New video! – “Flying High”

Two days of editing and many days of shooting has produced these results:

The video was filmed in California, Florida, Ohio and the middle of Sweden. Which is by far the furthest distance per scene I’ve filmed so far.

The Tricopter turned out to be a much better platform than I expected when it came to chasing airplanes. The tricopter is angled forward to keep the same speed, which makes for an interesting overlooking perspective of the planes that’s really hard to achieve with a FPV plane. It was also easier to follow the planes during turns and other maneuvers.

The scenes with the electromagnet cranes where shot at Timken’s steel mill in Ohio. I took some aerial photos for them and asked permission to film the machines at work I was done. I expected to get a lot of interference from all the metal scrapheaps and huge electro magnet but not a glitch with the circular antennas.

During the filming of the electromagnet cranes we heard over the com-radio: “Can you also see that flying thing that’s been following us?”

The Hollywood sign was way more crooked than I though it would be. Someone ought to fix that.

The boat scene was filmed in Hjo for a short film about Estrid Ericson that founded “Svenskt tenn”. The boat is called “Trafik” and is one of Sweden’s oldest and best preserved steam powered boats, and it’s still in use today.

The highest altitude in the video is about 2.5km.

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