Having a bad week

I’m having a bad week. My first tricopter FPV flight was kind of a disaster and yesterday I was out doing the maiden flight of the FPV FunJet V2.

Having some sense I decided to maiden the FunJet without the FPV gear. I did my usual maiden preflight check. When I came to the movement of the control-surfaces my brain took a holiday. For some reason I couldn’t see if it rolled to the right or left when I moved the stick. I thought they were inverted but to make sure I was thinking right I asked the wife. She also thought that they were inverted so I reprogrammed the transmitter. I picked it up, gave it 3/4 throttle and threw it straight forward. The funJet torque rolls on launch which I’m pretty used to, so I moved the stick to the right and BANG! Into the ground she went.

My tip of the week is to not only double check that everything moves in the right direction, but to make sure you don’t forget which way that is.

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