I’m in the US!

After a very very long trip that took over 22 hours, I’m happy to tell you that I’m finally in the US! The flights wasn’t that bad though. I got an entire row of seats to my self so I could move around freely and sit pretty much how I liked without disturbing anyone. The inflight movie system had such a poor picture and audio quality but Luckily I converted some movies and tv-series to watch on my Iphone.

 The Boeing 757-200 is a pretty nice plane. Not the nicest one out there but good enough. The approach to JFK was was pretty exiting as the plane actually made a circle above the city before landing. So I got to see the Statue of liberty and the Brooklyn bridge which I thought was pretty cool.

I was pretty anxious about passing the US customs as my bad was packed with three tricopters, one quad, video gear, video transmitters and an RC transmitter. But to my great surprise they just let me pass without a single question.

The flight from JFK to Cleveland was in a Embrarer RJ135/145, which is pretty small compared to all other planes that I’ve traveled in. It was pretty nice though, it felt powerful and agile compared to the 757. The sun was setting as we took-off and it was a beautiful sky to fly in.
I was so exhausted when I finally landed in Cleveland. As I never had met Chad before, just talked over Skype and exchanged emails, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But he’s one the greatest guys I ever met! I think were going to have an awesome time together.

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