Chat log from 28/8 -11

Another great chat guys. I really enoy catching up with all of you from time to time and help out anyone in need.
Here is the chat log for everyone that couldn’t make it.
Will announce next chat ASAP

[12:51] -NOTICE- This channel is called ‘My room’
[13:00] -=RCExplorer=- Hi Guys
[13:00] -=rileygarbels=- hey!
[13:00] -=tomeparker=- Hey!
[13:00] -=bbmagic=- hi david
[13:00] -=RCExplorer=- Wazzzuupp!
[13:00] -=Pixelboy=- Hey
[13:00] -=tomeparker=- Hows it going?
[13:01] -=RCExplorer=- Great πŸ™‚
[13:01] -=bbmagic=- Loved your latest video!
[13:01] -=RCExplorer=- Working on the new antenna guide
[13:01] -=RCExplorer=- Should be out tonight
[13:01] -=RCExplorer=- Thanks man πŸ™‚
[13:01] -=tomeparker=- Sweeeet!!!
[13:01] -=Pixelboy=- The ship scene was great!
[13:01] -=tomeparker=- Have been after a fool proof antenna guide
[13:01] -=Plano=- Hi
[13:01] -=RCExplorer=- Thanks Pixelboy πŸ™‚
[13:02] -=rileygarbels=- i expect to have some ugly twisted soldered metal tangles tonight then
[13:02] -=RCExplorer=- Hi!
[13:02] -=tomeparker=- Hell yeh Pixelboy that shot was epic!
[13:02] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, Lol πŸ˜€
[13:02] -=bbmagic=- I didn’t think it was possible to get a tricopter up 2.5 km!
[13:02] -=RCExplorer=- It’s not that difficult. Apply throttle πŸ˜‰
[13:02] -=blagerst=- David, have you tested the FY-21AP, if not when? I have nounted in Twinstar just about to test it?
[13:02] -=tomeparker=- Was the video feed still solid up there?
[13:04] -=tomeparker=- Anyone there?
[13:04] -=blagerst=- the problem with tricopter is to get it down yes, mine starts wobbling a lot
[13:04] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, Not yet. I’m building a Twinstar to put it into my self. Should be out this autumn though
[13:04] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Yepp it was solid
[13:04] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, Keep some forward momentum and it’s much better
[13:04] -=Kjid=- hello
[13:04] -=RCExplorer=- Hi
[13:04] -=blagerst=- thanks
[13:05] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, Not yet. I should be done testing it this autumn though
[13:05] -=David=- hei, er det greid om jeg skriver norsk?
[13:05] -=Kjid=- first timer here, im just joining in hope to learn some things πŸ™‚
[13:05] -=RCExplorer=- David, Rather not, I would like everyone to understand
[13:05] -=rileygarbels=- Kjid, me too!
[13:05] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, You’re welcome πŸ™‚
[13:06] -=tomeparker=- Kjid its a good place to be
[13:06] -=RCExplorer=- I’m trying to move the chat times around a bit so that everyone gets a chance to join πŸ™‚
[13:06] -=bbmagic=- I saw some of the, I assume raw video, of your flight up to the Hollywood sign from your friend
[13:06] -=bbmagic=- that was a neat story behind it
[13:06] -=Kjid=- I saw the chatlog from last sunday and that was helpfull, so i bet this will be too
[13:06] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Ah cool You met Corey? πŸ˜€
[13:07] -=Yoken=- me too first time
[13:07] -=bbmagic=- No he had that video on you tube
[13:07] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, I didn’t expect anyone to read the whole chat log πŸ˜‰
[13:07] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Then welcome πŸ™‚
[13:07] -=rileygarbels=- I’m glad you posted it–was helpful for me too
[13:07] -=Kjid=- Well i didn’t read all of it but the intresting parts πŸ˜‰
[13:07] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Okej πŸ™‚
[13:07] -=blagerst=- David, have you any idea how to make FPV high altitude legal. I feel almost outfrozen from my club bringing this up.
[13:07] -=Plano=- I was thinking of building your miniquad. do you think it woud work by using 6mm Square Carbon Tube instaid of 3mm to make a more ridgid frame or will that make it to heavy?
[13:07] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, πŸ˜‰
[13:07] -=bbmagic=- I read the whole chat log and I was there! πŸ™‚
[13:07] -=FPVStockholm=- Hi you all:-)
[13:07] -=tomeparker=- I have heard that spektrum systems don’t like FPV systems, is that true?
[13:08] -=tomeparker=- Hahaha bbmagic
[13:08] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, Sorry, but I don’t :/ People don’t like FPV in general
[13:08] -=RCExplorer=- Plano, 6mm would be just fine πŸ™‚
[13:08] -=Plano=- ok πŸ™‚
[13:09] -=Kjid=- RCExplorer, I’ve mailed you about wires and connecters i would need for the tricopter project, have you seen it yet? Np if not
[13:09] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Hi!
[13:09] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, I read it but I didn’t have time to reply. You need battery connectors, 16 gauge wire and a 30cm servo extension wire
[13:09] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: This is a bit early for me, the last two chats has been 2000 in the evenings…
[13:09] -=FPVStockholm=- now I’m in the car on E4
[13:10] -=bbmagic=- FPV in the US is going to have to tone it down a bit. It is better to enjoy and not flaunt the laws so openly
[13:10] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Don’t chat and drive πŸ˜‰
[13:10] -=FPVStockholm=- my girlfriend is driving (from Sk?β€’ne to Stockholm) and I had to join this chat since I missed the last one;)
[13:10] -=FPVStockholm=- haha! I wont;)
[13:10] -=Pixelboy=- lol @ FPVSockholm
[13:10] -=blagerst=- David, heard its possible to change lens in GoPro, is it problem to do that?
[13:11] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Great to see you πŸ˜€ Did you fly in Sk?β€’ne?
[13:11] -=tomeparker=- That is dedication FPVStockholm
[13:11] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, Nope it’s @@@@@@@@@@@@@e easy
[13:11] -=Yoken=- David, how can you fly your Tricopter on top of the cloud without worry about the wind?
[13:11] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, 6 screws and then unscrew the lens πŸ™‚
[13:11] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: No unfortunately I didn’t have the time to… and I need to do some mods on my tricopter before I can fly again:)
[13:12] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, It was a pretty calm day
[13:12] -=tomeparker=- I have heard that spektrum systems don’t like FPV systems, is that true?
[13:12] -=Kjid=- Thanks for the info about wires!
[13:12] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Oh really πŸ™‚ What mods?
[13:12] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Jep, true, Their RC system is hoplessly bad
[13:13] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, No problem πŸ™‚
[13:13] -=Kjid=- I dont need any special cables to connect the reciever with other parts?
[13:13] -=FPVStockholm=- tomeparker: yes it is;)
[13:13] -=Crazyinventor55=- hello
[13:13] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, The new one is better but still not optimum
[13:13] -=Bilow=- Hello everybody !
[13:13] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Hi!
[13:13] -=tomeparker=- I’ve been looking at the Hitec Aurora which I believe you use. Is it a good investment?
[13:13] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Hi!
[13:13] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, It’s awesome. I love mine
[13:13] -=Bilow=- Do you remember me ? :p
[13:13] -=Crazyinventor55=- hay i love the new video david
[13:13] -=RCExplorer=- Great programming and the range is awesome
[13:13] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I need to fix the servo.. as it is now it can move around a few millimeters and that’s of course not ok
[13:14] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Thanks man πŸ™‚
[13:14] -=David Normann=- Which type is best to create an a flying wing, XPS or EPS? S80 S15 S200?
[13:14] -=tomeparker=- Sweet, I fancy selling my dx7 then… anyone interested lol?
[13:14] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Oh πŸ™‚ I’m working on the Tricopter V2.5 coming soon πŸ˜‰
[13:14] -=manju=- hi
[13:15] -=rileygarbels=- RCExplorer, I’m curious about how you manage your batteries–what voltage do you use as your “land now”?
[13:15] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, Depends on what you wan’t to do. XPS is better at taking hits’ EPS is nice and stiff
[13:15] -=manju=- i want to now where ara can buy tricopter
[13:15] -=RCExplorer=- manju, Hi!
[13:15] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer: do you use any range extender for your radio system
[13:15] -=rileygarbels=- also that’s bad news–I just finished buying everything for the Tricopter V2.0.
[13:15] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Haha, what’s new with v2.5? could you give us some hints?;)
[13:15] -=Kjid=- Oh wow, should i still build the V2.0 meanwhile? Or are there gonna be allot changes?
[13:15] -=tomeparker=- How different will 2.5 be?
[13:15] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, On my Turnigy 20C batteries I go home at 10.8V
[13:15] -=manju=- plz help me
[13:15] -=bbmagic=- No keep working on the tricopter design!!
[13:16] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Nope
[13:16] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: what osd do you use on your tricopter?
[13:16] -=manju=- where are i can find KK-Quad setup
[13:16] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer; How far is your range
[13:16] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, Don’t worry It’s only a copple of small changes πŸ˜‰ A sort of alternative build πŸ˜‰
[13:16] -=Kjid=- i think thats all you need, manju
[13:16] -=manju=- help
[13:16] -=El_AMPo=- hi everyone
[13:17] -=Bilow=- RCExplorer, Do you still need the “Turnigy 5A SBEC for Lipo” with the KK board, Futaba receiver and Turnigy 18AMP ESC ?
[13:17] -=manju=- thank you
[13:17] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, More or less the same but new motors, new tilt mechanism and a little small stuff
[13:17] -=Pixelboy=- David I noticed on your tri v2, you have your esc’s close to the motor, is this because of lag?
[13:17] -=rileygarbels=- RCExplorer, haha, thanks
[13:17] -=rileygarbels=-
[13:17] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer; When will the polarized antenna tutorial be out I cant wait for it
[13:17] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, No OSD. I use the auroras telemetry funcion for voltage
[13:17] -=blagerst=- when is next FPV meeting in Sweden and where ?
[13:17] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, about 3km
[13:18] -=RCExplorer=- manju, is good πŸ™‚
[13:18] -=manju=- yeah
[13:18] -=manju=- i want that citcite
[13:18] -=RCExplorer=- Pixelboy, Nope it was because I didn’t have much cable when I built it πŸ˜€
[13:18] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Tonight πŸ˜‰
[13:19] -=RCExplorer=- blagerst, No idea if there is one planned?
[13:19] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you ever plan to use the black bourd with the nav board
[13:19] -=RCExplorer=- manju, is nice too
[13:19] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Plan one for us plx;)
[13:19] -=Kjid=- RCExplorer, i’m not sure if everything is going to work out for me with RC, thats why i plan on using a cheaper Tx & Rx for the start, do you think this one will suit the needs for your tri?
[13:19] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Nope, not as it is now. I have a DJI system on the way to try out first πŸ˜€
[13:20] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer have you tried yet the KK 1.6 firmware? its more stable but needs a lot of trim someone noticed this?
[13:20] -=Bilow=- RCExplorer, Do you still need the “Turnigy 5A SBEC for Lipo” for Jump starting your Tricopter V2 with KK board ?
[13:20] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, I’m thinking of it πŸ˜‰
[13:20] -=FPVStockholm=- Good!:)
[13:20] -=David Normann=- Is it difficult to fly a flying wing without electronic stability device? wingspan of about 180cm.
[13:20] -=El_AMPo=- Bilow: KK borad dont need jump start
[13:20] -=Bilow=- Thanks
[13:20] -=manju=- plz tell me where am i buy that cuicite
[13:20] -=FPVStockholm=- I feel like a moron when I get out 0500 in the mornings with my rc plane… so it would be quite nice to meet some other morons;)
[13:21] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, That TX would work but I recommend getting the Turnigy 9X instead. Not that much more money and a lot better programming capabilities
[13:21] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, in the flying high video, how high did you go and did the clouds interfere with the 1.3ghz
[13:21] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Yes I’m using 1.6 and it’s awesome! I didn’t need more trim though?
[13:21] -=blagerst=- FPVStockholm, where do you fly ?
[13:22] -=tomeparker=- I want to get a 1.3Ghz system, looks like that isnt a good idea in the UK
[13:22] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, Nope, not at all. Wings are really nice and stable
[13:22] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, You’re not alone πŸ˜€
[13:22] -=Kjid=- Thanks, the Turnigy 9x isnt that much more indeed!
[13:22] -=Bilow=- I am going to buy two Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Packs. Do you still recommend this battery ?
[13:22] -=rileygarbels=- RCExplorer, one more question–I’m jealous of and trying to copy your ground station
[13:23] -=rileygarbels=- any thought of making a similar DIY guide/writeup on it?
[13:23] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Don’t know about 1.3 and the UK. I think it’s an open amature band but not sure
[13:23] -=tomeparker=- rileygarbels I totally agree
[13:23] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, Good idea
[13:23] -=FPVStockholm=- blagerst: I live in Haninge (20 km south of Stockholm) so that’s the place where I’m flying. I do fly quite a lot in Sk?β€’ne too on my father-in-laws farm
[13:23] -=FPVStockholm=- πŸ™‚
[13:24] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, That will be an upcoming guide after the antenna guides
[13:24] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I know that I’m not alone, but where are the rest of you when I need you?;)
[13:24] -=tomeparker=- Seems like 5ghz gets blocked by buildings too easy
[13:24] -=rileygarbels=- awesome! I didn’t mean to cause you a bunch of work πŸ™‚
[13:24] -=tomeparker=- Just go guide crazy I think, i cant get enough of them
[13:25] -=tomeparker=- That is if you have the time obvs
[13:25] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, In bed? πŸ˜€ Were scattered all over the place. Hjo is so far from stockholm otherwice we could have flown every day πŸ˜‰
[13:25] -=blagerst=- thanks, myself mostly at Tullinge and from some hills south of Sthlm
[13:25] -=rileygarbels=- mostly….yours is the best I’ve seen. Portable, simple, and wicked capable
[13:25] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you know what make magazine is?
[13:25] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, It does but it works pretty well line of sight
[13:25] -=El_AMPo=- needed about 40 points of subtrim so it doesnt tilt, but works amazing after that, maybe is the new centerpint in 1,50ms not 1,52ms (futaba)
[13:25] -=Bilow=- What’s the difference between the Turnigy 18amp ESC and the 25amp one ?
[13:25] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, I need ideas πŸ™‚ I just want everyone to have a great FPV experience
[13:26] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: haha, the mornings with no winds are the bestest, you shouldn’t be in bed in that time;)
[13:26] -=tomeparker=- Yeh RCExplorer, Make magazine would totally publish you
[13:26] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Yes I’ve heard about it?
[13:26] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Yes it’s 1.5ms but 40 clicks of trim isn’t that bad πŸ™‚
[13:26] -=Pixelboy=- RCExplorer, in your latest video, the boat scene was your best work yet, were you onboard the boat?
[13:26] -=Yoken=- Kiplay is the superstar of Make magazine
[13:27] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, One handles more amps πŸ™‚ It has more fets, that’s all
[13:27] -=FPVStockholm=- Pixelboy: I totally agree! The boat scene is just amazing
[13:27] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, at 5:00 it’s dark πŸ˜€
[13:27] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, well I can mention you for the upcoming episodes of the magazine. I know a lot of people at Make
[13:27] -=Kjid=- About the 16 AWG wire, do i need multiple collors, or do they all have the same specifications?
[13:27] -=El_AMPo=- Nah, i can live with it but it was an odd change from 1.5 to 1.6 firmaware
[13:27] -=RCExplorer=- Pixelboy, Nope I was one the shore about 1 km away
[13:28] -=Bilow=- RCExplorer :Excuse-me I’m French.. What’s “fets” ?
[13:28] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: It might be dark now… I got your point…;)
[13:28] -=Yoken=- did you worry it would lost your tricoper during the boat scene
[13:28] -=Pixelboy=- @ RCExplorer, haha thats crazy
[13:28] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool πŸ˜€ That would be awesome! πŸ˜€
[13:28] -=FPVStockholm=- blagerst: Great fun to hear that you fly quite near where I fly:)
[13:28] -=Crazyinventor55=- Bilow, mosfets
[13:28] -=Hermon=- Hello everyone
[13:29] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, It’s the same. Same color is ok
[13:29] -=Kjid=- thanks
[13:29] -=Hermon=- Have a question
[13:29] -=David Normann=- I will send you an email with a setup that I’m going to try. I have to get in the air again after a nasty paragliding accident. broke both ankles and a vertebra in May, and is still in a wheelchair but I will walk again.
[13:29] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Field effect transistors. They pump the current so to speak
[13:29] -=RCExplorer=- Hermon, Hi!
[13:29] -=RCExplorer=- Hermon, Fire!
[13:29] -=Yoken=- did you worry it would lost your tricoper during the boat scene
[13:29] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer how many shafts have you bend so far? Fixed motor mount recude vibrations but is really easy to bend a shaft if you crash, specially with APS props
[13:30] -=El_AMPo=- APC
[13:30] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, Ooo sorry to hear it my friend
[13:30] -=FPVStockholm=- David Normann: Sorry to hear that, hope you get OK soon!
[13:30] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, Shoot me an email and I’ll help ypu out
[13:30] -=El_AMPo=- Any solution?
[13:30] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, I am building a tricopter with all the parts you us but the body and motor mounts are going to be 3D printed
[13:30] -=Yoken=- David, did you worry it would lost your tricoper during the boat scene
[13:30] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, none so far actually πŸ™‚
[13:30] -=Hotproceed=- Hi! I have a question.How do I have a practice to make a good fly tricopter
[13:31] -=tomeparker=- David did you get my email yet? I appreciate you are a busy man
[13:31] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool! What 3D printer are you using?
[13:31] -=Bilow=- Should I buy the 18amp or the 25amp ESC’s for a Tricopter V2 ?
[13:31] -=FPVStockholm=- Yoken: What about the previous scene with the metal eating monster?;)
[13:31] -=tomeparker=- Makerbot???
[13:31] -=rileygarbels=- Bilow, if you buy the 25s, you’re not alone–HK was out of stock on the 18s when I placed my order
[13:31] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, the Makerbot, I got one for christmas
[13:31] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, I cut down my axels so that the collets rests against the bell
[13:32] -=tomeparker=- crazyinventor55, im very jealous
[13:32] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, 18 is plenty
[13:32] -=RCExplorer=- Hotproceed, Best thing is just to do it. Try and hover in place. Fly helicopters in the sim. Sticktime is the most important part
[13:32] -=Yoken=- David, do you think you will need to use a 2 or 3 axis camera mount
[13:33] -=Crazyinventor55=- [b]tomeparker[/b], well they aren’t that expensive
[13:33] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer: I’d sent you some yaw templates just made out of FG and some bearings good alternative to the trex spare
[13:33] -=Kjid=- RCExplorer, by battery connectors, do you mean ‘Deans’ or ‘XT60’ connectors?
[13:33] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Awesome! Who gave you a 3D printer for chistmas?
[13:33] -=Hermon=- thank you a lot for your effort! … I built the same tricopter as you have …
[13:33] -=tomeparker=- THey are if you are a student πŸ˜€
[13:33] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, my parents I am only 15 years old
[13:33] -=Hermon=- but it crashed in my second flight …
[13:33] -=Bilow=- So It doesn’t make a difference if I buy the 18 or the 25 ? I’ll buy the same setup as you, so I will buy the 18amp. Is it OK ?
[13:34] -=tomeparker=- you have awesome parents
[13:34] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Oh yeah I saw that. Really nice design!
[13:34] -=Bob=- How much does a 3d printer cost?
[13:34] -=Crazyinventor55=- tomeparker, ya i do
[13:34] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, I use XT60. Like them a lot
[13:34] -=Kjid=- Ok πŸ™‚
[13:34] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool parents πŸ˜€
[13:34] -=Hermon=- seemed like yaw gyro polarization changed in my first flight so it made a flat spin which scared me but than same thing happened with the pitch gyro probably so it crashed …
[13:34] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, thanks
[13:35] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, yeah Go with 18A Both work just fine, the 25 just weight more
[13:35] -=El_AMPo=- You can publish it if you want or use it as a base.. its a gift to everyone .. im still lazy to post it in a forum thread πŸ˜†
[13:35] -=Yoken=- do you use any video software editing for the stablize?
[13:35] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, I can sent you samples if you want, when I get all the parts in from hobby king I can show you pictures
[13:35] -=tomeparker=- What is the setup procedure like with the new 1.6 KK firmware. Do you still try to get the wobble with the pitch/roll gain…. but what does the middle pot do now?
[13:35] -=Hotproceed=- RCExporerΓ”ΒΊΓ»β€žΓ„Γ„ My tricopter line forward everytime…why??
[13:35] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Hehe Maybe I will πŸ™‚
[13:36] -=Kjid=- So, just for confirmation; i now have 16 AWG wire, enough XT60 connectors and a 30cm servo extention wire (22AWG). Would that be enough for all the wiring on the tricopter v2.0?
[13:36] -=FPVStockholm=- by the way. I bought the FY21AP a week ago for my Skywalker. But I miss one channel on my transmitter (Futaba 7C) since I wanna use headtracking as well
[13:36] -=Bob=- RCexplorer, how do you edit the 3d videos?
[13:36] -=FPVStockholm=- Now I’ll change it to a FY20
[13:36] -=FPVStockholm=- does anyone wanna buy a fy20?:)
[13:36] -=FPVStockholm=- oopps
[13:36] -=El_AMPo=- Hermon: happened to me that gyros reverse if there are lots of shorts when you hook up your battery (something about nise being detected as 0 pot travel). always check your gyro directions
[13:36] -=FPVStockholm=- FY21AP I meant…
[13:36] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Sometimes, Only on certain clips and only a very small ammount when I do. It degrades the quality so much and doesn’t look good enough for me πŸ™‚
[13:37] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Sometimes on certain clips. It degrades the video quality so much so I don’t use it if I don’t have to.
[13:37] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I would like that πŸ™‚
[13:37] -=Hermon=- it flied great but than it happened … did not expected it at all …
[13:38] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I’m closing in. Now we are in J??nk??ping;)
[13:38] -=Yoken=- David, what about 2 or 3 aixs camera mount, is it necessary??
[13:38] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, Do you want my email?
[13:38] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Sure
[13:38] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, [email protected]
[13:39] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Yes it’s nearly the same. Make it shake and then reduce P and then icrease I (middle pot) till it fells nice πŸ™‚
[13:39] -=Bilow=- I am going to buy a KKboard and this programmer : ;;; Are they OK ?
[13:39] -=RCExplorer=- Hotproceed, Is your CG correct? Tried trimming it?
[13:39] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, oh ya and here is my blog
[13:40] -=David Normann=- Is there comming anything more about the CP antennas soon? Helical, clover leaf, etc.
[13:40] -=RCExplorer=- Bob, Side by side in final cut pro
[13:40] -=El_AMPo=- I’ve read a good tip to use subtrims instead of regular trim for the first leveling
[13:40] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, That’s not that far from me, What side of v?Β§ttern are you taking?
[13:41] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Thanks πŸ™‚
[13:41] -=tomeparker=- Nice website crazyinventor55
[13:41] -=El_AMPo=- then you trim for small drifts, KKboard doesnt care about the off center value
[13:41] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: I added your blog as a bookmark too:) I’ll have a closer look when I get home:)
[13:41] -=Crazyinventor55=- tomeparker, thanks
[13:41] -=Yoken=- David, what about 2 or 3 axis camera mount, do you think is it necessary?
[13:41] -=FPVStockholm=- RCexplorer: We’re taking the wrong side;)
[13:41] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, thanks a bunch
[13:41] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, That programmer should do the work just fine
[13:41] -=Bob=- RCExplorer, thanks but where do I get final cut pro?
[13:41] -=Plano=- Have you tryed to use different gyros on your kk board like the wii motion plus?
[13:42] -=tomeparker=- I have had problems with the pololu avr as a heads up
[13:42] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, Cloverleaf coming tonight
[13:42] -=FPVStockholm=- can anyone figure out what my webpage is?;)
[13:42] -=Kjid=- So, just for confirmation; i now have 16 AWG wire, enough XT60 connectors and a 30cm servo extention wire (22AWG). Would that be enough for all the wiring on the tricopter v2.0? Sorry for the repeat, but i really want to have all items in the same shipment from Hobbyking due to the expensive delivery
[13:42] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you use final cut pro
[13:42] -=El_AMPo=- RCExploer: CP tutorial… thats nice!
[13:42] -=Hotproceed=- RCExplorer, I made a same one as you. CG place really forward. Do I need a weight at back?
[13:42] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Doesn’t really matter πŸ™‚ Sub or normal it does the same
[13:42] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I hope to drive on the right side of V?Β§ttern some day:)
[13:42] -=tomeparker=- sounds good kjid, i would start building it… its very difficult to get everything you need i found
[13:43] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool page!
[13:43] -=Hermon=- David do you have experience with gyro polarization switch in the midair?
[13:43] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer: Yup but if you need 40 points of trim at start then you’re out of it
[13:43] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Depends on what you’re trying to ashive
[13:43] -=Kjid=- Thanks tomeparker
[13:43] -=El_AMPo=- thats why i was mentioning it
[13:43] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, thanks its not nearly done though
[13:43] -=Bilow=- Someone said me that the memory of the KK board (with Atmega48) may be later too little for the file to load !! Do you still recommend that KK board ?
[13:43] -=Hermon=- any suggestions? … or is it just my problem?
[13:44] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I really like your new quadro. Is it more difficult to setup than the tricopter?:)
[13:44] -=rileygarbels=- Kjid, I’ve read also you need a bunch of these
[13:44] -=RCExplorer=- Plano, Tried the WII sensors but didn’t like them. To vibration sensitive
[13:44] -=Yoken=- do you think you will giveup KK and go for DJI?
[13:44] -=El_AMPo=- Kjid: Ask for some spare motors, props and prop adapters. They are the ones that get the hit hard
[13:45] -=Plano=- okej i see
[13:45] -=FPVStockholm=- wow. now my wife is driving fast:P
[13:45] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, Yep, sounds right to me πŸ™‚
[13:45] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Yes I use Final cut Pro
[13:45] -=Kjid=- Thanks rileygarbeld and El_Ampo
[13:45] -=FPVStockholm=- but, as long as I wont get sick it’s ok;)
[13:45] -=tomeparker=- riley is correct, get lots of them
[13:45] -=RCExplorer=- Hotproceed, It should be right where the three arms meet.
[13:46] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, Awesome i use imovie and it works great to
[13:46] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, The left side is the good one πŸ˜‰ I live there
[13:46] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: I use Imovie too and I really like it!
[13:46] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I’ve heard so too;) but I’ve never been there
[13:46] -=El_AMPo=- Also as a tip to everyone, check your motors for loos parts in the coiling. I crashed because of a sloppy winding in one of my motors
[13:47] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, do you have a youtube page?
[13:47] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, The atmega 48 is full now so there won’t be any more fetures to the code with that processor.
[13:47] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Nope it’s just the same πŸ˜€
[13:47] -=Bilow=- Ok thanks
[13:47] -=Pixelboy=- RCExplorer, what is the motor to motor distance on your v2 tri?
[13:47] -=RCExplorer=- Hermon, Nope never
[13:47] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, are you going to do a review of the new fatsharks?
[13:47] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: I have my own webpage
[13:48] -=Hotproceed=- RCExplorer, It is same distance from CG to each mortars?
[13:48] -=Kjid=- I was going to place the order tonight, but your announcement of v2.5 to be here soon made me unsure πŸ™
[13:48] -=FPVStockholm=- but I do use vimeo and youtube for my videos
[13:48] -=tomeparker=- ive seen you can replace the atmega48 on the hobbyking board easily for a larger one with more memory
[13:48] -=RCExplorer=- Pixelboy, Can’t remember. It’s 45cm in radius
[13:49] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, I don’t think so πŸ˜‰
[13:49] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, Love your site
[13:49] -=Yoken=- David can 9×5 props lift up the 1100g tricopter with 3x750KV and 3x 18A ESC motor?
[13:49] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, If I get hold of a pair sure πŸ™‚
[13:49] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Thanks a lot:)
[13:49] -=FPVStockholm=- that made my day!
[13:49] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, where do you get the music for your videos
[13:49] -=RCExplorer=- Hotproceed, yes
[13:49] -=El_AMPo=- Yoken: they will but you’re gonna be at the top of yout throttle
[13:49] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55,
[13:49] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: where do you live?
[13:50] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, What kind of props?
[13:50] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, usa, florida
[13:50] -=Hotproceed=- RCExplorer, Thanks a lot!!:)
[13:50] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Sounds like a little to low kv for 9 inch props. Go with 10*4.7
[13:50] -=Bob=- RCExplorer, do you think these props would be good for a quadcopter? I use the same prop savers as you with the tricopter.
[13:50] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: That sounds nice:)
[13:51] -=Hotproceed=- RCExplorer, I made this one.
[13:51] -=El_AMPo=- Yeah, whats with all the nintendo remix music.. πŸ˜†
[13:51] -=RCExplorer=- Bob, They need a lot of balancing and don’t like high loads but otherwice they work great
[13:51] -=FPVStockholm=- It’s great fun to find other FPV’ers all over the world:)
[13:51] -=Yoken=- the is the props I ordered
[13:51] -=Bob=- RCExplorer, thanks!
[13:51] -=RCExplorer=- Hotproceed, Good job. Looks awesome
[13:52] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, It’s awesome πŸ˜€ and free πŸ˜‰
[13:52] -=El_AMPo=- HAHAHA…
[13:52] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, if only i could have known when david was in the everglades i could have met him
[13:52] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Do you know the swedish band SMK (Slagsm?β€’lsklubben)?:)
[13:53] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: There are a whole bunch of us who wanna meet him some day:)
[13:53] -=RCExplorer=- Sorry if I miss some of you’re questions guys πŸ™‚ It’s hard to keep up sometimes, just ask again if I missed something
[13:53] -=FPVStockholm=- but I do see your point;)
[13:53] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, I do πŸ˜‰ They are awesome
[13:53] -=Yoken=- I also ordered 10X6 Propellers, any different than 10*4.7?
[13:53] -=Bob=- David Normann @@@@@@@@@@@@@ (timeout)
[13:53] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, 10*6 would probably work better for you
[13:54] -=FPVStockholm=- RCexplorer: Yes I think so too;)
[13:54] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do clouds cause interference with the 1.3ghz system
[13:54] -=tomeparker=- I know you are a busy guy, but did you catch my email about my KK board issue?
[13:54] -=RCExplorer=- I think I caught up now πŸ˜€
[13:54] -=Bilow=- RCExplorer: Following your tips, I am going to buy a KK board, a programmer ((( ; Is it ok ?))), turnigy 18amp speed controllers and the same setup as your tricopter. Is there anything more I need to boy or to know ?
[13:54] -=El_AMPo=- Yoken: that should work, im running on 10×4.7 APC for 1,2kg and hover about midstick
[13:54] -=El_AMPo=- (a little higher actually)
[13:55] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Thick clouds do with all radio waves. It worked pretty well though
[13:55] -=David Normann=- This is a nice site to create your own wings.
[13:55] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: But was that thanks to your cloverleaf antenna?:)
[13:55] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, You need batteryconnecors, wires and such but I think you know about that?
[13:56] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how do you want me to contact you for the sample 3d parts, if you still want them?
[13:56] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, Cool πŸ™‚ I just use Zagi10 for mine
[13:57] -=David Normann=- Cant
[13:57] -=Yoken=- David, may I know what time you will leave the chatroom?
[13:57] -=Kjid=- RCExplorer, is v2.5 going to be an adjusted v2.0 or will it be all new?
[13:57] -=Bilow=- I assume I can find the Usb connector for the programmer in every computer shop, and the other connectors (receiver, servo, ..) I assume I can find it in an aeromodelling shop or I can make it myself ?
[13:57] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I would love to see some pics of your parts when you’re done with them πŸ™‚ Don’t know If i really need any at this moment though. Thanks
[13:57] -=David Normann=- Can’t find it πŸ™
[13:57] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, 30-60 minutes probably
[13:57] -=Yoken=- good
[13:57] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, Adjusted 2.0
[13:58] -=Kjid=- ok, ill just go ahead and make the 2.0 then πŸ™‚
[13:58] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Yeah, it’s nothing special. Every shop should have em
[13:58] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: and you still remember that I can route things for you;)
[13:58] -=FPVStockholm=- you help us with so much so all of us wanna give something back to you:)
[13:58] -=El_AMPo=- Routing is cheating!
[13:58] -=rileygarbels=- RCExplorer, I have to run–thanks for the patience and knowledge
[13:58] -=El_AMPo=- πŸ˜‰
[13:58] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Indeed I do πŸ™‚ I’m thinking of getting DevCad so that I can designs some stuff
[13:59] -=rileygarbels=- your videos and website got me back into RC
[13:59] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, Thanks for stopping by!
[13:59] -=FPVStockholm=- El_AMPo: no it’s not!!!!:P
[13:59] -=Bilow=- Ok thanks ! Is this programmer ( ) good ?
[13:59] -=Crazyinventor55=- rileygarbels, bye
[13:59] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, It’s also awesome
[13:59] -=rileygarbels=- bye!
[13:59] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, yes it should work just fine
[13:59] -=RCExplorer=- rileygarbels, Thanks man πŸ™‚
[14:00] -=FPVStockholm=- RCexplorer: That sounds perfect:) We’ll have to stay in touch then:)
[14:00] -=Kjid=- Bilow, last chat session Arch001 gave this link: that explains how to reflash the KK board in great detail
[14:00] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, what time is it in sweden right now?
[14:00] -=RCExplorer=- 16:00
[14:01] -=Bilow=- Ok πŸ™‚ So I am going to buy i. But some of the things I will buy aren’t in stock… Except that I will have to wait more than one month, is there any problem I will have with that ?
[14:01] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Did you live in Florida?
[14:01] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, wow I got on the chat at 9:00
[14:01] -=Bilow=- (stock of Hobbyking)
[14:01] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, yep
[14:01] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, You were up early πŸ˜€
[14:01] -=Pixelboy=- Midnight here in Australia,RCExplorer, my tri build is shaping up to be over 1kg, is this to heavy
[14:02] -=tomeparker=- that is risky bilow
[14:02] -=Kjid=- Bilow, some items are on Backorder, in their product page it shows in what time the new stock is coming. If you just order all items at once it will be send when they recieve the new stock πŸ™‚
[14:02] -=FPVStockholm=- crazyinventor55: me, rcexplorer and the rest of us swedes is almost done with this day now;)
[14:02] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, I would recommend not ordering the things that’s on backorder and order them seperatly later on when they are in stock
[14:02] -=Yoken=- David, I am thinking to use carbon tube 10x10x8 (square) for your V2 Tricopter, is it good idea?
[14:02] -=FPVStockholm=- pixelboy: where in australia do you live?:)
[14:02] -=tomeparker=- I waited had to cancel my backorder items, they didnt come back in stock for 3 months
[14:02] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, well I barley made it I wasn’t going to check the chat until like 12:00
[14:02] -=RCExplorer=- Pixelboy, 1kg with battery, but without camera?
[14:03] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, I just woke up
[14:03] -=David Normann=- I’ve cut out a wing in S150 ESP using this profil:
[14:03] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Haha:)
[14:03] -=Pixelboy=- FPVStockholm I live in Queensland, RCExplorer with battery and cam
[14:03] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Yeah that will work just fine
[14:04] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, πŸ™‚
[14:04] -=FPVStockholm=- ok
[14:04] -=David Normann=- Do you think it wil work?
[14:04] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, when did you learn to speck english
[14:04] -=El_AMPo=- Bilow: i bought a USBASP programer for cheap.. wait and i’ll send you the link
[14:04] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, That sounds nice. Looks like a good airfoil
[14:05] -=Yoken=- what about square carbon tube compare to wood, how much weight can be reduced?
[14:05] -=RCExplorer=- Pixelboy, 1kg with cam is pretty good πŸ™‚
[14:05] -=Kjid=- Does anyone happen to know the following; If your country requires you to pay Tax for shipping in items from hobbyking, do you need to do anything extra, or will the extra cost just be charged automaticly with your package?
[14:05] -=Bilow=- Ok
[14:05] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: I hope you’re not making fun of me now;) I’m not so good at it but I’m learning every day;)
[14:05] -=Bilow=- Thanks
[14:05] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, I’m possetive. add some carbon or wood re-enforcing and it’s going to be awesome
[14:05] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, im not making fun of you I think it is cool
[14:06] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, They weight about the same, if it’s the hobbyking ones.
[14:06] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: I was just kidding with you;) I started to learn english in school when I was about 7-8 years old
[14:06] -=Bilow=- So I will buy the things that are in stock, and wait for the another things (battery and turnigy 18amp esc). How long have I to wait, for -the things that are in stock and for -the things that aren’t in stock ?
[14:06] -=Yoken=- no, but I think the same
[14:07] -=RCExplorer=- Kjid, You’ll pay the tax when you pick up the package if there is any
[14:07] -=Kjid=- ok
[14:07] -=El_AMPo=- The ebay seller is gone for good, sorry. But just search for a USBASP programmer or go for the one Ladyada makes they both work really nice
[14:07] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, I started to learn spanish when I was in school and it never caught on
[14:08] -=FPVStockholm=- RCexplorer: I’ve seen that you’re not using a case for your kkboard. Will the hot glue give enough protection?:)
[14:08] -=Bob=- RCExplorer, where could I buy some apc 10×4.7 counter rotating props?
[14:08] -=David Normann=- Its a fast profil, but with a smal wingload I think it’ll be good.
[14:08] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Batteries and ESC’s usally comes back in stock pretty often. Usally doesn’t take more than 2 weeks. Put them on your wishlist and you’ll get an e-mail when they get back in stock
[14:08] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: I also read spanish for a couple of years (when I was 13 years)
[14:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, what size props do you use now
[14:09] -=FPVStockholm=- but english is a better language;)
[14:09] -=Bilow=- Ok. If it’s only 2 weeks, I’ll wait to buy it the same day (esc, battery and all the rest)
[14:09] -=Pixelboy=- Anyone seen this guys tri build yet
[14:09] -=Yoken=- anybody here live near NYC? is the Hurricane affected badly, because I ordered something from HobbyKing to my NYC friend
[14:09] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, So far I haven’t damaged it πŸ™‚ The camera is higher up than the board so it’s pretty well protected
[14:09] -=Bilow=- Thank everyone very much !!
[14:09] -=El_AMPo=- Simple language, pero no mejor que el espa?Β±ol
[14:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, agreed1
[14:09] -=Bilow=- Awesome idea for a live tchat πŸ™‚
[14:09] -=Bilow=- Goodbye !
[14:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- Bilow, bye!
[14:09] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer: have you tried to mod the lens in the gopro?
[14:09] -=RCExplorer=- Bob, Search for APC Slow fly pusher and you’ll find a lot of places
[14:10] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: That sounds good:) Have you seen my solution?
[14:10] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, 9*4.7 but moving back to 10*4.7
[14:10] -=Yoken=- Tcopter is better than Tricopter when doing FPV?
[14:10] -=Crazyinventor55=- Yoken, why
[14:10] -=FPVStockholm=- it’s sort of a tupperware solution;)
[14:10] -=RCExplorer=- Bilow, Bye!
[14:11] -=David Normann=- I think that the wing I’ve designed can have ha in flight weigth of 3500 gram
[14:11] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Nice one πŸ˜€
[14:11] -=El_AMPo=- It’s like a tupper-hardhat, nice
[14:11] -=Bob=- RCExplorer, ok thanks! I just built my self a quadcopter with the parts you recomended for the tricopter and so far it’s not bad I just need props
[14:11] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, It’s the same
[14:11] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I couldn’t find a better way to protect the board:)
[14:11] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how long were you filming at flitetest?
[14:11] -=tomeparker=- Bye Guys!
[14:11] -=Kjid=- bye tome
[14:12] -=Crazyinventor55=- tomeparker, bye!
[14:12] -=RCExplorer=- David Normann, I think that’s going to be pretty good for a 1.8m wing
[14:12] -=tomeparker=- Thanks for your time David
[14:12] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Hey as long as it works πŸ˜€
[14:12] -=FPVStockholm=- Tomeparker: Bye!:)
[14:12] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Are you leaving?
[14:12] -=FPVStockholm=- haha, that’s true:)
[14:12] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Thanks for stopping by
[14:12] -=tomeparker=- Yeh ive got some jobs to do, bye
[14:12] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, about 2 months
[14:13] -=RCExplorer=- tomeparker, Have a nice day πŸ™‚
[14:13] -=El_AMPo=- In my experience is better for everything just to snap out in a crash. Is the only way of minimizing losses
[14:13] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, thats a long time
[14:14] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: When do you think you’ll publish the antenna guide?:)
[14:14] -=Yoken=- yes, I want to know too
[14:14] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Tonight πŸ™‚ Before 21:00 at least probably earlier
[14:14] -=FPVStockholm=- Wohoo:D
[14:15] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer: You where on vacation to the States? because it was like 3 months
[14:15] -=Crazyinventor55=- does anyone know what FIRST robotics is?
[14:15] -=FPVStockholm=- I’m waiting! I was just about making an order of some cloverleaf antennas:)
[14:15] -=Pixelboy=- Got to go all, thx for the chat, will keep a lookout for the next one
[14:15] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Yeah it was kind of like a vacation πŸ™‚ Yeah It was nearly 3 months
[14:15] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, you and me both
[14:16] -=RCExplorer=- Pixelboy, Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day
[14:16] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Awesome:)
[14:16] -=El_AMPo=- No problems back home being that long away?
[14:16] -=FPVStockholm=- crazyinventor55: what rc-models do you use for fpv?:)
[14:16] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Good things comes to those who wait πŸ˜‰
[14:16] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Nope, Skype is great πŸ˜‰
[14:16] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: That’s for sure;)
[14:16] -=El_AMPo=- nice
[14:17] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, right now nothing because my tricopter broke after it crashed and unfortunately I don’t have a fpv system
[14:17] -=El_AMPo=- you need to take her to a good dinner or a spa πŸ˜‰
[14:18] -=RCExplorer=- Already done πŸ˜‰
[14:18] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Sorry to hear that, hope you’ll get it fixed soon!
[14:18] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Is your tricopter the same as Davids?:)
[14:19] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, ya as soon as hobbyking sends the parts
[14:19] -=RCExplorer=- I did some efficency testing with a DT750 motor and a 10*4.7 prop. 8.02g/W at 400grams of thrust is pretty good πŸ™‚
[14:19] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer: are you planning in giving some tips to tune the CP antennas on the guide?
[14:19] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: What’s broken?
[14:19] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, my fist one wasnt but the second one is
[14:19] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Depends on the antenna. Some are really hard to trim
[14:20] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: ok
[14:20] -=RCExplorer=- Anyone else done some efficency testing on motors?
[14:20] -=El_AMPo=- Yeah, you miss the solder spot for something like a millimeter and they dont do their magic
[14:20] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, the tail tilting section, I was thinking about a y4 to get rid of all moving parts
[14:21] -=john=- hello, I am currently flying only by plane, but will try something from the copter. What would you recommend tricopter or quadrcopter?? In the future, the FPV.
[14:21] -=drumdaddy=- Hey David,
[14:21] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, FPVStockholm, are there IKEA’s in Sweden
[14:21] -=RCExplorer=- john, Depends. I love the tricopter. It’s cheap and durable
[14:21] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Yes it is;)
[14:21] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Hi!
[14:21] -=drumdaddy=- I am running your tricopter with a HK quad board. I’ve been having fits with it arming/calibrating correctly. Particularly after a hard crash, it won’t take off
[14:22] -=El_AMPo=- Crazyinventor55: Its easier to build and trim a quad than a tri, but the tri has something special about it
[14:22] -=Crazyinventor55=- El_AMPo, like what
[14:22] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: aha I see
[14:22] -=Bryan=- What is the best way to balance the motors?
[14:22] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Sounds bad
[14:22] -=drumdaddy=- It acts like it won’t arm/calibrate
[14:22] -=Yoken=- David, do you think 1mm fiberglass board can do the job for your Tricopter?
[14:22] -=drumdaddy=- the props spin but act like it is velcro’d on the ground
[14:23] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Does everything look OK on the board? everything still hooked up properly?
[14:23] -=drumdaddy=- yes
[14:23] -=FPVStockholm=- Hum, I’m thinking about leaving now. We still have around 200 km to drive
[14:23] -=RCExplorer=- Bryan, Zipties πŸ™‚
[14:23] -=drumdaddy=- nothing is physically hurt
[14:23] -=El_AMPo=- drumdaddy: check if you spoiled a gyro piezo. Remove the board and shake it. If the gyros sound like a rattle they are gone
[14:23] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Yep. Should be fine.
[14:23] -=drumdaddy=- I think it just has a hard time re-arming/calibrating
[14:23] -=FPVStockholm=- thanks a lot for this chat! it’s great fun to chat with you guys!:)
[14:23] -=Kjid=- RCExplorer, thanks for your time to answer my questions. I’ll read rest of this chat log later πŸ™‚ Bye everyone
[14:23] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Tried lowering the throttle trim? Have you changed the EPA or DR on the rudder?
[14:23] -=drumdaddy=- After a few power-downs and re-arming, it eventually flies fine.
[14:24] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, bye it was great to talk to you
[14:24] -=Yoken=- I mean 1mm fliberglass for the main body and motor holders
[14:24] -=drumdaddy=- Hmm… no.
[14:24] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Thanks for stopping by! Have a great trip and I hope to see you again soon
[14:24] -=drumdaddy=- could vibration keep it from calibrating?
[14:24] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Yeah, 1mm should be just fine
[14:24] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: It was great to talk to you too! I’ll stay in touch with you and take a closer look on your webpage:)
[14:25] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Thanks David!
[14:25] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Nope it should
[14:25] -=FPVStockholm=- Bye everyone:)
[14:25] -=RCExplorer=- Bye!
[14:25] -=El_AMPo=- Quad: Easy to make, just 4 motor mounts. Tri: need to fiddle with yaw mechanism, but it does’t need couner rotating props and for fpv its really good. Also its easy to make a foldable design
[14:25] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, thanks, bye!
[14:25] -=drumdaddy=- I’ve tried re-loading the firmware (as if that is getting “shaken loose” πŸ™‚
[14:25] -=drumdaddy=- I’ve got a second HK board coming in. we’ll see if that does the same thing.
[14:26] -=drumdaddy=- By the way– I got a new prop setup– APC props with Eflite 1922 prop adapters.
[14:26] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Nice sumation πŸ™‚
[14:26] -=drumdaddy=- So far they fit well.
[14:26] -=Yoken=- time for me to go now, it is 930pm in Thailand, thanks David for your wonderful time with us…
[14:26] -=Crazyinventor55=- El_AMPo, ya I agree and a tri is easier to get the props out of the video
[14:26] -=El_AMPo=- drumdaddy: Vibration is your enemy on the kkboard
[14:27] -=drumdaddy=- would you be willing to post a quick bulletin on your site mentioning what your prop/prop saver/prop adapter setup is?
[14:27] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how many gopros do you have
[14:27] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Hmm sounds wierd. Do you like you’re new prop setup?
[14:27] -=Yoken=- looking forward to chat with you again, see you
[14:27] -=drumdaddy=- i know there are several forums out there where people are addressing that (but they were hard to find).
[14:27] -=Bryan=- Yes, zipties, but just mount and feel vibration w/o prop adapters?
[14:27] -=RCExplorer=- Yoken, Thanks for spending time with us πŸ™‚
[14:27] -=drumdaddy=- i imagine others may have the same issue
[14:27] -=RCExplorer=- Bryan, Yepp, that’s about right πŸ™‚
[14:27] -=RCExplorer=- Bryan, At least that’s how I do it
[14:27] -=drumdaddy=- Don’t know yet…. will be trying it maybe this afternoon.
[14:28] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, 4 working πŸ˜€
[14:28] -=El_AMPo=- drumdaddy: also if you bend a motor shaft a little, they cause a LOT of vibrations.
[14:28] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, The Tricopter v2.5 is coming soon. Will share then πŸ™‚
[14:28] -=drumdaddy=- awesome.
[14:28] -=drumdaddy=- I can’t wait for your antenna guide.
[14:28] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how many arent working
[14:28] -=drumdaddy=- I’ve been checking every day (several times admittedly)
[14:29] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, It’s coming this evening πŸ™‚
[14:29] -=drumdaddy=- Yippee!
[14:29] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, 3 πŸ˜‰
[14:29] -=AZPilot=- What has changed in the 2.5 from 2.0?
[14:29] -=Bryan=- Best place to buy antennas (screwr planers, other “different” ones)?
[14:29] -=drumdaddy=- Do you just use coax cable for the antenna?
[14:29] -=drumdaddy=- I got lots of that at work.
[14:29] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, it’s more of an alternative setup to the 2.0
[14:29] -=drumdaddy=- The prop savers were a miserable failure for me.
[14:29] -=AZPilot=- OK good
[14:30] -=drumdaddy=- I down’ed more flights due to those stinking rubber bands popping off
[14:30] -=RCExplorer=- Bryan,
[14:30] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, nice I have one and its lens is scratched
[14:30] -=drumdaddy=- otherwise, the thing was rock solid
[14:30] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Yepp
[14:30] -=drumdaddy=- The thought of taking the thing really high has me very nervous until i get the props solid
[14:30] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Really? I’ve never had one popp of
[14:31] -=drumdaddy=- What is the highest you’ve had your tricopter (and then what is the highest height it has fallen from and lived?)
[14:31] -=drumdaddy=- yep. I used all the things you said to get.
[14:31] -=drumdaddy=- I ended up just using string and some super glue to keep the things from falling off.
[14:31] -=El_AMPo=- They always live after a crash, they just need some.. err love
[14:31] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, 2.5km max height, 1km fall and nothing broke
[14:31] -=drumdaddy=- it worked, but then props can’t be changed.
[14:32] -=drumdaddy=- holy crap!
[14:32] -=drumdaddy=- that’s awesome.
[14:32] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, It it showing in the videos?
[14:33] -=El_AMPo=- drumdaddy: fixed props work better but be prepared to loose a motor shaft if you crash hard
[14:33] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, ya unfortunately you can see it is you watch the kit aerial photography on my blog
[14:33] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, but its only like $20 to get 2 new lenses
[14:34] -=drumdaddy=- David, I gotta run. But thanks so much for all you put out there. It is both inspiring and practical. Great job.
[14:34] -=El_AMPo=- RCExplorer: Did you loos a tri an the sea, or it was my imagination?
[14:34] -=drumdaddy=- My wife gets annoyed with me geeking out over your site (and flitetest)
[14:34] -=RCExplorer=- drumdaddy, Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚
[14:34] -=drumdaddy=- Blessings bro.
[14:35] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, I didn’t loose it, I just crashed it and retrieved it πŸ˜‰
[14:35] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I couldn’t tell in the video πŸ™‚
[14:35] -=El_AMPo=- how did you test the past, I mean the sand the water.. you where able to save something except the frame?
[14:35] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, you have to look really hard but it was fine for taking it to the beach
[14:36] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, Nope, every electronic thing died.
[14:37] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, that sucks
[14:37] -=RCExplorer=- Ok guys It’s time for me to leave
[14:37] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, so how did you crash
[14:37] -=El_AMPo=- auch.. sorry for your lost. But hey without risk you wouldnt have that amazing shots
[14:37] -=RCExplorer=- Need to fix some food and then finish up the antenna guide
[14:37] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, awww ok bye!
[14:38] -=RCExplorer=- El_AMPo, It’s ok. I can live with that. I’ve got some pretty good video πŸ™‚
[14:38] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, it was great to talk to you
[14:38] -=AZPilot=- OK David have a good evening
[14:38] -=RCExplorer=- You too πŸ™‚
[14:38] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, good night
[14:38] -=RCExplorer=- The chat will remain open if you guys want to stay and chat
[14:39] -=El_AMPo=- bye
[14:39] -=RCExplorer=- bye
[14:39] -=Crazyinventor55=- bye
[14:39] -=Crazyinventor55=- I need to leave to, bye guys
[14:40] -=AZPilot=- see ya guys later
[14:41] -=Bryan=- Thanks, RCExplorer, for taking my questions. Will watch soon for updates.
[14:42] -=El_AMPo=- bye guys, need some coffe here.

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