I’m back!

Hi guys! Sorry for disappearing on you. I’ve been moving to a new apartment (Yay!) and I lost my internet connection a bit earlier than I expected. But now I got it back and the move is nearly finished. The new apartment is 3 room 72.5m2 compared to our old 2 room measuring 57m2. This means that I get a RC-room!

It’s quite a mess at the time but I think it will be awesome once it’s done.

The weather here in Sweden has been terrible the past two weeks and I’ve only flown once since the last update. Oh when I say fly, I mean crash.

The horizontal stab came loose during launch… Now I need a new wing, fin and stab. I will definitely take the time to fix her up or get a new once because F3K is awesome.

Next update will be soon

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