Back from Mexico

Hi Guys! I’m back from my trip to Mexico!
Beach 02
Mexico is hot! Really, really hot. And humid. Luckily the hotel-rooms had AC ^^
The hotel we stayed at and did the aerial photography for was huge. They had two really big pools and a really big beach. Even though the hotel was booked to 90%, it didn’t feel like there were that many people there, which was nice.

My hotel-room was really nice. It had a real touch of luxury to it and I even had a Jacuzzi (which was awesome).

The week was far from trouble free though. The winds were really strong which didn’t make flying the tricopter easier. They manly wanted pictures of the resort, so we made that our priority. We strapped on a secondary camera which we set for continuous shooting and did over 30 flights in total.

Here is a sample of the pictures we took:
Beach 02

Big Pool

Horseshoe 01

IMG_4006 copy

Unfortunately we had some unforeseen events during the week.
I was flying very low along the beach one of the first days, trying to get some nice shots of the waves as they rolled up the beach. Well, I flew a little too low and a sand dune blocked my RC link which made the tricopter drop down into the salt water. Short story even shorter, the ESC’s burned out and the gopro died.

Luckily I had a second tricopter with me. So we could keep on getting aerial shots. On the second to last day however we had gotten all the shots they wanted and I was itching to do some video for my self. So I got up early and went to the biggest pool to get some nice low passes.
Here is a good tip for you guys, always let you video-googles acclimatize before flying. I had the video-goggles in my room during the night with the AC turned on. When warm air hits a cold surface condensation forms. That is not something you want to experience when you’re flying 10 cm above water. Short story really short: Same thing as last time, dead gopro and ESC’s.

So the last day we kicked back and relaxed. Next time I’ll be better prepared for water landings 😉

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