IGG on Ålleberg

This past weekend I went to a big scale glider meeting on Ålleberg mountain in Falköping. IGG stands for “Intresse Gemainschaft für Grossegler” which is german for “common interest in big scale gliders”

I’ve never seen such large model airplanes in real life before. They are huge! The largest one I saw was a scale 1:2 glider which had a wingspan of 8 meters! A 200CC tow plane was needed to get that beast into the air. All the time I was there were at least 3 planes was in the air. Two tow planes constantly towed new planes up.

Only a handful of the gliders were equipped with motors

The finish on these glass fibre monsters was impeccable. It was a pure joy to admire these models on the ground as well as in the air. What an effort it must have been to build these incredible gliders.

I had a great time and met a bunch of nice people. To simply spectate and chill out for once made a nice change. Thanks to all of you from Ålleberg that took the time to talk to me.

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