Yet another HD camera

Look what I just got!

It’s a GoPro Hero HD camera. It’s capable of 1080p in 30FPS and 720 in 60FPS with an average bit-rate of 15mbit/s and with a field of view of 170 degrees. I’m planning on mounting it on the Tricopter where the wide angle will be very handy when trying to avoid trees.

The camera empty, without battery and SD card weighs 70 grams.
With battery 96 grams.
With the waterproof housing 190 grams.

Everything in the box. I got the “Surf Hero” only because the “Naked” package was sold out.
More info about the camera can be found here: GoPro’s homepage

I tested recording a bit with the camera and the quality is excellent. Very crisp, great colors and very detailed. I think this is going to be an awesome camera.

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