HD Pan/Tilt testing

After the failure with getting the HD camera working on a ribbon cable, I decided to make a crude solution, and here it is!

I use a Turnigy S3101S Servo for the pan and a HTX900 for the tilt.

Those of you with sharp eyes may already have noticed that I’m using a different antenna on the video transmitter. I’ve been experimenting with different antenna lengths and materials. I’m using a single wire isolated cable that is stiff enough to hold its shape in the air, but bends in a crash. So far it’s been working way better than I expected in the FPV FunJet. In fact all my FunJet FPV videos is made with this antenna. I will be doing a guide on how to make one of these antennas soon.

Back to the testing of the Pan/Tilt of the HD camera. I’ve tested it out in the apartment and it works like a charm. So I decided to go out to the field and try it out in the air.
The video TX in the TwinStar II hasn’t been used for nearly a year, in fact I haven’t used it since I had a crash with it. But it has worked fine when I tested it out at home. But as soon as I thew the airplane into the air, the picture went black. Lucky enough, since it was my first flight with the transmitter I didn’t do it in FPV right away, but rather did it visually and recorded the video feed.

Dissapointed I went home. I took the video TX apart, but I can’t find anything wrong with it. It looks like I have to order myself a new 1.3GHz transmitter before I can try the pan/tilt for the HD camera.

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