HD Pan/Tilt testing and a beautiful video

Something very rare happened this weekend, it didn’t rain, or snow, or blow hurricane winds. It was actually good enough weather to go out and fly. So I grabbed my TwinStar with the pan/tilt HD camera setup that I have jet to try out, and ran out to the car and drove to the field before the weather-gods had time to change their minds.

The flight went great! The sun had just broken over the clouds and there was a mist over the town. The flight was so beautiful;

The Pan/Tilt setup seams to wok OK, there are some issues with vibrations from the servos and motors which ruined the video somewhat. But to be honest, it worked better than I thought it would do.

I also tested the new video transmitter, and I can report that it works perfectly. But I need to replace the antenna with one of my own 1/4 wave. The stock antenna doesn’t perform nearly as good.

I’m planning on making some improvements to the pan/tilt system to get it to be a little more aerodynamic as well as making the servo movements a little smoother.

More info about the HD camera
More info about the TwinStar setup
Video from the first HD FPV flight

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