New video!

It’s finally ready! Hydrogen balloons, fireworks and FPV, What more can you ask for in a video?

This has been by far the hardest video that I’ve made so far. So many things that went wrong or simply didn’t work. But I love a challenge. Minus degrees and snow didn’t put me of, those balloons had to be popped.

This is the remote bit-switch I used to remote ignite the roman candles attached to the tricopter.

Pretty simple. An Attiny25 and some FETS.

This was my ignition system. A 12ohm 1/4W resistor and a match-head. When connected to 12V the resistor draws 1A which means that it has to deal with 12W of heat (I^2*R=1*1*12). The resistor is rated for 0.25W (1/4W) and thus heats up so much that it ignites the match-head. Be sure to choose the correct value on the resistor if you plan on trying this out for your self. A to large value and it won’t get hot enough and a to small value and the resistor wire inside will burn off like a fuse and break the circuit without generating the heat needed.

Ready to be ignited.

I also built this remote firing system.

It’s nothing more than a couple of buttons and relays. It’s designed to be safe and reliable. First you need to arm the unit and then you need a two hand grip to fire either outputs.

Time to pop some balloons.

Snow is one thing there are ample of here in Sweden.

This is the FPV defense sentry. It packs two 100 rocket packs and is equipped with smoke dispersing fan.

Ready for battle.

It’s always best to end with a bang.

I hope you enjoyed the video. It took 18 hours to edit, days to plan and I nearly lost both my feet to frostbite. But it was so worth it.

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