I killed my FPV FunJet

Oops I did it again. I killed another airplane. This time it was my FPV FunJet that didn’t make it.

There were no wind, and the sun was shining. I just had to get outside and fly some FPV. I had equipped the FunJet with the Aiptek Z500 and this was supposed to be the first flight with it. I gave full throttle and chucked the FunJet into the sky. I love the way the FunJet fly, especially when it’s dead calm. After a while in the air, I noticed a tree line 300 metes long and only 3 or 4 trees thick. I couldn’t resist. I started to fly through the gaps in the trees. It was so much fun. On the way back I flew so low that the prop hit the loose snow. I went back for 3 or 4 turns before I did something stupid. I saw a bigger gap in the trees where a road crossed the tree line. I decided fly at full throttle through the gap and then follow the tree line all the way around. But when I got to the gap and started to turn I lost video signal for one second. And it was all it took. When I got the picture back I saw a big branch in the middle of the picture and then it went black again. I heard a loud sound like a whip crack and knew that this was the end of the FunJet.

I started walking the kilometer in deep snow. The pieces were scattered everywhere. I didn’t even manage to find some of them. The ESC lay totally disconnected 10 meters away and the motor lay nearly 50 meters from the tree! This crash had some force to it. Luckily all the electronics works fine, even the camera. It’s just the airframe that’s needs replacing. I ordered a new one and I hope the next FPV FunJet will take up the mantel and do an even better job than it’s admirable predecessor.

Unfortunately the camera was disconnected in the crash which resulted in a corrupt video. I’ve been trying like mad to get it to work but without success. Anyone happen to be an expert in video recovery by any chance?

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