Chat log from 21/8-11

Great chat yesterday guys! Thanks for dropping by and chatting a bit.
Here is the chat log for everyone that couldnโ€™t make it.

[17:58] -=outdoor=- hello?
[17:59] -=Jaron Wolbers=- hello
[17:59] -=outdoor=- Is this working?
[17:59] -=Jaron Wolbers=- yes this is working
[17:59] -=outdoor=- O good!!! I have some questions about the tricopter….
[18:00] -=timnilson=- hi david
[18:00] -=timnilson=- is David here yet?
[18:00] -=outdoor=- i dont think so
[18:01] -=bbmagic=- it doesn’t look like it
[18:01] -=timnilson=- ok, he said he’d be late… I guess his chat opens automatically
[18:01] -=timnilson=- so, it’s just us ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:01] -=bbmagic=- so how many of you have built his tricopter?
[18:02] -=timnilson=- in case you have not seen it, I am about to release a kit that has a lot of David’s concepts incorporated in it
[18:02] -=timnilson=- it’s at
[18:02] -=timnilson=- it should help those of you that don’t want to cut your own motor mounts and frame parts
[18:03] -=timnilson=- bbmagic — I’ve built a bunch of them ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:03] -=mipi=- When David arrives, We can all shout surprise!! ๐Ÿ˜†
[18:03] -=bbmagic=- are you using 1/2″ wood legs like you talked about before?
[18:03] -=Dssaction=- i am worki g on it
[18:03] -=timnilson=- no, I switched to 10mm
[18:03] -=bbmagic=- great to hear dssaction!
[18:04] -=timnilson=- i found an online shop where you can by 10mm basswood and poplar in the USA
[18:04] -=Bilow=- Hello everybody
[18:04] -=timnilson=- it’s like a $1.30 for a 36″ piece
[18:04] -=bbmagic=- 10mm sounds alot better to me
[18:04] -=timnilson=- yes, it’s lighter
[18:05] -=bbmagic=- hello bilow
[18:05] -=timnilson=- what does everyone’s tricopter weight here? (without battery)
[18:05] -=timnilson=- weigh
[18:05] -=bbmagic=- I just got back in from flying mine…. I’m still learning
[18:05] -=timnilson=- mine weighs 630g fully built (w/o lipo)
[18:06] -=bbmagic=- I don’t have any scales ๐Ÿ™ but it was built just like david’s
[18:06] -=mipi=- How do you guys calibrate your KK-controller?
[18:06] -=timnilson=- you used fiberglass board?
[18:06] -=Bilow=- Which gyros are the best for a tricopter ? David had problems with his both gyros “Turnigy 302” and “Hobbyking HK401B”…
[18:06] -=bbmagic=- yes G10 at 1.5mm
[18:06] -=AZPilot=- I know nothing about electric motors. Is there a elec motor 101 guide
[18:06] -=timnilson=- Bilow — I think most are now using a board like the KK board that has the Gyros built in
[18:07] -=timnilson=- bbmagic — does that have any flex?
[18:07] -=bbmagic=- I varied from David’s design and I am flying with a Copter Control FC
[18:07] -=Bilow=- Do you really think it is better to buy a KK board than separate gyros ?
[18:07] -=timnilson=- it’s easier to build for sure… not sure if it’s “better”
[18:07] -=bbmagic=- @ timnilson – not that I can see or tell
[18:08] -=timnilson=- ok
[18:08] -=Bilow=- Where can I buy those KK boards ?
[18:08] -=AZPilot=-
[18:09] -=timnilson=-
[18:09] -=Bilow=- Thanks
[18:09] -=bbmagic=- The Copter Control from Open Pilot flies well but I have not delved into the tuning yet
[18:09] -=timnilson=- i bought mine on Ebay… which I don’t think is the ‘supported’ way to get these… but it works fine
[18:09] -=timnilson=- bbmagic — URL?
[18:09] -=Markie=- Hello all.
[18:10] -=Bilow=- Hello Markie
[18:10] -=bbmagic=- there is a recent thread that has the KK board at around 25.00 and another $25.00 for a lcd display
[18:10] -=timnilson=- who here is building their tricopter with motors/props facing DOWN?
[18:10] -=Dssaction=- Any place were we can see all the picture of all thoese tricoter the we built?
[18:11] -=bbmagic=- @ timnilson beleive it or not off of in the industrial section
[18:11] -=timnilson=- ok
[18:11] -=timnilson=-
[18:11] -=timnilson=- dssaction — there are a few good threads on rcg and fpvlab
[18:11] -=bbmagic=- I don’t have the patience to reverse the motor mount!
[18:11] -=timnilson=- people post their pics there
[18:12] -=timnilson=- anyone ever tried flying with motors/props facing down?
[18:12] -=timnilson=- how would you compare the flight characteristics with motors/props pointing up?
[18:13] -=arch001=- Hello
[18:13] -=timnilson=- hi arch001!
[18:13] -=arch001=- Hi tim!
[18:13] -=timnilson=- anyone that has not seen arch001 tri should check it out ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:13] -=Bilow=- With a KK board, you have a firmware. I’m quite new in aeromodelling. Do you still recommend me to buy a KK board than gyros ?
[18:13] -=bbmagic=- it has to virtually eliminate the flutter in the arms from the prop pulse but I don’t hink it would be worth it.
[18:14] -=arch001=- same goes for timnilsons rcexplorer inspired tri. gotta get me one of those
[18:14] -=timnilson=- i would personally buy a multiwiicopter paris v4 board
[18:14] -=bbmagic=- where can I see arch001’s tri?
[18:14] -=timnilson=- thanks arch! ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:15] -=timnilson=- arch001 — what’s your AUW (without lipo)?
[18:15] -=Dssaction=- i but the kkboard from hobbyking and i change the atmega chip for h?ยฉ 328
[18:15] -=arch001=- bbmagic: it’s in the pilots lab section on fpvlab
[18:15] -=Bilow=- Bilow time out ? Lol
[18:16] -=timnilson=- here is the link to arch’s tri:
[18:16] -=arch001=- 766g
[18:16] -=timnilson=- @arch — that’s not bad with all the fuse pieces
[18:17] -=bbmagic=- @timnilson here is a link
[18:17] -=timnilson=- i took a look at the 3D printing pace you posted the canopy at… $50+ was too rich for me ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:17] -=bbmagic=-
[18:17] -=timnilson=- pace = place
[18:17] -=timnilson=- but it is beutiful!
[18:18] -=timnilson=- thanks bbmagic
[18:18] -=bbmagic=- no prob…
[18:18] -=arch001=- me too almost.. when I have more time I’ll be using it for vacuum molding canopies in lexan. I’ll send you one if I do
[18:18] -=Bilow=- I’m quite new in aeromodelling so do you still recommend me to buy a KK board than gyros ? (sorry if I already have got an answer but I speak French. Please say “Bilow” in your message. Thanks!)
[18:19] -=bbmagic=- does anyone here fly with a CC flight control board?
[18:19] -=timnilson=- @arch — thanks, that sounds great! I never tried vacuum molding, but some results are awesome
[18:19] -=arch001=- tim: whats the weight on the one you built?
[18:20] -=timnilson=- 630g
[18:20] -=timnilson=- without lipo
[18:20] -=arch001=- very cool. I need something to beat:lol:
[18:20] -=Dssaction=- Bille:je pense que tes mieux Avec un kkboard que des gyro
[18:20] -=timnilson=- ha!
[18:20] -=timnilson=- i replaced most screws to Nylon to get to that weight
[18:20] -=timnilson=- (that shaved 30g off)
[18:20] -=AZPilot=- Bilow I’m going with the KK board
[18:21] -=bbmagic=- Thats original…. I checked into aluminum and decided against it
[18:21] -=arch001=- wow, didnt know it would make such a diffrence
[18:21] -=Bilow=- Dssaction: M?โ„ขme en ?ยฉtant d?ยฉbutant, il faut programmer le firmware. Ce n’est pas trop compliqu?ยฉ ? Ca en vaut la peine pour le prix ?
[18:21] -=timnilson=- i now… 3mm diameter screws (20mm length) with nut get heavy
[18:21] -=Bilow=- AZPilot : Thanks.
[18:22] -=arch001=- yup
[18:22] -=bbmagic=- Where did you find the plastic bolts?
[18:22] -=Dssaction=- je pense queยฎs facille a programmer jais tout trouver chez hobbyking
[18:22] -=mipi=- arch001, any videos yet?
[18:23] -=Bilow=- Je suppose que pour cela il faut acheter ?โ€  l’?ยฉtranger (je suis Belge). Sur les forums, ils d?ยฉconseillent cela. Qu’en pensez-vous ?
[18:23] -=timnilson=- smallparts and mcmaster
[18:23] -=RCExplorer=- Hey guys!
[18:23] -=arch001=- soon I hope. I just mounted larger landing gear so I’ll be able to fit the gopro underneath.
[18:23] -=timnilson=- hi David
[18:23] -=arch001=- Hi David!
[18:23] -=RCExplorer=- Waaazzzuppp!
[18:23] -=timnilson=- I made a video yesterday of mine
[18:23] -=Bilow=- Hey david !
[18:23] -=arch001=- Thanks again for featuring my tricopter. I was having a really tough day at work and it really made my day.
[18:23] -=bbmagic=- hi david!
[18:23] -=timnilson=- David — how was your filming today?
[18:23] -=RCExplorer=- No problem arch ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:23] -=RCExplorer=- It was aweseome timnilson,
[18:24] -=AZPilot=- Whats up David
[18:24] -=timnilson=- what did they have you film?
[18:24] -=RCExplorer=- I nailed it the on the first try ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:24] -=timnilson=- Wow!
[18:24] -=bbmagic=- Thats great I’m sure it made them happy
[18:24] -=timnilson=- congrats
[18:25] -=RCExplorer=- A woman on a steamboat. I went from a really nice close up to a wide of the entire boat and sea ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:25] -=RCExplorer=- It was great ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:25] -=arch001=- sounds awesome
[18:25] -=timnilson=- David — mounting your GoPro: did you have to play with different foams to remove frequency vibrations?
[18:25] -=RCExplorer=- Yeah they watched a seperate monitor and they all gasped ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:25] -=bbmagic=- Was it local to you?
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, I actully just use what I have laying around. I balance the props like mad so I don’t actually need it
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Yeah it was really close
[18:26] -=arch001=- was it a commercial
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- In our town ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- Nonprofit
[18:27] -=bbmagic=- what foam do you use for the FC mounting?
[18:27] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Dublesided sticky tape folded up 5 times and cut into squares
[18:27] -=arch001=- har ni ?โ€ขngb?โ€ขtar i v?ยงttern?
[18:27] -=arch001=- ๐Ÿ˜†
[18:27] -=bbmagic=- That sounds great! I would love to do an adv for my area…. I’ll have to get a lot better flying!
[18:28] -=timnilson=- rcexplorer, do you still use the standard GoPro case? I find that too heavy at 100g.
[18:28] -=RCExplorer=- arch001, Yepp, It’s called Traffik ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:28] -=Bilow=- Hi David — I’m quite new in aeromodelling. Do you think it’s better to buy a KK board or separate gyros ?
[18:28] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, KK board definitly
[18:28] -=bbmagic=- Hey thanks! I knew it was thick from your videos…. never thought about layers.
[18:28] muu quit (timeout)
[18:28] -=arch001=- ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:28] -=RCExplorer=- Much easier to setup and perform better
[18:28] -=AZPilot=- has anyone used a jeweler’s saw to cut thier PCB’s?
[18:29] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:29] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, Yep, works good for a while at least ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:29] -=Bilow=- Isn’t it too difficult (with CPU, …) and too expensive ?
[18:29] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Buy one from Hobbyking for 30 bucks ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:29] -=timnilson=- David, did you ever try a multiwiicopter Paris board? How does that compare to the KK board in your view?
[18:29] -=AZPilot=- good cause that’s what I have to cut them with
[18:30] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Yes I have. I didn’t quite like it. It had some “ticks” once in a while that I couldn’t get rid of.
[18:30] -=bbmagic=- I used an abrasive wheel on a Dremel tool and then sanded with a drum sander on the same tool
[18:30] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, I’ll think you’ll do just fine with it ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:30] -=timnilson=- David — I am having those same ticks… ๐Ÿ™
[18:31] -=arch001=- tell me more about the ticks..
[18:31] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, That works really well too
[18:31] -=timnilson=- But, I can always go back to my KK board ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:31] -=mipi=- is anyone else having problems with “timeout” in this chat?
[18:31] -=AZPilot=- Cool I’ll try cutting them this week of next weekend. Long weekend next week
[18:31] -=Bilow=- mipi — YES!
[18:31] -=Cider=- hi rce, i am buildind your v1.5 y copter and i was wondering with the bec jump starter is it here that you put your diode in line on the positive lead from the balancr plug?
[18:31] -=bbmagic=- yes I time out but reconnect with new text
[18:32] -=timnilson=- It seems the gyros on the mutliwiicopter board all of a sudden compensate … like an oscillation out of nowhere
[18:32] -=RCExplorer=- arch001, It ocationally yerks to one side very quickly every once in a while. Not often but too often for my taste.
[18:32] -=mipi=-
[18:32] -=timnilson=- I agree with David… it’s not great
[18:33] -=RCExplorer=- Cider, Yes inline with the possitive ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:33] -=arch001=- wow, that sucks guys. I’ve been kinda wanting to try a board with autoleveling. any suggestions?
[18:33] -=timnilson=- David — what do you think of the new KK Board firmware (1.6 I think it is?)
[18:33] -=bbmagic=- David have you ever tried a CC flight controller?
[18:33] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Sorry to hear that the chat isn’t working properly ๐Ÿ™
[18:33] -=Bilow=- David – I can’t find the KK board on HobbyKing (because It’s english and I speak French)… Do you have a link please ?
[18:33] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, I’m on it
[18:34] -=mipi=- Bilow,
[18:34] -=Cider=- RCEexplore one more question would a 75V 150MA diod be sufficent or whats your recomendation!!
[18:34] -=RCExplorer=-
[18:34] -=Bilow=- Thanks !
[18:34] -=RCExplorer=- Cider, I would recommend something bigger
[18:35] -=arch001=- Bilow: You also need a programmer.
[18:35] -=Cider=- h
[18:35] -=RCExplorer=- brb
[18:36] -=David=- Kan man k??pa f?ยงrdigbyggd tricopter av dig?
[18:36] -=timnilson=- i find it anying that you have to make your own connection from the programmer to the KK board
[18:36] -=timnilson=- it’s a pain in the butt
[18:36] -=timnilson=- annoying
[18:36] -=Bilow=- arch001: Ok.. but… It seems there are a lot of programmers. Which one do you recommend me ?
[18:36] -=Cider=- RCExplorer can u sujest to me the correct size diod please?? thank you
[18:36] -=RCExplorer=- sorry guys the doorbell rang
[18:37] -=timnilson=- no prob
[18:37] -=RCExplorer=- Cider, I would recommend a 1A diode
[18:37] -=RCExplorer=- David, Not yet but soon ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:37] -=bbmagic=- It happens…. murphys law and all that.
[18:37] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Yeah I know it’s a pain
[18:37] -=Cider=- RCExplore, thanks for your time!, I look fwd to building it this week all the best
[18:38] -=arch001=- Bilow: I have heard that this works:
[18:38] -=RCExplorer=- Cider, Cheers mate ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:38] -=RCExplorer=- Thanks arch for helping out
[18:38] -=arch001=- bilow: check out my build log to see how I did it:
[18:39] -=arch001=- no prop
[18:39] -=arch001=- prob:D
[18:39] -=timnilson=- no prop would be bad
[18:39] -=RCExplorer=- Lol
[18:39] -=arch001=- haha
[18:39] -=timnilson=- ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:39] -=RCExplorer=- I have some news guys. I bought a DJI MC system
[18:39] -=timnilson=- RC jokes… got to love em
[18:40] -=RCExplorer=- So expect a review soon
[18:40] -=mipi=- dont forget your antenna tutorials
[18:40] -=bbmagic=- David have you ever tried a copter control Flight Board?
[18:40] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, I won’t ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:40] -=timnilson=- what is a DJI MC?
[18:41] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson,
[18:41] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Nope not yet
[18:41] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, It’s always out of stock everywhere
[18:41] -=timnilson=- ah… yes, I read your blog/news on it
[18:42] -=bbmagic=- That should be over very soon I lucked into mine.
[18:42] -=RCExplorer=- I just had to have one for my new Y6 build
[18:42] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Nice
[18:42] -=Bilow=- arch001 : I’m from Belgium and the seller on Ebay is from Hong-Kong. Should I anyway buy it on Ebay ?
[18:43] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Yeah go right ahead. It takes a week for it to arrive aprox
[18:43] -=arch001=- again, I havent tried that one but it should work.
[18:43] -=bbmagic=- Is your Y6 gong to be a bit LARGER? The mini should have been called micro ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:43] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, yes it’s going to be a bit bigger ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:44] -=RCExplorer=- The plan is to have it lift my new Cannon 60D
[18:44] -=mipi=- David, do you still think that Tricopter is best platform for shooting video
[18:44] -=arch001=- DJI MC.. wow USD 1500
[18:44] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, I love it. The yawmotion feels so much better
[18:45] -=bbmagic=- Tricopters seem to be so graceful…. I think it translates into nice videos!
[18:45] -=timnilson=- David — I’d love to get your feedback on the tricopter frame kit I am about to release.
[18:45] -=RCExplorer=- arch001, I know. It hurt
[18:45] -=casper_uk=- Hi all
[18:45] -=timnilson=- It’d be happy to send you one if you’d like
[18:45] -=casper_uk=- Rc explorer one quick question
[18:45] -=mipi=- OK, thanks
[18:45] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, That looks badass ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:46] -=timnilson=- thanks!
[18:46] -=RCExplorer=- Icasper_uk, Hi! Go right ahead
[18:46] -=AZPilot=- Is there a guide somewhere that explains on how to choose a correct motor for a newbie
[18:46] -=timnilson=- I’ll take that feedback ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:46] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, How duable is the plastic?
[18:46] -=timnilson=- Very!!! It’s the same plastic that’s used for Guitar Picks!!!
[18:46] -=timnilson=- Delrin!
[18:46] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, That is awesome! Looks great
[18:47] -=casper_uk=- Will you publish chat log later on
[18:47] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, Sorry can’t think of any of the top of my head
[18:47] -=RCExplorer=- casper_uk, Yes I plan to ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:47] -=timnilson=- Thanks David, that means a lot to me
[18:47] -=Bilow=- arch001: thanks. i’m going to buy the programmer from Ebay, and the Hobbyking KK board. Do I need something else ? What do you mean by “make sure you get the one with firmware manufactured by and not by xwopen” ?
[18:47] -=timnilson=- I’d be happy to name it after you!
[18:47] -=casper_uk=- Some people com over and my wife is angry
[18:47] -=RCExplorer=- casper_uk, Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Poor guy
[18:47] -=AZPilot=- ok thanks not sure what motors to get HK is always out of the ones you recommend
[18:48] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, Get the DT750 and 10*4.7 props they are awesome
[18:48] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, No problem man. Have you flown it much yet?
[18:48] -=AZPilot=- ok cool thanks
[18:48] -=arch001=- there is a chinese clone that doesnt work in english..
[18:49] -=timnilson=- I just took a video with it yesterday
[18:49] -=Bilow=- How can I make sure that it isn’t the Chinese clone ?
[18:49] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Is it the one on the top of the page?
[18:49] -=timnilson=-
[18:49] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, If I want to copy your design for video shooting, is the arm length (50cm) ideal?
[18:49] -=diwib=- do you know whats the difference between the and boards?
[18:49] -=timnilson=- yes… all the ones on the page are the same kit ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:49] -=arch001=- Are you getting the tinyusb or the usbasp?
[18:50] -=Bilow=- I’m going to buy the programmer you give me (link) : USBtinyISP AVR ISP
[18:50] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Go with 45-50cm it works great
[18:51] -=timnilson=- The camera mount is laser cut bamboo ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:51] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, ok
[18:51] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Cool video ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:51] -=timnilson=- thx!
[18:51] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Ahh cool. Stiff?
[18:51] -=diwib=- i got 37 cm and its already huge oO
[18:51] -=casper_uk=- sweet, thanks
[18:51] -=timnilson=- Very… it’s a few layers
[18:51] -=arch001=- Bilow, You dont have to worry about that on the tiny. It only applies for usbasp
[18:51] -=timnilson=- and only 2.7mm… and very light
[18:51] -=mipi=- bigger is better (as always)
[18:52] -=timnilson=- I am finding all these new RC materials… Delrin, Bamboo ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:52] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Depends on what you’re trying to do. But yes start with 50cm and cut it down if you want if quicker
[18:52] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve been looking for a good wood to use on the base
[18:53] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, just learn to handle it, and then shoot some video
[18:53] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Then go with 50cm ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:53] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, ok
[18:53] -=diwib=- RCExplorer could you think of any alternative servo mount using your tricopter v1 build that doesnt use parts from other helis?
[18:54] -=RCExplorer=- Anyone looking forward to the circular polarized antenna guides? ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:54] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Anything that swings works great ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:54] -=Bult=- YES!
[18:54] -=Bilow=- arch001: Thank you ! I assume the cables between the programmer and the KK board are easy to find or to make (they are the same as the Rx) ?
[18:54] -=diwib=- been trying all night yesterday to get my servo mounted :/
[18:54] -=bbmagic=- Yes I find it interesting. I loved the animated graphics on the into
[18:54] -=mipi=- diwib, same problems
[18:55] -=diwib=- ended up with something that tilted the motor but also pushed the servo up
[18:55] -=timnilson=- my servo mount took me a few tries to get right… but now I got it
[18:55] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, oh that doesn’t sound to great
[18:55] -=hassanskatz=- Hi Iยฌยฅm looking for a stable and durable yaw control for my tricopter build
[18:55] -=RCExplorer=- There will be 4 antennas guides in the near future
[18:56] -=diwib=- its the last problem to solve to get that thing up in the air
[18:56] -=timnilson=-
[18:56] -=hassanskatz=- I think the guys above have the same problem
[18:56] -=diwib=- yea
[18:56] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, could you make some kind of tutorial about tuning the KK-board, maybe with some video examples
[18:56] -=timnilson=- the yaw and servo is the hardest part of any tri, I think
[18:56] -=mipi=- timnilson, that is just beautiful
[18:56] -=arch001=- Bilow, no prob. The connector should be included but you need a usb connector
[18:56] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Wow. nice
[18:57] -=timnilson=- thanks mipi!
[18:57] -=diwib=- good to hear that i’m not the only one having trouble with that damn servo heh
[18:57] -=timnilson=- did I mention I made a tricopter kit that has a great servo/yaw? :_)
[18:57] -=timnilson=- ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:57] -=Bilow=- Okay ๐Ÿ™‚ I assume I can find an USB connector in every computer shop ?
[18:58] -=RCExplorer=- There is a great thread about different yaw mechanisms on rcgroups
[18:58] -=RCExplorer=- Great for inspiration
[18:58] -=arch001=- timnilson, awesome video. will there be more nyc fpv vids?
[18:58] -=timnilson=- I saw that… that thread is awesome!
[18:58] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Nice plug ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:58] -=timnilson=- arch001, absolutely not!
[18:58] -=diwib=- i dont wanna buy a kit and tighten some screws; thats no fun
[18:58] -=timnilson=- sorry ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:58] -=arch001=- yaw thread:
[18:58] -=hassanskatz=- ah cool thanks
[18:59] -=RCExplorer=- Thanks arch, you’re like a little elf ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:59] -=arch001=- haha
[18:59] -=arch001=- timnilson, ?
[18:59] -=sveininge=- hello
[19:00] -=RCExplorer=- Hey! sveininge!
[19:00] -=hassanskatz=- timnilson: Anyway, please sell me one of those yaw mechanisms!!!
[19:00] -=sveininge=- hey david ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:00] -=sveininge=- i don@t have time to be chatting today so i have to join in some other day ๐Ÿ™
[19:01] -=RCExplorer=- No problem sveininge, glad to see you. Thanks for popping in
[19:01] -=sveininge=- btw i smashed my tricopter today ๐Ÿ™‚ and rebuildt it hehe ..
[19:01] -=RCExplorer=- Circle of flight or life
[19:01] -=sveininge=- hehe
[19:01] -=diwib=- i hope that’ll never happen to mine =-.-=
[19:02] -=RCExplorer=- I’ve done it like 50 times now atleast ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:02] -=sveininge=- then you don@t fly low enough ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:02] -=RCExplorer=- I think I fly a little to low to water ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:02] -=bbmagic=- I seem to have problems with the yaw. Too much coordination required with the throttle and roll!
[19:02] -=diwib=- wasnt planning to fly low anyway heh
[19:02] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, How do you mean?
[19:03] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:03] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, You say that now
[19:03] -=diwib=- yea
[19:03] -=sveininge=- try to update your kk card with v1.6 my blackboard flyes like a champ after that update ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:03] -=sveininge=-
[19:03] -=timnilson=- arch001 — doing FPV in the city of New York is not a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:03] -=mipi=- Do you have to tune Yaw, Throttle and roll separately in KK-board
[19:03] -=diwib=- and i dont even have telemetry and all that osd and gps stuff on it yet
[19:03] -=bbmagic=- It requires more throttle and a roll correction to maintain straight flight. Just alot of coordination
[19:03] -=diwib=- which would be the expensive crashing parts
[19:04] -=mipi=-
[19:04] -=mipi=- .
[19:04] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Pitch and roll is toghether in the new 1.6 firmware
[19:04] -=mipi=- .
[19:04] -=arch001=- ok, where I’m from I don’t think anyone would care
[19:04] -=sveininge=- the gopro is th most expensive chrasing parts )
[19:04] -=RCExplorer=- arch001, Sweden rulez!!
[19:04] -=RCExplorer=- ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:04] -=arch001=- =-(
[19:05] -=mipi=- So which potentiometer ins not in use when tuning
[19:05] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, The gopro by far ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:05] -=sveininge=- david when is your helical guide comming out ?.
[19:05] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, All are
[19:05] -=arch001=- do you remember the guy who flew through s??derleden tunnel
[19:05] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, Sometime next week
[19:05] -=diwib=- not sure if i’ll be using a gopro
[19:05] -=sveininge=- nice
[19:05] -=RCExplorer=- arch001, Yep, and no one cared
[19:05] -=sveininge=- but have a nice evning.. . good bye .
[19:05] -=arch001=- yep
[19:05] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, Buy
[19:05] -=arch001=- ๐Ÿ˜†
[19:05] -=RCExplorer=- sorry bye
[19:06] -=RCExplorer=- ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:06] -=timnilson=- no props, no buy
[19:06] -=Bilow=- I am going to buy a KK board and a programmer. It looks very easier than I expected. RCExplorer, I assume the setup you have on your site (ESC, battery, Motors, ..) still works fine and to avoid problems (being a beginner) I should buy those ?
[19:06] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Other than that nothing on a Tri is expensive
[19:06] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, are there any tuning tutorial for KK (not the setup guide, but actual tuning)
[19:06] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:06] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Yep it still work like a charm
[19:07] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Hmm can’t remember any from the top of my head
[19:07] -=diwib=- i’d try to get a dragon osd, that almost costs as much as a gopro
[19:07] -=RCExplorer=- but you simply increase the gain until it starts oscillating and then back of a bit
[19:08] -=diwib=- also the kk board is expensive enough already!
[19:08] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Why do you need such an advanced OSD on a tricopter?
[19:08] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, 30 bucks on hobbyking is reasonable ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:08] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, and that for each. (Yaw, Roll & Throttle)?
[19:08] -=diwib=- i’ll be building a funjet later on and would like to play around with its failsafe home heading thing
[19:09] -=timnilson=- My “OSD” is a $2 lipo alarm that starts beeping when the volts run low ๐Ÿ™‚ … “On Sound Device”
[19:09] -=arch001=- I’m think I’m gonna skip osd on my tri and use frsky telemetry for low battery and low rssi instead
[19:10] -=diwib=- its not like i need that stuff but it makes the whole thing a lot more interesting
[19:10] -=bbmagic=- I love the Aurora’s battery telemetry!
[19:10] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Yes for the 1.5 firmware. On 1.6 the middle pot is “I” on roll and pitch. Set that to 0 after initilizing and then increase it after trimming in the “P”
[19:10] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Right on ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:10] -=timnilson=- David — did the 1.6 upgrade make a big difference for you?
[19:10] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Me too ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s awesome
[19:11] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Yes. It’s like night and day. And I loved it before ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:11] -=RCExplorer=- It’s soo good now
[19:11] -=timnilson=- wow… I have to try it!
[19:11] -=bbmagic=- I need to get the pc adapter so I can program in a battery alert
[19:12] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, You just tap the voltage screen on the aurora and you can set it without a PC
[19:12] -=Bilow=- I’m going to make arms, 40 cm (wood). Is it enough for stable FPV and to do loopings/aerobatics ?
[19:12] -=bbmagic=- Really? I need to try that. Thanks!
[19:12] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, 40cm should be enough yes
[19:12] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, thank you, now I’m starting to understand my tricopter behavior
[19:13] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, It’s going to be a little quicker. What stabilization unit are you plan on using?
[19:13] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, No problem. Experiment a little and you’ll quickly get the hang of it
[19:14] -=Bilow=- Stabilization unit (what’s that) ? The Hobbyking KK board if it is what you mean
[19:14] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Yep That’s what i mean ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:14] -=RCExplorer=- 40Cm should work just fine for you
[19:15] -=Flahultarn=- Hi, new here. Although I’ve had much help in your site with all the info that you have collected there. Just a newbee question! In the FPV thing, are you dependent on always having free sight to the flying platform? Or what kind of landscape can you fly in?
[19:15] -=diwib=- RCExplorer could you explain the difference between and are those completely different boards or does the blueboard from .kr also accept .com firmwares?
[19:15] -=arch001=- Tim: Which other controllers have you tried?
[19:15] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, .kr is a company .com is just a “fan” site
[19:16] -=bbmagic=- David, why did you change over to APC props.
[19:16] -=diwib=- the fan site however has some sellers listed so its not that different to a company
[19:17] -=Rogue13=- Hi all
[19:17] -=RCExplorer=- Flahultarn, Hi!, It’s always recommended to fly within line of sight but I often fly inside of forests and such. Learn to know your equipment before trying it out though
[19:17] -=diwib=- but thats not my concern anyhow, i’m just wondering about the difference of the boards
[19:17] -=timnilson=- arch001, I just tried KK blackboard and MultiWiiCopter
[19:17] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Waaaazzzuuuppp!!
[19:17] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Both work with eachother yes
[19:17] -=arch001=- timnilson, are you considering any others
[19:17] -=Rogue13=- my arm hurts….must learn to throw better
[19:17] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Easier to balance and doesn’t break in the cold ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:18] -=diwib=- i see, thanks
[19:18] -=timnilson=- arch001, no not right now. One has ‘auto level’ and the other does not.
[19:18] -=RCExplorer=- RCExplorer, DLG’s make you ake in the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:18] -=Rogue13=- lol
[19:18] -=timnilson=- David, the APC props are amazingly balanced right out of the bag
[19:18] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Did you fix you DLG?
[19:19] -=Rogue13=- not yet….
[19:19] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Yeah I know. I love it. To bad that they are so heavy
[19:19] -=Flahultarn=- Ok, thanks. I’ll do so. Have to set up my platform and all first though ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:19] -=RCExplorer=- They work great though
[19:19] -=RCExplorer=- Flahultarn, ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:19] -=timnilson=- they are? did not weight them
[19:19] -=timnilson=- weigh
[19:19] -=bbmagic=- David all the prop balancers I’ve seen have a hard time with the GWS hub hole being too small
[19:19] -=arch001=- gotta go. hope to chat again soon. bye guys
[19:19] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, yeah they are a lot hevier
[19:19] -=Rogue13=- bye
[19:19] -=diwib=- bye
[19:19] -=bbmagic=- bye
[19:19] -=RCExplorer=- arch001, Bye!
[19:19] -=timnilson=- what’s a “lot”?
[19:20] -=timnilson=- bye
[19:20] -=Rogue13=- APC props are heaver due to thicker construction
[19:20] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, 2-3 times
[19:20] -=arch001=- ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:20] -=Bilow=- Okay. Thanks everyone, very much ! I stayed one hour on this chat and it was really great. The little bugs were not disturbing. I’m going to buy the same setup as RCExplorer. I ‘ve learnt a lot of things. Thanks ! I hope there will be a next chat session soon. Bye ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:20] -=Flahultarn=- Over and out! Bye!
[19:20] -=timnilson=- that is a lot
[19:20] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Bye! Thanks for stopping by!
[19:20] -=Rogue13=- bye
[19:20] -=RCExplorer=- Flahultarn, Bye and good luck
[19:21] -=diwib=- oh yea i gotta say so far the tricopter v1 build worked out like a charm except for that servo mount :p
[19:21] -=timnilson=- David — please touch base if you want to talk about working together on the Delrin kit (I have some ideas)
[19:21] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Glad to hear it ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah the servo mounting can be a bit tricky
[19:22] -=bbmagic=- you can design the yaw mount….. just patience and thought
[19:22] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Sure, I’m glad to help out
[19:22] -=Ratty=- RCExplorer, love your work and your site, very helpfull, keep up the good work please. ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:22] -=RCExplorer=- Ratty, Thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:22] -=mipi=- are there a differencies between different servos in yaw control
[19:22] -=RCExplorer=- New video coming soon btw guys
[19:22] -=timnilson=- Ditto… great site David
[19:22] -=Rogue13=- sweet
[19:23] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Not really, most servos have 90ยฌ? of travel
[19:23] -=Rogue13=- and keep praying for good flying wather
[19:23] -=bbmagic=- How long where you in the USA?
[19:23] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Thanks man. You site is great too
[19:23] -=Rogue13=- too long =P
[19:23] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, 3 months
[19:23] -=timnilson=- Thanks!
[19:23] -=USSMunkfish=- On the tricopter v1 build, did you get the Assan reciever to work with the Futaba TX, or did you have to use an Assan radio to match?
[19:23] -=mipi=- so can you use inexpensive servos?
[19:24] -=RCExplorer=- USSMunkfish, I used the Assan module on the Futaba
[19:24] -=bbmagic=- That was a lot of traveling! But I’m sure you have many great memories!
[19:24] -=USSMunkfish=- any trick to get the Assan to bind to the Futaba?
[19:25] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, Use a servo with good centering, little slop and metal gears and you’ll be fine
[19:25] -=mipi=- RCExplorer, ok
[19:25] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Yeah I do ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss the flitetest guys
[19:26] -=RCExplorer=- USSMunkfish, You need to have the assan hack module installed:
[19:26] -=Dssaction=- what will be the best servo for the yaw?
[19:26] -=bbmagic=- David your responsible for me finding flitetest. It is a great show but your videos have gotten me back into RC
[19:26] -=Rogue13=- Assan hack moduls work great
[19:26] -=RCExplorer=- Dssaction, I like the Bluebird 380MAX
[19:27] -=Dssaction=- i saw he lot he bad review on this servo!
[19:27] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:27] -=RCExplorer=- Dssaction, I’ve bought 20 or so, so far and they all worked flawlessly
[19:27] -=Rogue13=- lol
[19:27] -=Spyda=- RCExplorer, just want to say thanks for your excellent site! Lots of inspiritation!
[19:27] -=Dssaction=- COOL
[19:27] -=diwib=- i’ve been wondering what you’re using the bec for. the escs didnt have any problems when i started the whole thing without the bec, so what would it be for?
[19:27] -=USSMunkfish=- Thanks for the tip and the writeup on the hack RCExplorer, I’ll probably send a few bucks your way for the help
[19:28] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, did you fix your dlg?
[19:28] -=RCExplorer=- Spyda, Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:28] -=Rogue13=- nope
[19:28] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Then you’re good to go. I just had troubble with my ESC’s not starting up properly
[19:29] -=diwib=- i think you used the turnigy plush ones too, no?
[19:29] -=bbmagic=- David your pic with the Florida Panther was priceless. In that shot it looks like a giant kitty!
[19:29] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Do it, do it NOW! Get down on the ground *german accent*
[19:29] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Not at that time no
[19:29] -=diwib=- oh! ok
[19:29] -=Rogue13=- yeah yeah…keep your pants on
[19:30] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Was I supposed not to take em of before? oppsss
[19:30] -=FlyingDog=- Hey David, any chance you’ll follow up with your review of the MikroKopter
[19:31] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, Maybe. Didn’t quite like the complexity of the thing but it flew pretty good
[19:31] -=bbmagic=- David your pic with the Florida Panther was priceless. It looked like a giant kitty!
[19:31] -=FlyingDog=- are you still using mostly kk boards for your copters?
[19:31] -=RCExplorer=- I didn’t quite have time to take video and everything before I sent it away
[19:31] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, Yep, they work so well and cost so little
[19:32] -=FlyingDog=- THey cost less every day
[19:32] -=RCExplorer=- Yeah 30 bucks is amazing
[19:32] -=FlyingDog=- I’ve got a carbon copy of your tri I’m going to be using to shoot some aerials on the third season of a show I work on here in FL
[19:33] -=RCExplorer=- Cool! What show is that?
[19:33] -=FlyingDog=- Its called how to do Florida:
[19:33] -=RCExplorer=- How do you stand the heat btw? I almost perished in florida
[19:33] -=FlyingDog=- I think we were actually in the everglades about a week before you took your trip there
[19:34] -=FlyingDog=- HAha we lost a cameraman over the edge of the airboat actually
[19:34] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad we didn’t bump into eachother
[19:34] -=RCExplorer=- haha ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:34] -=bbmagic=- I’m with you David the heat is getting old and I live in Florida!
[19:34] -=FlyingDog=- luckily wasn’t hurt and no gator got him
[19:34] -=AZPilot=- David you need to come to Arizona in the summer time. Try July or August
[19:34] -=Rogue13=- did i hear you right in me getting a 2S lipo for the DLG?
[19:34] -=FlyingDog=- The trick to Florida is not to go outside
[19:35] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, I got tired of it before I left the airport ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:35] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Yes, definitely!
[19:36] -=bbmagic=- I run out and fly and then come inside. It will be better in a month. Can’t wait
[19:36] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Yes definitely
[19:36] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, ๐Ÿ™‚ Poor guy. It’s sooo humid there as well
[19:36] -=Rogue13=- will i need a diod to reduce voltage?
[19:36] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, lol ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:36] -=Rogue13=- HK only has 2 that will fit =P
[19:37] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, I have a couple of low voltage regulators you could have one
[19:37] -=Rogue13=- 1 350 and 360 mAh
[19:37] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, RCflight has good ones.
[19:37] -=Rogue13=- i need to reorder my 3S 2200 so i thought i would order 1 then
[19:38] -=bbmagic=- David, just you wait! I’ll send you a pic of me flying in January with just a short sleeve Tee shirt! ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:38] -=Rogue13=- but i need to reduce the voltage right?
[19:38] -=RCExplorer=- Oh yeah. They are turnigy cells either way ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:38] -=RCExplorer=- I used 4 240mAh 2s2p
[19:38] -=Rogue13=- bbmagic…that’s not fair =(
[19:38] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, That is not fair
[19:38] -=FlyingDog=- What do you use to power your receiver in the field?
[19:38] -=RCExplorer=- lol ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:39] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, A 3s2200
[19:39] -=yves=- hi David! I’ve just finished building my tricopter one hour ago!
[19:40] -=diwib=- can you recommend a av tx and rx at 2.4 or preferably 5.8 ghz or even 433 mhz ? not allowed to use 1.3 here :/
[19:40] -=RCExplorer=- yves, Awesome! Pictures?
[19:40] -=bbmagic=- I’m trying to get enough flight practice that I will tackle FPV this winter. Your site will be invaluable then.
[19:40] -=FlyingDog=- Cool, that’s what I figured. I’m just now getting into the FPV side of flying these things
[19:40] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Video transmitter?
[19:40] -=diwib=- yes
[19:40] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Thanks man
[19:40] -=yves=- Not yet… Still trying to get the engines running.
[19:41] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, has really good stuff. Check there
[19:41] -=RCExplorer=- yves, ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure to take some photos of it when you’re done
[19:41] -=bbmagic=- yves just keep at it…. persistance is always good!
[19:41] -=FlyingDog=- David, have you tried the new release of the KK firmware that was released?
[19:42] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, A 2200 last for days ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:42] -=yves=- I have trouble programming my futaba…
[19:42] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, Yes. I have. I love it! It’s amazing
[19:42] -=RCExplorer=- yves, Oh what’s the troubble?
[19:42] -=diwib=- will have a look, thanks
[19:42] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Sure no problem ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:43] -=yves=- A lot of trouble!!! But I think I am the trouble! The reason is I’m a newbie in Rc Control.
[19:43] -=diwib=- lemme take a quick pic of my build so far :=-
[19:43] -=FlyingDog=- It was a pretty amazing update. It was like flying a whole new tri
[19:43] -=RCExplorer=- yves, It’s very confusing in the beginning. What transmitter do you have?
[19:44] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Yes please ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:44] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, Yeah I know! It’s so well behaved now
[19:44] -=yves=- a 7c futaba futk 7005, in hr3 mode.
[19:45] -=diwib=- followed your guides pretty strictly ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:45] -=yves=- the throtlle stick moves the servo, only two engines are running, etc, etc
[19:45] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, That looks great ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:46] -=diwib=- thanks!
[19:46] -=RCExplorer=- yves, Are you using a kk board?
[19:46] -=bbmagic=- diwib, that looks just like mine! ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:46] -=yves=- no. 4 gyros hk 401
[19:46] -=diwib=- awesome ๐Ÿ˜€
[19:47] -=yves=- .
[19:47] -=yves=- .
[19:47] -=RCExplorer=- Ah ok. hr3 sounds like the right more if I remember correctly. Have you hooked it up like this:
[19:47] -=bbmagic=- diwib, where is the yaw servo? Is it hidden in the pic?
[19:48] -=FlyingDog=- yves, You should look at the kk board, THey’re selling for 30$ at HK and it makes a huge difference, then the new upgrade to the firmware takes it to a whole new level
[19:49] -=yves=- maybe the trouble is because I invert ch 5 and 6???.
[19:49] -=yves=- @flying dog: next step!
[19:49] -=diwib=- bbmagic like i said, i had trouble with it so its not there yet
[19:49] -=Aik solna=- Maybe you have answerd this already, but what kind of movie are you shootin?
[19:50] -=Dssaction=- what did u guys thing about this servo for my yaw:
[19:50] -=RCExplorer=- yves, Sounds plausible.
[19:51] -=Aik solna=-
[19:51] -=Aik solna=-
[19:51] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, It’s a local production about one of the most famus ladies in sweden ๐Ÿ™‚
[19:51] -=bbmagic=- dssaction, it seems to meet everything I know about what would work!
[19:51] -=Aik solna=- For svt?
[19:52] -=Aik solna=- Are they payin you enogh?
[19:52] -=RCExplorer=- Dssaction, Yepp, looks good
[19:52] -=Aik solna=- U have a agent?
[19:52] -=Dssaction=- i will give he try!
[19:52] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Nope, it’s an indipendent movie production. It’s a short film.
[19:52] -=yves=- Or is it because I didn’t start up with BEC?
[19:52] -=Fredrik=- whats best for FPV and AP, tri or quad?
[19:52] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, I’m not allowed to make money on my filming yet
[19:53] -=Aik solna=- Why?
[19:53] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Depends on what you want to do
[19:53] -=diwib=- holy crap readymaderc has some cheap lawmate systems! david would you recommend this combo? and
[19:53] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, I need a UAV certification first
[19:53] -=Aik solna=- Hur f?โ€ขr man det?
[19:54] -=RCExplorer=- diwib, Those look good. Lawmate are known to be good
[19:54] -=AZPilot=- David what patch antenna do you use?
[19:54] -=diwib=- but they’re suspiciously cheap
[19:54] -=FlyingDog=- Ok I goota go. Keep up the good work David. I’ll send you some clips when we shoot the next season. Heck I’ll even give you a shout out.
[19:54] -=Rogue13=- need to remember to order from readymaderc =P when i have both hands available
[19:54] -=bbmagic=- David if anyone can get the certification you can.
[19:54] -=Aik solna=- Uav un attended wheekel
[19:54] -=FlyingDog=-
[19:54] -=Aik solna=- ..?
[19:54] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, You apply for it at air-police ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:55] -=RCExplorer=- FlyingDog, Thanks for stopping by my friend.
[19:55] -=Rogue13=- bye flyingdog
[19:55] -=RCExplorer=- Hope to see you again
[19:55] -=Aik solna=- And for how long is it valid? What does it cost to apply?
[19:55] -=bbmagic=- bye flying dog
[19:55] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, I use a 3 turn helical
[19:56] -=Rogue13=- i hope to never break my DLG again….
[19:56] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, It’s not to expensive. Can’t remember from the top of my head. Search and you’ll find it
[19:56] -=Fredrik=- im quite new to multirotors and find my quad a bit hard to fly, whats the best way to learn, simulator or just plain air-time?
[19:56] -=Aik solna=- Whats the problem then?
[19:57] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Simulator works great. What do you think is hard about it?
[19:57] -=bbmagic=- fredrik, if your not crashing just airtime will be impossible to beat
[19:57] -=yves=- Or is it because I didn’t start up with BEC?
[19:57] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, You apply for the airframe. And I don’t plan on using this airframe in production.
[19:58] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, I didn’t think you’d ever break that thing. Good thing it was a clean break
[19:58] -=Aik solna=- Will your permit only be valid in sweden?
[19:58] -=RCExplorer=- yves, If the other ESC’s start up it shouldn’t be that
[19:58] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Yes
[19:58] -=Rogue13=- yeah but the repair is a p**n in the a**
[19:59] -=Fredrik=- its quite easy to hover and put some roll and pitch to it, but combining it with the yaw i find hard, like doing nice turns.
[19:59] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, It just needs some glue and it’s good to go. 10 seconds of work ๐Ÿ˜‰
[19:59] -=Rogue13=- ha ha ha
[20:00] -=Fredrik=- maybe i just have to practice some more
[20:00] -=Aik solna=- Any problems gettin the certification? (or are u sayin that you have a pro rig commin?)
[20:00] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Then you just need some stick time. Practice makes all the difference. I personally prefer the tricopter yaw motion ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:00] -=Rogue13=- glue steady hands and not losing the control wire while holding the rudder from straining to much
[20:00] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Pro rig on the way ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:01] -=Aik solna=- Well, if you need help with sales, im your man!
[20:01] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, I’ll fix it for you next time I’m over ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:01] -=yves=- is there a place in the futaba I can program left stick as throttle, etc etc, because now, my throttle is controlling the tail servo…
[20:01] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Oh really? What do you do?
[20:01] -=Fredrik=- Aik, you can get the aerial photography certification almost for free, its just an application send to some swedish authority
[20:02] -=RCExplorer=- yves, What channel is the yaw servo hooked up to?
[20:02] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Yeah that’s right I need to get one of those as well
[20:03] -=yves=- ch 4
[20:03] -=Aik solna=- I am an entreprenor. I sell software. And sales trainin.
[20:03] -=Fredrik=- you dont actually need it to do aerial photography, but to do it as a professional, like selling material, you need the cert
[20:03] -=Aik solna=- I think i can sell anythin
[20:03] -=RCExplorer=- yves, Hmm wierd. It should be moving the servo :/
[20:04] -=RCExplorer=- yves, Never changed the mode on the Futaba but I’m sure it’s possible
[20:04] -=bbmagic=- David, it was nice chatting! Thanks for the Aurora tip. I’ll be sure to join the next one. Bye
[20:04] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Sweet ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:04] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, I’m terrible as sales
[20:04] -=yves=- You mean?
[20:04] -=Aik solna=- I guess that there arnt many swedish pilots that are capable of dooin what you do.
[20:05] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Yeah. Better have it and not use it than to not have it and need it
[20:05] -=Aik solna=- Well, lets meet up next time your in stockholm
[20:05] -=Fredrik=- korrekt ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:05] -=Aik solna=- So, fredrik and rce
[20:05] -=RCExplorer=- yves, You can change the mode on the TX from mode 1,2,3 or 4. Hold down the two buttons on startup
[20:05] -=Aik solna=- You are the only onec this far
[20:06] -=Aik solna=- .
[20:06] -=timnilson=- David — did you ever fly a tri with motors / props facing downward?
[20:06] -=Aik solna=- ?
[20:06] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Yeah we aren’t that many yet.
[20:06] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Sure ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:06] -=Aik solna=- So, lets incorperate that
[20:06] -=Martin – Capell=- Hi David, are you planning on doing anything with the openpilot project?
[20:06] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Yes I’ve tried it.
[20:06] -=yves=- which buttons?
[20:06] -=timnilson=- And what do you think?
[20:07] -=Rogue13=- DLG fixed =) just needs to cure
[20:07] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Maybee If I can get the hand on one of the boards. They are always sold out
[20:07] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, Nice ;D
[20:07] -=Fredrik=- ok, im using a futaba 7c 2,4Ghz, what video Tx freq should i use for fpv? 5,8?
[20:07] -=Rogue13=- just hoping it will hold up
[20:07] -=Fredrik=- david, you use 1,3 ghz?
[20:07] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, I really like the ground effect ๐Ÿ˜€ Other than that I didn’t notice much differance. Just much harder to take of from grass ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:08] -=Fredrik=- is that better qualitywise than a 5,8 system?
[20:08] -=mipi=- .
[20:08] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Yes. But 5.8 works pretty well
[20:08] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, I’m sure it will
[20:08] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Where do you live?
[20:08] -=Fredrik=- what about a tx and just a fatshark google set as rx, will that do for starters?
[20:08] -=timnilson=- agreed on the grass issue ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:08] -=RCExplorer=- ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:09] -=Fredrik=- jag bor i Huddinge
[20:09] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Yeah it will work to start with ๐Ÿ™‚ Just build some proper antennas
[20:09] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Trefligt ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:09] -=Fredrik=- like the cloverleaf tx one in you tuts?
[20:10] -=RCExplorer=- A cloverleaf on the TX and a scew planer wheel on the RX would be good
[20:10] -=RCExplorer=- or a virevent
[20:10] -=Aik solna=- Right. Om ni vill diskutera detta vidare maila mig p?โ€ข [email protected]
[20:10] -=timnilson=- David — i have to go. Nice to ‘meet’ you. Thanks for the chat… great idea!!
[20:10] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, Thanks
[20:11] -=Aik solna=- Bollen ligger hos er nu…
[20:11] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on your Tricopters ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you sell a ton
[20:11] -=Aik solna=- Later!
[20:11] -=Rogue13=- the cloverleaf antenna is awesome
[20:11] -=timnilson=- Thanks David!! Bye
[20:11] -=SuperFer93=- Hi Dade! huge fan of your work! liked the work you did with the flitest team
[20:11] -=RCExplorer=- Aik solna, See you
[20:11] -=Martin – Capell=- Have you got any videos you have recorded to add soon to the webite and are you still talking to the flitetest guys as noticed there no longer on the homepage
[20:11] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:12] -=SuperFer93=- i just got a gopro as a resutl
[20:12] -=SuperFer93=- and built my own cuad and tri copter!
[20:13] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, I’m releasing a new video soon. I’ll add the flite test logo to the site soon again, just havn’t gotten around to it
[20:13] -=SuperFer93=- RCExplorer… one questions
[20:13] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Fire away
[20:13] -=SuperFer93=- i have been reading of the open pilot
[20:13] -=Fredrik=- ok, another fpv q, can i use the gopro as my ‘flying’ cam aswell as my recording device?
[20:13] -=SuperFer93=- initiative…
[20:13] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, yes. works great
[20:13] -=SuperFer93=- seems way more stable than the kk, as it has
[20:14] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, I’ve read a lot of good things about the Open pilot
[20:14] -=Fredrik=- what resolution does the gopro have on its av out then?
[20:14] -=SuperFer93=- accelerometers
[20:14] -=SuperFer93=- have you tested it?
[20:14] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Yes it’s a lot more advanced than the KK board.
[20:14] -=Martin – Capell=- What this new one involving? Have you seen the Y4 set up? are you going to change to newer plate form or is the tri the daddy of them all ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:14] -=AZPilot=- Got to run RC Thanks for the Chatting Lots of good info to take away from here. Until the next time
[20:14] -=Fredrik=- im running a kk on my quad, it feels ok, but i dont have anything to compare with
[20:14] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Nope havn’t tried it yet but it looks really good
[20:15] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, Cheers! Take care
[20:15] -=Martin – Capell=- I love the open board!! Can’t wait for the pro version
[20:15] -=SuperFer93=- its about $90… vs around $29 that the new hardware in HK is now
[20:15] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, It’s like 600TV lines. It’s really really good
[20:15] -=Fredrik=- and im waiting for minsoo kims new naviboard to arrive in the mail…
[20:16] -=SuperFer93=- but the question is… kk with v1.7 is it worth to pay the extra $60?
[20:16] -=SuperFer93=- for the open pilot?
[20:16] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, It’s just a flying montage ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m working on some hexacopters that should be ready soon ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:16] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Depends on what you’re after
[20:16] -=Martin – Capell=- I liked the 1.6 vers but after switching to the CC open boad its totally different as the GSC software is amazing
[20:17] -=RCExplorer=- I like the KK board. It works really good but it requires that you can handle the sticks.
[20:17] -=Fredrik=- thats my problem right now ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:17] -=SuperFer93=- trying to do some videos on closed space, buildings, similar to the one you did at the warehouse
[20:17] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Ahh cool! What platform are you using it on?
[20:18] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, I would actually recommend the open pilot then. It much easier to fly slow
[20:19] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Ahh cool Hope it works well for you
[20:19] -=Martin – Capell=- am running it on the tri template you supplied but made it lightly bigger for my camera, osd, transmitter but its like its flying on rails, took a while to perfect but once done its really good.
[20:19] -=Rogue13=- take care all see ya
[20:19] -=RCExplorer=- I’m trying to get a hold of a Open pilot board but they are always sold out
[20:20] -=SuperFer93=- martin, where did you got the CC from, NZ?
[20:20] -=RCExplorer=- Rogue13, See you. Let’s fly some DLG some day this week?
[20:20] -=SuperFer93=- Dade, found a website in the us that is going to get stock in a couple of days!
[20:20] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Nice
[20:20] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, What page?
[20:20] -=Martin – Capell=- getting a gopro for my birthday next week so some video’s soon. Have you tried in the UK? Gary from openpilot said they just got a fresh batch
[20:20] -=SuperFer93=- let me get you the link
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Sweet ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Thanks
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, I’m going to check it out
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- I have a DJI MC on the way
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- That one hurt to buy
[20:21] -=Fredrik=- pre-order list sold out… ๐Ÿ™
[20:21] -=Fredrik=- on
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- naww ๐Ÿ™
[20:21] -=Martin – Capell=- lol
[20:21] -=Exyator=- Hi guys
[20:21] -=RCExplorer=- Hi!
[20:22] -=Martin – Capell=- like gold dust
[20:22] -=RCExplorer=- Makes you sneeze?
[20:22] -=Exyator=- I fly i tricopter inspired by you
[20:22] -=SuperFer93=-
[20:22] -=Martin – Capell=- na hard to get
[20:22] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, Cool, do you like it?
[20:22] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Thanks
[20:22] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Oh ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:23] -=Exyator=- Yeah but just finished building a multiwii shield
[20:23] -=SuperFer93=- you can sign up for an email once they arrive they will go out FIFO
[20:23] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Good idea
[20:23] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, Have you flown the multiwii yet?
[20:24] -=Martin – Capell=- I notice its needs more dampening than the KK board though but am using PC fan vibration mounts that work fine but my Tri is broken at the mo. need to think about a better yaw mech
[20:24] -=SuperFer93=- It woudl be great for you to get one board and test it on real life, and let us all mortals know all the deatails! love your blogs
[20:24] -=SuperFer93=-
[20:24] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to try one out
[20:25] -=Exyator=- Yes but the wires were all messy and each flight cables got unplugged
[20:25] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Good to know. The KK board is surprisingly resistant to vibrations
[20:25] -=SuperFer93=- got to leave! this chat is awesome! continue with the good work!
[20:25] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, Ohh that doesn’t sound too good
[20:25] -=RCExplorer=- SuperFer93, Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:25] -=RCExplorer=- Cheers
[20:26] -=Exyator=- david, have you tried cat-5e wires?
[20:27] -=Martin – Capell=- David, you ever had a go at a gyro camera mount? That would be an ACE project
[20:27] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, yeah, it’s to stiff and brittle. Don’t use it on anything imprtant
[20:27] -=jrooth=- anyone here tried Ardupilot?
[20:28] -=Fredrik=- well have to leave, getting back to work tomorrow after 7 weeks of vacation, that hurts… ill try to join a bit earlier next time, thanks.
[20:28] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Yep, made one and it worked great ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:28] -=Martin – Capell=- No i thought about the ardupilot but seemed alot harder than anything else
[20:28] -=RCExplorer=- jrooth, Nope not yet
[20:28] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Oh sorry to hear ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work. See you next time I hope
[20:28] -=Martin – Capell=- are yuo going to do a project page on it?
[20:29] -=Exyator=- Any new cool videos coming soon?
[20:29] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Probably not. I made it while a way at a friend and didn’t have any camera.
[20:29] -=RCExplorer=- No worries though I’ll build a new one soon
[20:29] -=Fredrik=- absolutely,ill try to have some more ‘stick-time’ til then ๐Ÿ™‚ (just have to buy more propellers…)
[20:29] -=jrooth=- ping?
[20:29] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, Yes indeed. Should be out this week. ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:30] -=Exyator=- :lol::lol:
[20:30] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, They have a habit of not wanting to stay toghether ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:30] -=Fredrik=- ooh yes!
[20:30] -=Martin – Capell=- no worries, that would be cool if you did, right better go am getting dirty looks from the girl friend but this has been really good, keep up the good work and its cools your doing daily update!!
[20:30] -=Fredrik=- and always the ccw ones thats harder to get…
[20:31] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, I think this video is going to be pretty good actually. I have a good feeling about it ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:31] -=RCExplorer=- Fredrik, Why are you using ccw’s?
[20:31] -=RCExplorer=- Oh yeah it was a quad
[20:31] -=RCExplorer=- oh yeah it was a quad
[20:31] -=RCExplorer=- Oh yeah it was a quad
[20:31] -=RCExplorer=- ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:31] -=Fredrik=- on the quad, im running a + setup
[20:32] -=Fredrik=- thats right
[20:32] -=Exyator=- You should do a tricopter formation flight, That would be awesome!!
[20:32] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Thanks man ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:32] -=jrooth=- can anyone see what I am typing?
[20:32] -=RCExplorer=- Exyator, Tried it a little but I need a friend that’s good at tricoper flying ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:32] -=Exyator=- jrooth, yes
[20:32] -=RCExplorer=- jrooth, I can now ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:32] -=jrooth=- get timeout and quit
[20:33] -=jrooth=- has anyone tried Ardupilot?
[20:33] -=RCExplorer=- Just ignore the messages. It doesn’t really do anything ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:33] -=Martin – Capell=- oh before I go check out this video from a UK tricopter using your plateform.. cool vid with the fox
[20:33] -=Rickard=- the same for me, I can’t see my posts
[20:33] -=Rickard=- ahh, now it works!
[20:34] -=jrooth=- wonder how many RCexplorer tricopter replicas there are out there. I just finished mine. works great
[20:34] -=Martin – Capell=- not me btw but a cool video
[20:34] -=Martin – Capell=- 1000?
[20:34] -=Martin – Capell=- Plus
[20:35] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, That was awesome!
[20:35] -=Rickard=- I have made my own tri and used autocad to make drawings for lalser cutting ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:35] -=RCExplorer=- Rickard, Cool
[20:35] -=RCExplorer=- Martin – Capell, Nah sounds a little much
[20:36] -=RCExplorer=- 100 maybe?
[20:36] -=jrooth=- I just came back from the field flying with FPV with my Ardupilot. have a look at
[20:36] -=jrooth=- my video connector from the camera broke and I lost video at high altitude. switched to “return to launch” on my futaba and the aircraft was saved ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:37] -=RCExplorer=- jrooth, Cool ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:37] -=Rickard=- Nice ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:37] -=RCExplorer=- Do you like your arudpilot?
[20:37] -=jrooth=- YES!
[20:37] -=RCExplorer=- Nice
[20:37] -=RCExplorer=- Was it hard to setup?
[20:37] -=jrooth=- love the fly by wire feature. even my kids can fly it
[20:37] -=RCExplorer=- Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:38] -=jrooth=- yes and no. there are some bugs but when you find a version that works stick to it
[20:38] -=RCExplorer=- ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:38] -=RCExplorer=- Ok guys I need to go
[20:38] -=jrooth=- later
[20:38] -=RCExplorer=- Must get up in the morning ๐Ÿ˜‰
[20:38] -=jrooth=- how many people joined tonight?
[20:38] -=RCExplorer=- Thanks for stopping by everyone.
[20:39] -=Rickard=- Bye
[20:39] -=RCExplorer=- No idea? 30?
[20:39] -=jrooth=- cool.. ok thanks. see you
[20:39] -=RCExplorer=- Bye
[20:39] -=Dssaction=- what time it is out there?
[20:40] -=RCExplorer=- 22:40
[20:40] -=Dssaction=- loll oki
[20:40] -=Dssaction=- good night !
[20:40] -=RCExplorer=- have a good night
[20:40] -=Dssaction=- thanks for all info!
[20:40] -=RCExplorer=- You guys can stay here in the chat it will remain open for you
[20:40] -=RCExplorer=- Bye
[20:41] -=Dssaction=- take care!
[21:07] -=Dssaction=- u guys still there?

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