Visiting Norrköping

This past weekend I visited Norrköping’s flying club “Gamen” to show and explain how FPV works.

Showing off Flytrons super tiny camera and video transmitter mounted on a very small helicopter

The club members were very nice people and easy to talk to. I explained and showed what gear is needed to fly FPV, how to fly FPV and the safety aspects, all mixed in with a couple of my FPV videos. They seemed to enjoy the event and I got a lot of good feedback on my performance.

I had a great time in Norrköping. My friend Per let me pilot his competition DLG (Discus Launch Glider). I desperately need to get myself one! It’s unreal how long you can stay up in the air on one throw.

A2 Competition DLG

Per launching his DLG

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