One more try with the HD cam

I decided to have myself just one more try on making the HD camera work with a remote sensor PCB.

At least it looked nice.

I was super careful with every solder point and confirmed that every point was good in a microscope. I also measured all the connections with a multimeter. I pair twinned all the cables and then twisted ground wires around every pair. I then added epoxy to make sure that no cable or solder joint would be stressed or damaged while testing the camera out.

I hooked up the display and plugged in the USB power… First a flicker on the display… Then a for a split second a black display… But then! I can see my self! I’ve got picture!
But? There is something wrong? The picture isn’t moving?
I stretched out my hand and grabbed the camera lens and swiveled it around a bit, but the picture remained the same. No matter what I did, the picture wouldn’t change. So I tried rebooting the camera. The display flickered on and only displayed a black picture with the OSD information on it this time. I tried again, and again, and again. I tried pushing buttons, moving the camera head around, letting the power be unplugged for minutes, letting the power be plugged in for minutes before powering it up. No matter what I tried I could not get it to work. I couldn’t even get a frozen picture like the first time I booted it up. After an hour, with no progress, I stopped trying.
I had one more thing to try before I gave up. I powered up my soldering iron, plugged in my heat gun and starting cutting up some heat shrink. I decided to shorten every single wire by about half or 4 cm.

A couple of hours work later I was done. Ready for another try. I plugged in the display once more and powered it up… Black… only a black screen with the OSD numbers… I tried again. Same results. I tried pushing buttons, plugging stuff in an out but I knew, deep inside that I was defeated, once again by my archenemy, the Camlileo P10…

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