France is awesome!

I’m having a great time here in France at Domaine du Planet. The weather wasn’t great to start with, but it has improved in the last few days. I had some technical troubles as well. The brand new GoPro camera gave up and stopped working all together before I even could get one single flight with it down here. But we ordered a new one with speed delivery from a French distributor and finally I could get some good video. The FPV course got cancelled as there were too few participants, so I got reassigned to make FPV videos of the site and activities here instead. So far I’ve got a dozen FPV flights done. I’ve crashed my TwinStar by the way. It’s in a thousand pieces and I won’t bother to try and repair it here. I’ve practiced a bit for the 24 hour endurance flight competition and we’ve prepared the plane (a PolyClub) for the night time flying.

At the moment the greatest challenge has been to combine my FPV assignment with me teaching the wife to fly. We’ll see if she will be able to participate as a pilot on Saturday or not. I really hope she will, as she looks badass with a transmitter.

A lot more has happened of course, but you’ll hear about it another day. Time for bed. Bonne nuit from France!

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