New video! – “The Warehouse”

Ladies and gentlemen!
I give you my first FPV video from the United States of America:

The story behind the video:
I was talking to Chad about cool places to fly FPV around here, and he told me about an old abandoned factory/warehouse in Canton, Ohio. Which he thought would be perfect to get some cool shots at. The best part is that he just happened to know the owner.

So Chad, Christian (Chads son) and I jumped in the car and a couple of minutes later we arrived at this really derelict old warehouse. It looked so creepy even during the daylight. It was such a big place as well. There were multiple buildings with multiple floors with endless places to fly and get cool shots. Unfortunately it was to dark to get cool indoor footage with the gopro, so we did most of the flying outdoor.

At one point we climbed up to the roof. Chad brought his FT flyer and we had a blast. Chad flying his plane around over the rooftops and me trying to follow him with the tricopter. It was one awesome day.

The music in the video was created by one of Chads employees at StoneKap, Michael Camenet. He is just amazing when it comes to composing music and editing video and he was kind enough to make me a tune to use in the video.

I hope you guys like the higher tempo and flow of the video.
Be sure to tell me what you think.

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