buy anything from this company again. Very poor service.

As soon as I got the money back I ordered a AHD200 from ClasOhlsson as they had the best price at the time. Two weeks later I got an e-mail saying that the camera is discontinued and they wont be sending me one.

I had finally got enough, so I decided to buy a Toshiba Camileo P10 which has nearly the same specs as the AHD300, and I could get it from a local shop.

I have finally got a new HD camera for FPV flying!

Some Specs:
1080p in 30FPS
720p in 30FPS (with Image stabilization!)
848×480 in 60FPS
148g without battery and SD card.

Naturally I will take it apart and make the camera PCB pan/tilt.

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