Rewinding motors with great results

Since some of the magnets had come loose after some rough flights, I had to disassemble the Tricopter 2213N 800Kv AXN motors.

While I was gluing the loose magnets in place I noticed that the winding wasn’t very neat on the stator and there was pretty much room for extra copper, so I decided to rewind them.

The original motor (on the left) had 12 turns of 4-strand wire of pretty low quality. On my rewound motors I used 0.5mm wire (0.46mm pure copper 0.04mm insulation) and made 13 turns per tooth to lower the kV a bit.

The back before connecting together the wires.

Original wire from one motor.


This is the schematics I followed when rewinding the motors. It’s the same layout as original windings.

All three done!

I thought they turned out pretty neat for being my first try.

I think they look much better.

Time to test them out!

To get an accurate comparison to the stock motors I mounted the motors on the tricopter, using the exact same electronics and settings. I made sure that it weighed the exact same as when I timed the flight last time in which I got 15 minutes flat.

This time I got 16.5 minutes! That is an 10% increase in flight time!
Pretty good considering all I did was to swap out some copper. The rewound motors can also handle higher current due to the increased copper area.

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