FPV flight on New Years Eve, filming fireworks!

Crazy as I undoubtedly am, I decided to take the TwinStarII out in the -15°C, pitch dark, windy night on new years eve. Armed with two heated wheat bags, two chemical heat packs, a blanket and a flashlight, I went out to the middle of a field by my fiends house. I took of at 23:59 and tried with my freezing hands to control the airplane in the wind.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t had time to try out the FPV setup properly (hadn’t tried it with the motors running) which resulted in some pretty nasty lines as you can see in the video.
I used the FPV gear that I’m building for friend (Read more about it here)
I think the video turned out ok, but I would have liked if had been less windy and a bit warmer. I had a hard time flying smooth and get good video. Maybe next year will be better.

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