Chat log from 18/9 -11

Thanks for yet another great chat guys.
79 people turned up. The chat was pretty intense at times and the chat client didn’t quite hold up as well as I wanted it to. I’ll look into alternative clients when I get some time over.
Here is the chat log:
[16:31] -=mena142=- hehe, I just remembered about the live chat and went into the page with 2sec remaining πŸ˜›
[16:55] -=RCExplorer=- Hi πŸ™‚
[16:56] -=mena142=- hello
[16:56] -=RCExplorer=- You’re early πŸ™‚
[16:56] -=mena142=- the place is pretty, empty πŸ˜›
[16:57] -=RCExplorer=- It’s 3 minutes left until the chat opens πŸ˜‰ Your clock must be fast πŸ˜‰
[16:57] -=mena142=- hehe
[16:57] -=RCExplorer=- So where are you from?
[16:57] -=mena142=- I’m from the Dominican Republic πŸ™‚
[16:57] -=RCExplorer=- Cool πŸ™‚ What time is it there now?
[17:00] -=mena142=- 1:00 PM
[17:00] -=Technologeek73=- Hi πŸ˜€
[17:00] -=FPVStockholm=- Hi guys!:)
[17:00] -=RCExplorer=- Hi!
[17:00] -=Chris_Hfx=- Hello everybody
[17:00] -=KPDragon=- hi
[17:00] -=RCExplorer=- What’s up
[17:00] -=Crazyinventor55=- hello
[17:00] -=Chris_Hfx=- From Alberta, Canada
[17:00] -=MichaelFromPola=- Greetings from Poland πŸ™‚
[17:00] -=Technologeek73=- Wow finally, i’ve been waiting the whole day for this :p
[17:00] -=bbmagic=- Hello David
[17:00] -=RCExplorer=- Cool people from the whole world is here πŸ˜€
[17:01] -=RCExplorer=- πŸ˜‰
[17:01] -=Technologeek73=- Am I the only french in here ?
[17:01] -=KPDragon=- Greetings from Orlando, FL
[17:01] -=mena142=- saludos desde Republica Dominicana πŸ˜€
[17:01] -=Crazyinventor55=- Greetings from Florida
[17:01] -=AZPilot=- Chat and NFL football on tv what can get better
[17:01] -=MichaelFromPola=- Pozdrowienia z Polski πŸ™‚
[17:01] -=Jonit=- Greetings from Slovakia πŸ™‚
[17:01] -=RCExplorer=- πŸ˜€
[17:01] -=timnilson=- hello
[17:01] -=RCExplorer=- Wow we are multicultural for sure πŸ˜€
[17:01] -=RCExplorer=- Hi!
[17:01] -=MichaelFromPola=- πŸ˜€
[17:01] -=FPVStockholm=- haha yes we are:)
[17:02] -=NicsRulez=- hey what is up?
[17:02] -=Technologeek73=- Before it gets too messy… I just wanted to ask some questions
[17:02] -=Rickard=- hello
[17:02] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, I’m from ocala! do you fly?
[17:02] -=Chris_Hfx=- Its 11am here. lol. Which is late for me (working night shift)
[17:02] -=RCExplorer=- Go ahead Technologeek73,
[17:02] -=Technologeek73=- I’m building my tricopter at the moment, and I just need to find or make a yam machanism
[17:02] -=RCExplorer=- Hi Rickard
[17:02] -=Technologeek73=- *yaw
[17:02] -=KPDragon=- Just building my first tri
[17:02] -=timnilson=- mmmm πŸ™‚
[17:02] -=Technologeek73=- the thing is I just have no idea how to do it :s
[17:02] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, me to
[17:02] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, There are many solutions. Mine is just one of many πŸ™‚
[17:03] -=Austin=- build it ugly so you wont be sad when it crashes
[17:03] -=RCExplorer=- KPDragon, Cool how’s it going?
[17:03] -=Jonit=- πŸ˜€
[17:03] -=NicsRulez=- hey david, when is the tricopter v2.5 build log coming?
[17:03] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Good tip πŸ™‚
[17:03] -=Austin=- then build your second one much better
[17:03] -=Technologeek73=- @Austin I lol’d
[17:03] -=MichaelFromPola=- Technologeek73 let you see my Polish friend shop : – there are many photos, and you can see how it’s built
[17:03] -=RCExplorer=- NicsRulez, I was actually building a new 2.5 before the chat
[17:03] -=RCExplorer=- Hey guys I need to ask you something,
[17:03] -=FPVStockholm=- Anyone that flies with a tricopter: What do you think is the problem when thrust is lost on all three engines? I was following a bus yesterday… and all of a sudden I ended up in the bushes
[17:03] -=NicsRulez=- ah, cool
[17:03] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, I finally got all my parts in and I am printing out all the parts for my tricopter
[17:04] -=KPDragon=- Crazyinventor55, BBMagic is the one got me started
[17:04] -=MichaelFromPola=- O.K., I have only one question πŸ™‚
[17:04] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, hay
[17:04] -=RCExplorer=- What would you like to see first, The blackpool fireworks video, the Tri V2.5 build log or another antenna guide?
[17:04] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: Hi:D
[17:04] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool πŸ˜€ 3d printer?
[17:04] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, ask away
[17:04] -=MichaelFromPola=- Tri V2.5 πŸ˜€
[17:04] -=Chris_Hfx=- Blackpool video!!!!
[17:04] -=timnilson=- blackpool fireworks!
[17:04] -=Austin=- FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!
[17:04] -=Jonit=- yea 2.5 tri πŸ™‚
[17:04] -=FPVStockholm=- yes definitely tri v2.5!
[17:04] -=NicsRulez=- i would love to see the tri v2.5 first
[17:05] -=MichaelFromPola=- So question : David what app do you use to edit your awesome videos ?
[17:05] -=AZPilot=- V2.5 is my vote
[17:05] -=RCExplorer=- Hmm so far it leans towards the V2.5
[17:05] -=Technologeek73=- v2.5, as i’m making one at the moment :p
[17:05] -=FPVStockholm=- does anyone have a suggestion for my problem with my tricopter?:)
[17:05] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, Final cut pro
[17:05] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, Both! and yes we talked about this last chat idk if you remember
[17:05] -=bbmagic=- tri 2.5!!
[17:05] -=timnilson=- it depends on ‘how’ you will build v2.5 πŸ™‚
[17:05] -=MichaelFromPola=- David, thanks πŸ˜€
[17:05] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, waz up
[17:05] -=AZPilot=- same here just cut out my frame yesterday
[17:06] -=Austin=- wow there are a lot of people on this chat!!!!
[17:06] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm, I’m thinking about a bad connection
[17:06] -=FPVStockholm=- crazyinventor55: Do you have your 3D printer on?;)
[17:06] -=NicsRulez=- david do you still use your futaba t7?
[17:06] -=Technologeek73=- or maby overload on the escs ?
[17:06] -=mena142=- Fireworks πŸ™‚
[17:06] -=Chris_Hfx=- yeah, What video editing software do you use Dave?
[17:06] -=RCExplorer=- NicsRulez, Nope I use the Aurora 9
[17:06] -=RCExplorer=- Chris_Hfx, Final cut pro
[17:06] -=KPDragon=- When will be able to see the v2.5
[17:06] -=Chris_Hfx=- thx.
[17:06] -=AZPilot=- David, how long will it take you to do the write up on the V2.5 tri?
[17:06] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, What was you’re trubble?
[17:06] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, yep its huming away in the backround printing out my tricopter
[17:06] -=NicsRulez=- ok, i have got the dx8 and recently won a 12 channel radio πŸ™‚
[17:07] -=Jiponk=- Hello David, I was wondering, do you often get job offers ? So, is this a very important time-eating hobby or more like a job ?
[17:07] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, did you get my package?
[17:07] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, I could have it up by the end of the next week
[17:07] -=Austin=- DX8=awesome
[17:07] -=FPVStockholm=- Technologeek: I’m using the same setup as David does. All three esc’s are set to nicm… But since I do get some vibrations it can be some loose connections…
[17:07] -=Rickard=- I bought a gopro HD today, when you guys are flying with the gopro as fpv camera, do you use the included (heavy!!) cable to connect it to the video transmitter or is it possible to buy the right connector somewhere and solder a new cable? Any tips? πŸ™‚
[17:07] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Indeed I did, Just opened it πŸ˜€
[17:07] -=KPDragon=- BBMagic, hey Brad
[17:07] -=NicsRulez=- thatΒ¬Β₯s right, austin
[17:07] -=FPVStockholm=- give me a couple of minutes:)
[17:07] -=MichaelFromPola=- David, what do you think about MultiWii flight controller ?
[17:07] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, great! I’m glad it got to you
[17:08] -=AZPilot=- cool what are the changes from v2 to v2.5
[17:08] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm : Do you use any connectors directly on the cables ? Or did you solder them all ?
[17:08] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, hay do you think if I shorten the arms on my tri it will make it more responsive?
[17:08] -=bbmagic=- hello Ken
[17:08] -=RCExplorer=- Jiponk, It’s still a hobby πŸ™‚ But it’s starting to take off
[17:08] -=timnilson=- Crazyinventor55, yes it will be
[17:08] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor55: Awesome! I would love to see some pictures of it:)
[17:09] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm : did you use any connectors on your cables ? or did you solder them all ?
[17:09] -=Austin=- yes shorter arms =more responsive =less stable
[17:09] -=Jiponk=- Good to hear ! Good luck then !
[17:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, you will in the new video
[17:09] -=mipi=- 1.3GHz or 5.8GHz (both 200mW), which fpv system would you recommend?
[17:09] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm : did you use any connectors on your cables ? or did you solder them all ?
[17:09] -=Chris_Hfx=- wow, everybody is timing out
[17:09] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, Didn’t quite like it. It had some ticks I could get rid of. Otherwice it’s a pretty good board
[17:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, did you get my email by the way
[17:09] -=Technologeek73=- mipi : depends of where you live…
[17:09] -=Jonit=- Mipi, 1.3 if it is legal in your country
[17:09] -=Austin=- 1.3g is what i use
[17:09] -=Chris_Hfx=- We should be using some kind of IRC system here.
[17:10] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, It looks awesome πŸ˜€ Really supriced by the finish of the kit
[17:10] -=Technologeek73=- Chris_Hfx: +1
[17:10] -=Austin=- what is IRC?
[17:10] -=RCExplorer=- mipi, 1.3 if it’s leagal where you live
[17:10] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, great, I am so glad you like it
[17:10] -=Alex=- Good evening
[17:10] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, what do you think of the stiffness of the bamboo camera mount?
[17:10] -=Chris_Hfx=- Internet Relay Chat. it was used way back before MSN or even ICQ. Looks like this though. But much more stable and faster
[17:11] -=RCExplorer=- Great turnout tonight πŸ˜€
[17:11] -=FPVStockholm=- Technologeek73: Yes I do use connectors on all my cables…
[17:11] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, tonight??? It’s 1pm!
[17:11] -=timnilson=- πŸ™‚
[17:11] -=Crazyinventor55=- to many people!!
[17:11] -=FPVStockholm=- Do you think it’s better to just solder them to the kk board?
[17:11] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Much stiffer than I anticipated πŸ™‚ Great idea to use it πŸ˜€
[17:11] -=bbmagic=- Careful there David, its the middel of the day for me!
[17:11] -=AZPilot=- It’s 10am here
[17:11] -=mena142=- hey guys, I got a question (im new to this) what do you do to decide on what FPV Tx channel to use?
[17:11] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm : Ouch :s I use some too, but my tricopter still haven’t flown yet x) What kind ? 3.5mm ?
[17:11] -=Crazyinventor55=- timnilson, they live in sweden
[17:11] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, great… and it’s still light
[17:12] -=timnilson=- Crazyinventor55, I know… i was just kidding
[17:12] -=RFnoise=- Hey all! Danne, what type of rubber did you use for the Gopro mount? Did you just glue it between the plywood and the fiberglass?
[17:12] -=RCExplorer=- It’s dark over here πŸ˜‰
[17:12] -=skrattar=- timeout πŸ™‚
[17:12] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, It’s a natural rubber, It’s just glued using CA
[17:12] -=NicsRulez=- here itΒ¬Β₯s nearly dark, tis 7 pm
[17:12] -=confi=- hello. David, could you out on your web site the circuit of the led dimmer?
[17:12] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, did you get my email
[17:12] -=Austin=- mena142, use whatever is legal, that how i do it
[17:12] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: Yes I did!:)
[17:12] -=AZPilot=- But I bet it’s nice and cool there David
[17:13] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm: Nope, it would be a bad idea directly to the KKBoard, but be sure to use solid connector with each cable.
[17:13] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, ok good just making sure
[17:13] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Don’t know. I think so. I’m way behind on the e-mails :/ Got over 100 in backlog
[17:13] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, Indeed it is πŸ˜€ And rainy
[17:13] -=MichaelFromPola=- David I’m now building quadrocopter on MultiWii board in kuki 83 version – I look for more stable platform than tri with KK board πŸ˜€ Of course it’s only my opinion πŸ™‚ And I’ve got support straight from the kuki_83 who is also Polish FPV fan πŸ˜€
[17:13] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: You should spend some more time answering emails;)
[17:13] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, lol that sucks
[17:13] -=Rickard=- Dadde: Do you use the standard connector to the gopro hd when using it in live output mode? Or have you found the right connector somewhere?
[17:13] -=AZPilot=- nice we are still going to be in the 100 this week
[17:14] -=RFnoise=- Ahh, thanx i thought that was to stiff to use!
[17:14] -=Technologeek73=- Oh and by the way, I used aluminum for the plates on mly tricopter, but I’m realising this is kinda bad… what do you recommend to use ?
[17:14] -=mena142=- I mean, how do I know what channel to select on my transmitter (0,1,2,3,4)
[17:14] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, Stable in what way? I love the kk board as it creates smooth video. It requires a lot of stick still though
[17:14] -=FPVStockholm=- Technologeek73: Since I need to take the whole tricopter apart I’ll check every cable:)
[17:14] -=NicsRulez=- he ydavid what plane would you recommend after the twinstar
[17:14] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, oh ya check out the new vid
[17:14] -=Chris_Hfx=- Dave, in your opinion, whats the best video goggles to buy today? I hear fatshark has a new version, but lower FOV. Have you tried them yourself yet?
[17:14] -=Austin=- in the circularly polarized antenna article, what is the wierd 8 lobe antenna?
[17:15] -=FPVStockholm=- Technologeek73: I used aluminium as well as aluminium booms…
[17:15] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you think shortening the arms of the tri will make it more responsive
[17:15] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ll change it to acrylic and tree/wood
[17:15] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: I’ll check the new video:)
[17:15] -=FPVStockholm=-
[17:15] -=RCExplorer=- Rickard, I use a right angle connetor from a handsfree πŸ™‚
[17:15] -=Alex=- Would you recommend the type of propps you used on your MiniQuad for biger Quadrocopters too? We would use biger ones of course, but it always says they are very unbalanced. Would you use this type again for a bigger Quad?
[17:16] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm: Yeah, it’s cool as booms but not as plates :s It bends easily
[17:16] -=rcexplorer=- rcexplorer changes nickname to RCExplorer
[17:16] -=MichaelFromPola=- I had in mind stabilized by MultiWii board 2 axis pan-tilt. And it has got PPM adder, so I’ll be able to make in future hexacopter πŸ˜€
[17:16] -=Austin=- mena142, it usually says on the manufacturers website
[17:16] -=NicsRulez=- hey david what plane would you recommend after the twinstar?
[17:16] -=RCExplorer=- Rickard, I use a right angle connector from a handsfree on my gopro
[17:16] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Yes
[17:16] -=FPVStockholm=- Technologeek73: All my booms except one is bended after last days crash:P
[17:16] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, Martin/Badlands is now a kit ‘team pilot’ — not sure he told you
[17:16] -=confi=- could you make a wiicopter circuit ?
[17:16] -=Austin=- WOW there are a lot of people here!!!!!!!!!
[17:17] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you recomend it
[17:17] -=Technologeek73=- For all of you out here searching for good props CW AND CCW, I bought these ( they seem very nice !
[17:17] -=NicsRulez=- david what plane would you recommend after the twinstar?
[17:17] -=RCExplorer=- Chris_Hfx, Nope havn’t tried the new ones yet
[17:17] -=bbmagic=- David I enjoyed the story of your fireworks job…. At night was just too much.
[17:17] -=Crazyinventor55=- new video: first tricopter flight
[17:17] -=Austin=- RCExplorer, what is the WDR camera you used in the fireworks?
[17:18] -=Alex=- @ Technology: How bad is the balancing?
[17:18] -=RCExplorer=- NicsRulez, Depends on what you’re looking for πŸ™‚
[17:18] -=Chris_Hfx=- Btw, my vote is for the fireworks video first. πŸ™‚
[17:18] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, WDR600 search for it and you’ll find it
[17:18] -=Copter38=- Hy Dave, On a Tricopter of the size of yours, what would you recommend as alternative motors to the ones you list in your build log? I would like to try some of better quality.
[17:18] -=NicsRulez=- i am just looking for something new…
[17:18] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Ah cool! I didn’t know yet πŸ˜€ That’s awesome
[17:18] -=gsu=- RCexplorer, which Software do you use on your tricopter board
[17:19] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, he’s a good pilot. His video at the beach is awesome
[17:19] -=RCExplorer=- Copter38, Anything with a kV from 750-1000 is fine
[17:19] -=Technologeek73=- @Alex : Well, they seem to be made quite nicely, I’m no expert but they don’t make a lot of vibrations, a tiny bit of tape and it’s perfect
[17:19] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Yeah and he’s a really good guy too
[17:19] -=Rickard=- Ahh, good idea! πŸ™‚ But that plug only has 3 poles instead of 4, it’s no problem to connect to of the plugs together?
[17:19] -=bbmagic=- crazyinventor- that can’t be your first flight. Your joking right?
[17:20] -=Crazyinventor55=- bbmagic, why
[17:20] -=Alex=- @ Techno: Thanks, we were confused since the coments practicaly all state them a bad balancing^^
[17:20] -=NicsRulez=- hey david, i am just looking for something new
[17:20] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, I am making you and him custom flight controller covers with your names engraved into it πŸ™‚
[17:20] -=RCExplorer=- Sorry guys if I don’t answer you’re questions I have a hard time keeping up πŸ˜€
[17:20] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, That is freaking awesome πŸ˜€
[17:20] -=bbmagic=- I don’t fly that well and I have over 50 flights!
[17:20] -=Jonit=- David, one question… after you had perfectly balanced prop, do you still feel some vibrations comming from prop or they totally gone off?
[17:20] -=RCExplorer=- NicsRulez, The FunJet should tingle you’re nervs a bit πŸ˜€
[17:21] -=Alex=- @RCE: What is your opinion of the quality of the props you used on you Quad? Hows the balancing?
[17:21] -=MichaelFromPola=- What do you think about these motors –
[17:21] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, it reminds me of the tour de france… all the pro riders have their name on their bike!
[17:21] -=Austin=- is there any way to not show the quit timeout things?
[17:21] -=Crazyinventor55=- bbmagic, I barely got off the ground and crashing into the tree was not fun either I bet you fly much better than I do
[17:21] -=NicsRulez=- yeah good idea, would you recommend a plane like the mpx blizzard?
[17:21] -=RCExplorer=- Jonit, No vibrations is the best but somethime you still get vibrations at certain frequencies. Depends on the quality of the props and motors
[17:22] -=Technologeek73=- @Alex: If you order them, order other things with it as they seem to pack them badly when they are lonely in their package ^^ it ends in bendend props
[17:22] -=Chris_Hfx=- Dave, the FPV gear at Ready Made RC. Is it worth investing in? Im still window shopping for my first fpv system. I’d go hobbyking, but alas they are constantly backordered.
[17:22] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, They should work. Haven’t tried em. I think Martin Badlands uses them though
[17:22] -=Jonit=- thanks for your ansver, David
[17:22] -=Alex=- Yes, we would build two Quads, so lots of stuff to buy^^
[17:22] -=bbmagic=- carzy inventor55 I don’t crash much any more but I rarely get to fly around much just alot of hovering
[17:23] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Or football t-shirts πŸ˜€
[17:23] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, I wish I could have gon to blackpool that looked like so much fun
[17:23] -=NicsRulez=- would you also recommend a plane like the blizzard
[17:23] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, yes…. those too πŸ™‚
[17:23] -=Technologeek73=- David, where did you find your glass fiber/PCB ? Can I find it already etched ?
[17:23] -=RCExplorer=- NicsRulez, Sure if it’s a thrill ride you seek πŸ˜€
[17:23] -=Crazyinventor55=- hi
[17:23] -=Jonit=- i am still having hard times with ballancing my props πŸ˜€
[17:23] -=Austin=- what are the tri 2.5 differences? anything major?
[17:24] -=Alex=- @RCE: how good would the Props (bigger Size) work wih you Motors from the Tricopter? Is mounting a problem?
[17:24] -=MichaelFromPola=- David thanks πŸ™‚ I have already bought 90 % of parts needed to build TriWii/QuadroWii copter, and I didn’t know which motors to choose πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ˜€
[17:24] -=Crazyinventor55=- ah im timing out like crazy
[17:24] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, I by mine at the local electonics shop. I have to etch them but there relativly cheap
[17:24] -=Technologeek73=- @Crazyinventor55: gotta keep typing x)
[17:24] -=Alex=- @Crazy: Welcome in the club^^
[17:24] -=Chris_Hfx=- Jonit, do you balance by feel? Or by the balancer?
[17:24] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, ok πŸ˜€ thank you
[17:24] -=RCExplorer=- Search for G10 and you’ll find pre-etch
[17:24] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, good advice
[17:25] -=RCExplorer=- I think I need to take a look at the chat πŸ˜€
[17:25] -=NicsRulez=- why?
[17:25] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer : Yeah i found some company, AlienAffliction… but I didn’t mail them
[17:25] -=Jonit=- Chris_Hfx first balance on magnetic ballancer, then dynamically on the motor, but still having some vibrations :/
[17:25] -=RCExplorer=- It reports a lot of weird stuff all the time
[17:25] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer: Do you know anything about them ?
[17:25] -=MichaelFromPola=- O.K. thanks David πŸ™‚ I must go to prepare to school πŸ˜€ Bye – this chat helped me a lot πŸ˜€
[17:25] -=FPVStockholm=- There are so many people here tonight! my computer almost passed out here (I’m uploading a video at the same time):)
[17:25] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how heavy is tricopter 2.5
[17:25] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, Havn’t heard about them no, sorry
[17:26] -=FPVStockholm=- Yes, we all wanna know everything about 2.5
[17:26] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, Sure no problem Have a nice evening
[17:26] -=Alex=- @RCE: how good would the Props (bigger Size) work wih you Motors from the Tricopter? Is mounting a problem?
[17:26] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, 999grams ready to fly
[17:26] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, Oh really :O they said they used your design because you told them they could !
[17:26] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how did you get it to be lighter
[17:26] -=Austin=- here is a cool thread on rcgroups if anyone is interested: diy osd
[17:26] -=Enginerd=- Dave, do you have any Experience with any of the self leveling controller boards? Im stuck between the openpilot copter control and multiwii for my first tri. Thanks!
[17:26] -=Austin=-
[17:27] -=Technologeek73=- @Audtin : Wow ! just what I was searching for ! πŸ˜€ Thanks
[17:27] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: How far away is the build log?
[17:27] -=RCExplorer=- Alex, The motors don’t like bigger props than 10 on 3S but I’ve used other motors with 11 inch props withot any troubble
[17:27] -=Chris_Hfx=- Jonit, I’ve never done it myself on the outrunners, just on heli rotors, but I’ve seen Dave blanace the outrunners themself by using zipties. Before the blades go on. Then the blades go on and he blanaces by feel and clear tape
[17:27] -=FPVStockholm=- got a lot of problem
[17:27] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, are you using bigger props
[17:27] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Lightened the Gopro case
[17:27] -=FPVStockholm=- … with the chat
[17:28] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I use 10 inch at the moment
[17:28] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, how
[17:28] -=Alex=- So basicaly, yout Tri-Motors would work with those black props till about 10? We would be using something around 9 or 10×4-4.5, I guess
[17:28] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Do you still use the 2213 motors?:)
[17:28] -=Austin=- RCExplorer, what flight time do you get on your tri?
[17:28] -=RCExplorer=- Go with the 10*4.5
[17:28] -=Technologeek73=- David, you should really open a channel on some irc network x)
[17:29] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Yes on one of my tris πŸ™‚
[17:29] -=Alex=- @RCE: Thanks=)
[17:29] -=Technologeek73=- There even is some java irc client out here
[17:29] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, When I get some time over I’ll look into it πŸ˜€
[17:29] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, dod you use connectors for the motors and ESCs or did you just directly solder them
[17:29] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Not on 2.5?;)
[17:29] -=Technologeek73=- Cool πŸ˜€
[17:29] -=Chris_Hfx=- * Agrees with technologeek73
[17:29] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I usually direct solder them.
[17:29] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Nope πŸ˜‰
[17:29] Action: Chris_Hfx wonders if /me works here.
[17:29] -=FPVStockholm=- Gah David, now I need some new motors;)
[17:29] -=Jiponk=- then… what motors and props on the other tri(s) ? πŸ™‚
[17:30] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, I like the DT750’s πŸ™‚
[17:30] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, do you use 2213 motors
[17:30] -=RCExplorer=- Jiponk, KEDA 924kv motors are pretty nice as well
[17:30] -=RCExplorer=- I think the 2213 motors are great though
[17:31] -=RFnoise=- Hey again, what size is your prop adapter axle, 6mm? Ive noticed that most of the disance rings for propellers are oval πŸ™‚
[17:31] -=NicsRulez=- hey, what motor would you recommend on the funjet, david?
[17:31] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, do the DT750 have the same mounting hole distance as the 2213N?
[17:31] -=Technologeek73=- What do you guys use to mount your motors ? It’s hard to find English screws in France x)
[17:31] -=RCExplorer=- A 2500kv motor capable of 25-30 amps
[17:31] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, No, they have a lot of holes but I don’t think they match up
[17:31] -=SoulotRC=- Hi David, how did you do to have a stable Tri with GoPro with accelerometer like Multiwiicopter?
[17:32] -=NicsRulez=- ok, thanks, will think about the funlet…
[17:32] -=Jiponk=- And are you sticking to HK props ? I switched to graupner eprops and found a huge difference in vibrations.. so sad they’re so expensive !
[17:32] -=Chris_Hfx=- I thought motors are mounted with metric screws…. And that the screws come with them…
[17:32] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, mmmm
[17:32] -=Crazyinventor55=- timnilson, did you already order your parts
[17:32] -=RFnoise=- Thanx again for inspire me to take the step into fpv and now tricopters!
[17:32] -=timnilson=- Crazyinventor55, I make my parts πŸ™‚
[17:32] -=Technologeek73=- Chris_Hfx, My 2213Ns didn’t come with any screws :'(
[17:32] -=SoulotRC=- because when I see your video, it’s amazing
[17:32] -=Evan=- Wooohooo!!!
[17:33] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, Glad to have you on the darkside πŸ˜€
[17:33] -=Crazyinventor55=- timnilson, i ment the motors, i make my parts to
[17:33] -=AZPilot=- RCExplorer have you ever thought of doing a write on what you have in your ground station?
[17:33] -=RFnoise=- Haha! Im there alright!
[17:33] -=NicsRulez=- @ Jiponk: i saw you used graupner props, i just won the graupner mx-20 hott πŸ™‚
[17:33] -=timnilson=- Crazyinventor55, yes, I sell the 2213N in my online shop… along with my tricopter delrin kit
[17:33] -=Austin=- thanks RCExplorer, i tested my tri today and it works!
[17:33] -=RCExplorer=- Jiponk, The graupner props are great
[17:33] -=RCExplorer=- Just a little hard to get by here in sweden
[17:33] -=FPVStockholm=- timnilson: what is your online shop?:)
[17:33] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Cool πŸ˜€
[17:33] -=Evan=- Finally got my tricopter flying around the garden today, thanks to you David
[17:34] -=Crazyinventor55=- timnilson, awesome and you are in orlando?
[17:34] -=Technologeek73=- Oh and if anyone in Europe make their own parts in G10 material, i’ll be intersted iun buying some parts :p
[17:34] -=timnilson=-
[17:34] -=timnilson=- sorry…
[17:34] -=Chris_Hfx=- AZPilot, I agree, would love to see Daves ground station setup.
[17:34] -=RCExplorer=- Evan, Glad to hear it Evan πŸ˜€
[17:34] -=timnilson=- Crazyinventor55, no, I’m in New York City
[17:34] -=RCExplorer=- Chris_Hfx, I’ll make an article about later on πŸ™‚
[17:34] -=Alex=- @RCE: can you give us an e-Mail adress so we can ask you some stuff in a few days about the material for our quads?
[17:34] -=Chris_Hfx=- Sweet!
[17:34] -=Evan=- Great plans David, you have some good stuff on your website
[17:34] -=RFnoise=- Tim, your parts are awsome! Its going to be my winter project for sure!
[17:35] -=Crazyinventor55=- timnilson, wops sorry wrong person
[17:35] -=AZPilot=- awesome
[17:35] -=timnilson=- RFnoise, great!!
[17:35] -=RCExplorer=- Alex, Sure, [email protected]
[17:35] -=Crazyinventor55=- is there any one in florida
[17:35] -=Austin=- This websit should be your full time job RCExplorer!!!!!!;);););):lol:
[17:35] -=KPDragon=- crazy, i’min orlando
[17:35] -=RCExplorer=- Evan, Thanks man πŸ™‚
[17:35] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, I wish it was
[17:35] -=Chris_Hfx=- Anybody in Alberta, Canada?!?
[17:36] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, I’m working on it πŸ™‚ If I increes my traffic by about 7 times it could be πŸ™‚
[17:36] -=Alex=- Munich, Germany?
[17:36] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, what are the 2213N motors for anyways
[17:36] -=Alex=- @RCE: can you give us an e-Mail adress so we can ask you some stuff in a few days about the material for our quads?
[17:36] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, For planes originally
[17:36] -=Evan=- David, any plans to return to the UK for more work?
[17:36] -=RCExplorer=- Alex, Sure, [email protected]
[17:36] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, do you have a website?
[17:37] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, I am hoping that we’ll get you there without 7x your site traffic πŸ™‚
[17:37] -=Alex=- Thank you=)
[17:37] -=Technologeek73=- What kind/type of screws do I need ? :'( I’m desperate, this is the only thing keeping me from flying (exepted the yaw mechanism)
[17:37] -=RCExplorer=- Evan, Nope, not at the moment πŸ™‚ Would have loved to go around the contry side and fly a bit thoug
[17:37] -=KPDragon=- no, but im think of it.
[17:37] -=Technologeek73=- (for mounting 2213N motors)
[17:37] -=MichaelFromPola=- Hello again πŸ˜€
[17:37] -=KPDragon=-
[17:37] -=Austin=- is anyone in Massachusetts, usa? seems no one flies anyhting here, except me;)
[17:37] -=Chris_Hfx=- Dave, you have a good thing going here. My daily web surfing usually involves your site. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if you making doing aerial videography a full time job.
[17:37] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, you should
[17:37] -=KPDragon=- Crazy, how about you
[17:38] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, mine is
[17:38] -=timnilson=- Technologeek73, you need M2 screws to mount these motors
[17:38] -=MichaelFromPola=- I just forgot about one thing. David, how much overweight can you take with your tricopter v2 ?
[17:38] -=Technologeek73=- timnilson, Thanks !
[17:38] -=KPDragon=- Crazy, been there, very cool
[17:38] -=RCExplorer=- Chris_Hfx, I hope it could be sometime. We’ll see what the future holds in store
[17:38] -=Alex=- @RCE: can you give us a link on your Transmitter-System for your GoPro?=D
[17:38] -=timnilson=- Technologeek73, and you can buy a kit that has them all in it (
[17:39] -=CPRobotics=- Hello, from Toronto, Canada
[17:39] -=Austin=- what effect does a high-kv motor have on a tri? will it not fly as well?
[17:39] -=Technologeek73=- timnilson, Too bad, I just received my parts >< next time maybe ? πŸ™‚
[17:39] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, hey david chech this out all these people are using the parts you recomended
[17:39] -=Evan=- David, are you planning on releasing a video from your visit to Blackpool or are not allowed to because it belongs to the production company?
[17:39] -=timnilson=- Technologeek73, sure πŸ™‚
[17:39] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, Depends on the motors and the flight time you want. Could lift 1 kilo but not for long and it doens’t fly good at all πŸ˜€
[17:39] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, thanks
[17:39] -=KPDragon=- Enjoyed it guys, gotta go…see ya next time.
[17:39] -=KPDragon=-
[17:39] -=SoulotRC=- which percentage of Pots to have very stable Tri with KKmulticontroller?
[17:40] -=Crazyinventor55=- KPDragon, bye
[17:40] -=Technologeek73=- KPDragon, Bye πŸ™‚
[17:40] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool πŸ˜€
[17:40] -=RCExplorer=- KPDragon, Bye See you!
[17:40] -=Evan=- Evan
[17:40] -=Chris_Hfx=- Welcome CProbotics, good to see another Canadian. Alberta Here.
[17:40] -=KPDragon=- BBMagic , talk to ya later
[17:40] -=bbmagic=- see ya ken
[17:40] -=MichaelFromPola=- Hmm, so maybe with these RCTIMER motor could it take more πŸ™‚
[17:40] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, oh ya I talked to Make Magazine and they are interested about you
[17:40] -=Enginerd=- With the 18 amp esc sold out at HK, any reason i couldnt use a 25 amp?
[17:40] -=RCExplorer=- SoulotRC, About 50% on P and R and 70% on Y
[17:40] -=FPVStockholm=- Does anyone know what I’ve done all day long?:)
[17:40] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm, Nope… what ? x)
[17:40] -=NicsRulez=- damn, have to go now, see you next time πŸ˜‰
[17:41] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, sell things
[17:41] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool πŸ™‚ Thanks
[17:41] -=SoulotRC=- thanks
[17:41] -=RCExplorer=- NicsRulez, Ok see you, thanks for stopping by
[17:41] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ve been building my Skywalker:D
[17:41] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, Oh really, Make Magazine !!! Cool !
[17:41] -=RCExplorer=- Enginerd, Sure 25 is perfectly fine
[17:41] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, I’ll email you if they want more details
[17:41] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ve been building my Skywalker:)
[17:41] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, What?
[17:41] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Thanks man πŸ™‚
[17:41] -=MichaelFromPola=- Hmm, what is flight time in v2 configuration (
[17:42] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ve been buliding my Skywalker:D
[17:42] -=RCExplorer=- MichaelFromPola, With FPV gear about 12 minutes
[17:42] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, yeah I have a few friends over there
[17:42] -=Technologeek73=- MichaelFromPola, I think about 12 to 16 mins
[17:42] -=Evan=- David, are you releasing a video from your visit to Blackpool?
[17:42] -=Enginerd=- Thanks!
[17:42] -=rileygarbels=- Hi everyone!
[17:42] -=Austin=- YES! send an article to make magazine!
[17:42] -=CPRobotics=- What’s with all the (timeouts)? This is hard to follow.
[17:43] -=RCExplorer=- CPRobotics, Don’t know, I’ll have to look into it
[17:43] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, no problem, thanks for making this web site or else I probably wouldn’t know what a tricopter is. >(
[17:43] -=Austin=- Send an article to make magazine!
[17:43] -=Chris_Hfx=- You may have your timeout idle set to 1 second, lol
[17:43] -=Crazyinventor55=- rileygarbels, hi
[17:43] -=RCExplorer=- Evan, Don’t know yet. I’ll be consentration on getting the Tri V2.5 guide up first
[17:43] -=mena142=- Guys, when using a toroid to reduce noise, do I HAVE to wind both leads, or 1 will do?
[17:43] -=Enginerd=- Mr Nilson, love your kit. Any chance you could recommend a good place to get prototype parts cut?
[17:43] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, Lol dilemma, either spamming not to time out or be spammed with tons of timeout messages
[17:43] -=Alex=- @RCE: When is 2.5 Guide coming?
[17:43] -=Evan=- Nice one, looking forward to that, my wife will dispair!
[17:44] -=Austin=- i will do but two is better mena142,
[17:44] -=RCExplorer=- mena142, Both is better
[17:44] -=timnilson=- Enginerd,
[17:44] -=CPRobotics=- RCExplorer…what’s your quick opinion of OpenPilot vs. KK Board?
[17:44] -=mena142=- Thanks πŸ™‚
[17:44] -=FPVStockholm=- I get timed out all the time
[17:44] -=FPVStockholm=- what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been building my Skywalker all day long:)
[17:44] -=RCExplorer=- CPRobotics, Haven’t tried OP yet but it looks awesome
[17:44] -=Aram=- what frequency do you use david?
[17:44] -=AZPilot=- I was just going to ask the same question CP
[17:44] -=Enginerd=- Thanks! Might be grabbing one of your kits when theyre back in stock
[17:45] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Awesome πŸ˜€
[17:45] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, oh are you going to do a blog post
[17:45] -=RCExplorer=- Any pictures?
[17:45] -=Alex=- @RCE: When will we get to see the Guide on Tri 2.5?
[17:45] -=Aram=- for your video transmitter?
[17:45] -=AZPilot=- I’m thinking of using the OP board on my tri
[17:45] -=RCExplorer=- Alex, Should be out before the end of next week
[17:45] -=FPVStockholm=- Yes I’m going to! I took a lot of pictures today
[17:45] -=isotop=- Hi all
[17:45] -=FPVStockholm=- will post it in the beginning of next week:)
[17:45] -=Alex=- Cool!=)
[17:45] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, Please let me know what you think of it if you do πŸ™‚
[17:45] -=CPRobotics=- Anyone here try to OpenPilot or are you all KK boys/girls?
[17:45] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Good πŸ™‚
[17:45] -=Enginerd=- @AZ, me too
[17:45] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, look forward to it
[17:46] -=RCExplorer=- isotop, Hi!
[17:46] -=bbmagic=- Need to go,
[17:46] -=Technologeek73=- KK here, the only one I know well, thanks to David
[17:46] -=AZPilot=- I will If they ever have them in stock
[17:46] -=RCExplorer=- bbmagic, Ok thanks for haning out πŸ™‚
[17:46] -=Jameson=- Hi all, what’s wrong with those timeouts?
[17:46] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ve also bought a DT-3k head tracker and will try it on the skywalker
[17:46] -=Enginerd=- Seems more reasonably priced than multiwii
[17:46] -=isotop=- isotop quit
[17:46] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, I would probably own one if they were in stock πŸ™‚
[17:46] -=Austin=- how long does this chat last?
[17:46] -=isotop=- isotop quit
[17:46] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, what controller board do you use
[17:47] -=Alex=- OK, Im leaving. Thank you RCE, well see Tri 2.5 first, before ordering/asking about our Quads=)
[17:47] -=timnilson=- Enginerd, great! Thank you. Glad you like it.
[17:47] -=RCExplorer=- Alex, Ok see you πŸ™‚
[17:47] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Another 40 minutes or so
[17:48] -=Austin=- quit quit quit
[17:48] -=RCExplorer=- RCExplorer changes nickname to RCexplorer
[17:48] -=Crazyinventor55=- Austin, lol ya
[17:48] -=Crazyinventor55=- Austin, lol ya
[17:48] -=AZPilot=- RCExplorer, I think I may have asked this b4 but what are the changes from V2 to V2.5 on the rti?
[17:48] -=Evan=- timeout, timeout, timeout
[17:48] -=RCExplorer=- Alex, 40 minutes or so
[17:48] -=Crazyinventor55=- Austin, lol ya
[17:48] -=Technologeek73=- I wanna fly right now ><
[17:48] -=isotop=- ^^
[17:48] -=Aram=- RCExplorer, what frequency do you use on your fpv video transmitter?
[17:49] -=Evan=- he has gone
[17:49] -=RCExplorer=- AZPilot, New tail design, different motors a few small changes here and there πŸ™‚
[17:49] -=Technologeek73=- Aram, I think he uses 1.3Ghz
[17:49] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, 1.3Ghz
[17:49] -=Enginerd=- Bums me out that the flitetest guys dont do more heli/multirotor stuff
[17:49] -=AZPilot=- OK good I can still continue to build
[17:49] -=Technologeek73=- Enginerd, Yeah :s They’re so funny :p
[17:49] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, where do you buy all your FPV gear
[17:49] -=RCExplorer=- Enginerd, I’ll fix that next time I’m over πŸ˜‰
[17:49] -=Jameson=- RCExplorer: Hi David, please, don’t you have any problems connecting GoPro to SimpleOSD and 200mW video transmitter?
[17:49] -=Austin=- Enginerd, yeah i want that too
[17:50] -=Enginerd=- Haha sounds good
[17:50] -=RCExplorer=- Jameson, Nope, works perfect?
[17:50] -=Aram=- I know, but 1240, 1280, 1320 or 1360 Mhz?
[17:50] -=RFnoise=- Danne, how long did it take you to reach 2,5km with the copter? πŸ™‚ Did you use OSD+GPS to determine the height? I put a simple osd and gps on my rig and it works ok, height is a litte problematic wih it though..
[17:50] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: This is what happened last day:
[17:50] -=FPVStockholm=-
[17:50] -=Austin=- how do tris handle wind?
[17:50] -=FPVStockholm=- please look!
[17:50] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55,
[17:50] -=Crazyinventor55=- timnilson, hey did you go to maker faire
[17:50] -=Enginerd=- David my experience with helis was the same as yours. Love flying them but just WAY too expensive
[17:50] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, 1280
[17:50] -=Jameson=- RCExplorer: Thanks, and, please, what’s the endurance of your tricopter? I mean, how long (in minutes) it can fly?
[17:51] -=Aram=- oh. ok thanks
[17:51] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: I bought the blueboard from
[17:51] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you use lawmate stuff
[17:51] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, about 9 minutes
[17:51] -=AZPilot=- FPVStockholm, Niceeeeeeeeeeeee
[17:51] -=CPRobotics=- FPVStockholm goes BOOM!
[17:51] -=timnilson=- Crazyinventor55, no I did not…
[17:51] -=Austin=- FPVStockholm, it looks like you lost rc signal
[17:51] -=RFnoise=- All people with trouble with simpleOSD and gopro and other cameras, have a look at the Flytron forum. A guy there solved all the problems with the Simple OSD πŸ™‚
[17:51] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm, Looks like it reset itself in flight
[17:51] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, cool me to
[17:51] -=Technologeek73=- Technologeek73, I’m thinking about a bad connection
[17:51] -=RCExplorer=- Jameson, About 12 minutes
[17:51] -=FPVStockholm=- Haha, thanks guys!
[17:51] -=Technologeek73=- oops, i mean FPVStockholm
[17:51] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I use lawmate recievers but not transmitter
[17:51] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ll upload the complete movie later on;)
[17:51] -=RFnoise=- RCExplorer, thats just awsome, what a rush!
[17:52] -=SoulotRC=- Which version of firmware do you use in your Tri?
[17:52] -=AZPilot=- FPVStockholm, great flight up until the end
[17:52] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: Awesome:)
[17:52] -=Technologeek73=- Austin, Oh yeah it could be that too*
[17:52] -=rileygarbels=- Are you guys happy with the SimpleOSD XL? I’ve been agonizing over OSD choices
[17:52] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, Really? mine works just fine?
[17:52] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, did anything serious happen in the crash
[17:52] -=FPVStockholm=- So some of you think I lost RC link?
[17:52] -=Jameson=- 12 minutes, oh my… Unbelievable!
[17:52] -=Austin=- use the diy osd!
[17:52] -=Evan=- same here, what problem did you have?
[17:52] -=RCExplorer=- SoulotRC, 1.6
[17:52] -=Austin=-
[17:53] -=SoulotRC=- ok
[17:53] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do they still work together alright
[17:53] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: It wasn’t that bad, one of the motor mounts is gone and all of the aluminium booms were bended
[17:53] -=AZPilot=- FPVStockholm, I don;t I think you wanted some different video
[17:53] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, For me they do πŸ™‚
[17:53] -=Aram=- RCExplorer, on the tricopter 1.5, what delay and limit did you use on the HK401B gyros?
[17:53] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, i think the esc might have cut out due to battery
[17:53] -=FPVStockholm=- and the skeleton house for the gopro broke
[17:53] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Ooo sorry to see that
[17:53] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: That might be the reason
[17:53] -=SoulotRC=- and the board, do you use the black board V5.5?
[17:53] -=RFnoise=- I have the SimpleOSD and im happy, I went the whole way and shieldel all the cables, ferrites on camera, gps and so on. No problem but on smaller fields the height is problematic. Could be anything, I really like the design and Melih is releasing the sourcecode soon!
[17:54] -=RCExplorer=- I need to fix a new chat
[17:54] -=FPVStockholm=- But I did just fly 8 minutes
[17:54] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, do you use plush ESCs
[17:54] -=FPVStockholm=- with a 2,2 mAh lipo
[17:54] -=Austin=- FPVStockholm, thats what it looks like because it yaws to the left also. Either loss of rc signal or board problem. Check if the board is working now.
[17:54] -=Enginerd=- im off. Thanks guys!
[17:54] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm, If the esc cutoff is set too high, it can cutoff with 5 mins of flight ^^
[17:54] -=RCExplorer=- I like my SimpleOSD’s still. But I only use the battery indicator more of less πŸ™‚
[17:54] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, how long do you usually fly for
[17:54] -=Jameson=- RCExplorer: And my last question, do you use spare battery for video system, or you fly from main battery with some kind of filter, or you don’t use filter at all? πŸ™‚
[17:55] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, I just use my TX timer and keep it to 9 min…
[17:55] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, what is your cutoff set at
[17:55] -=RCExplorer=- Jameson, Same battery. Filter.
[17:55] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: I use hobbywing 18 amps, they’re “identical” to the plush
[17:55] -=Jameson=- Thank you very much!
[17:55] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, Ehm… Haven’t set it yet ><
[17:55] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, I use the telemetry function in my Aurora now πŸ™‚
[17:55] -=Austin=- RCExplorer, what filter? diy or purchased?
[17:55] -=FPVStockholm=- I’ll need to make sure the esc’s are set to nicm
[17:55] -=Evan=- same here, they are good ESC’s
[17:55] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, DIY
[17:55] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, ah! That’s nice to have… have to get one of those…
[17:56] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, do they ave a no cut off setting?
[17:56] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, I recommend it warmly πŸ™‚
[17:56] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, so you don’t use an LRS?
[17:56] -=FPVStockholm=- I don’t know if they have a “no cut off setting” but I can set them to nicm?!
[17:56] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Nope
[17:56] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, cool
[17:56] -=Evan=- set to nicad and use a seperate battery alarm on your balance lead
[17:56] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Nicad and low is the best
[17:56] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, what settings do you use on your plush ESCs
[17:56] -=Austin=- RCExplorer, post an article on it or maybe just a simple youtube video
[17:57] -=Aram=- RCExplorer, what delay and limit did you use on the HK401B gyros?
[17:57] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, NICD, low cutoff, middle timing
[17:57] -=Aram=- for the tricopter 1.5
[17:57] -=CPRobotics=- CPRobotics quit
[17:57] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, I have to go fly my new 20″ boom build… I will email you to discuss ‘details’ πŸ™‚
[17:57] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, Limit 100, delay 0
[17:57] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: I’ll make sure they’re set to that!
[17:57] -=Evan=- was just about to ask about timings on ESC as it was set to low
[17:58] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, Cool πŸ˜€ Good luck. Send me an e’mail and we’ll have some good conversation πŸ˜€
[17:58] -=Aram=- thank you, I am having some issues with takeoff
[17:58] -=timnilson=- RCExplorer, great. Take care!
[17:58] -=RFnoise=- RCExplorer, have you had any glitches when going to close to mobile antennas and other “high” objects that have antennas on them?
[17:58] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, what cutoff voltage do you set it to
[17:58] -=RCExplorer=- timnilson, You too my friend
[17:58] -=RFnoise=- When you use the Aurora?
[17:58] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Low
[17:58] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, Always πŸ™‚
[17:58] -=RFnoise=- Haha!
[17:58] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, Nope
[17:58] -=RFnoise=- Ok πŸ™‚
[17:58] -=Austin=- if anyone wants a very cheap stabilizer, use the hk quadcopter board and reprogram it
[17:59] -=Austin=- with atmega 328
[17:59] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, Sorry missed you’re first questipon πŸ˜€
[17:59] -=FPVStockholm=- Evan: Sorry about this stupid question.. But where can I find a low battery alarm?
[17:59] -=Technologeek73=- Austin, is it a 328 , oO
[17:59] -=RCExplorer=- No interferance no πŸ™‚
[17:59] -=Technologeek73=- Austin, my blackboard has a 168
[18:00] -=FPVStockholm=- The best part with crashing an RC model is that you’ll be given a lot of time to develop the model:)
[18:00] -=FPVStockholm=- πŸ˜‰
[18:00] -=Austin=- yep 328 or 168 will work, I just couln’t find any 168s in my messy room:lol:
[18:00] -=Technologeek73=- Austin, heh x)
[18:00] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Exactly πŸ˜€
[18:00] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, ya
[18:00] -=RFnoise=- Thats good though! I saw that you used 433mhz when doing the mobile tower when working with Flitetest, would you have dared to do that with the 2,4ghz Aurora? Ill guess I just have to try it out myself..
[18:01] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: How far away is the 2.5 guide?:)
[18:01] -=Austin=- its a bit of a pain in the butt to switch ICs though
[18:01] -=RCExplorer=- Ok so next week the V2.5 will come out and then, do you want the Blackpool fireworks or another antenna guide?
[18:02] -=Technologeek73=- Video :p
[18:02] -=Technologeek73=- then antenna guide
[18:02] -=Austin=- what is the 8 lobe antenna in the CP article?
[18:02] -=AZPilot=- video then guide
[18:02] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, I’m building a new tri today to take the picture. I’m 1/3 of the way πŸ™‚
[18:02] -=AZPilot=- I still have lots of building time ahead of me
[18:02] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, when are you going to do the directional polarized antenna
[18:02] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, You never take any rest, do you ? x)
[18:02] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, It’s a Turbine. It’s the next guide
[18:02] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, Nope πŸ˜€
[18:02] -=RFnoise=- Take care all! Great to have a chat like this! Any meetings this year that you will be attending?
[18:02] -=Austin=- is it good?
[18:02] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: You’re not allowed to take a rest;)
[18:02] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, After the next guide πŸ™‚
[18:03] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, It’s awesome
[18:03] -=Technologeek73=- RFnoise, see ya πŸ™‚
[18:03] -=Austin=- OOOOHHH i want to see the guide
[18:03] -=RCExplorer=- RFnoise, Don’t know yet. Hope to meet you someday thoug πŸ™‚
[18:03] -=RFnoise=- RFnoise quit
[18:04] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, so did discovery tell you how they were going to use the footage you got for them
[18:04] -=Technologeek73=- There is some great landscape here in Savoie, if anyone comes near x)
[18:04] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Nope, don’t know yet. Should be in the beginning of next year I belive
[18:04] -=Austin=- I want to see your footage!
[18:05] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, If I ever venture that way I’ll swing by πŸ˜‰
[18:05] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, long time
[18:05] -=Aram=- RCExplorer, have you heard of Maker Faire? You should go there, there are many rc enthusiasts there that make some very interesting telemetry/stabilization systems. Plus, they make quad copters, you need to show them 3 is better than 4
[18:05] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Be patient πŸ™‚
[18:05] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, That would be so awesome ! :O
[18:06] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, Nope, haven’t heard about it. Sounds cool though πŸ˜€
[18:06] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, are you planing to go back to the US
[18:06] -=Austin=- yes if you have time go to maker faire, people need to see fpv!
[18:06] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Yes I have plans πŸ˜‰
[18:06] -=FPVStockholm=- crazyinventor: Are you planning to go to sweden?:)
[18:06] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Where is it held?
[18:07] -=Aram=- You get you video transmitter from Range Video right?
[18:07] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, actually yes maybe next summer
[18:07] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, I buy them from readymaderc now
[18:07] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, oh where and when
[18:07] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Cool! πŸ™‚
[18:07] -=Aram=- oh
[18:07] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: Is it true?! That’s great news!
[18:07] -=FPVStockholm=- Awesome! that’s great news
[18:07] -=FPVStockholm=- we better get out flying then:)
[18:07] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Later this year if everything goes to plan
[18:08] -=Austin=- RCExplorer, today in new york!
[18:08] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, you should stop by Florida
[18:08] -=RCexplorer=- RCexplorer changes nickname to RCExplorer
[18:08] -=Austin=- I had no clue maker faire was today!
[18:08] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Oh today! πŸ˜€
[18:08] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, It might be hard to get tricopters through us air security
[18:08] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Then I can’t make it πŸ˜€
[18:09] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I had no troubble bringing 3 Tricopters and a quad πŸ˜€
[18:09] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, With all the people that discovered RC and FPV with your site, your trips must be exciting x)
[18:09] -=FPVStockholm=- Crazyinventor: If you ever get here I’ll build one that you can use;)
[18:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCexplorer, I can try
[18:09] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, lol great
[18:10] -=FPVStockholm=- Or at least I can make sure my easystar is in perfect shape;)
[18:10] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, It’s always fun to meet new people πŸ˜€
[18:10] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, we would visit my dads friend but I k
[18:10] -=FPVStockholm=- Have you find out where he live?:)
[18:10] -=Austin=- basically maker faire is where a LOT of diy-ers get together and show off their stuff
[18:10] -=Wargen=- When do we got to see your latest movie from GB?
[18:10] -=mena142=- Is it ok if I use copper wire to wind the toroid and then solder to the other cables?
[18:10] -=Crazyinventor55=- think he lives close to stockholm
[18:10] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, Sounds like a great gathering. I would love to go
[18:11] -=FPVStockholm=- That’s perfect:)
[18:11] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, where do you live
[18:11] -=RCExplorer=- mena142, That works perfectly
[18:11] -=Crazyinventor55=- in sweden
[18:11] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, In Hjo
[18:11] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, It’s such a great thing, you should DEFINETLY go there :p but it’s quite difficult to find the place and date :s
[18:11] -=sveininge=- hello
[18:11] -=RCExplorer=- It’s a long drive from stockholm but if you come I can always find a excuse to drive the 5 hours πŸ™‚
[18:11] -=Technologeek73=- sveininge, Hi !
[18:12] -=FPVStockholm=- RCExplorer: Have you ever thought about flying from Hjo to F?Β§rings???;)
[18:12] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, Hi!
[18:12] -=Aram=- RCExplorer, is there any reason you buy from Ready Made RC? The 300mw transmitter is much larger
[18:12] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, I have πŸ˜€ When I get my FPV plane going πŸ˜‰
[18:12] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, fantastic!!!
[18:12] -=Austin=- tell us if your going to maker faire so we can go too!
[18:12] -=sveininge=- hey david, when will we see the new tricopter ?
[18:12] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, It’s great quality and it works really well. I use it on all my platforms now
[18:13] -=FPVStockholm=- What if me meet up halvway? I can pick up crazyinventor and then we can join somewhere in the middle:)
[18:13] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, Next week πŸ˜‰
[18:13] -=FPVStockholm=- haha, I new you had!:D
[18:13] -=RCExplorer=- FPVStockholm, Sounds cool
[18:13] -=Aram=- weight is not an issue?
[18:13] -=RCExplorer=- Aram, No, Not for me at least
[18:13] -=FPVStockholm=- How far is it to F?Β§rings?? from you?
[18:14] -=RCExplorer=- Can’t recall but it’s quite a bit πŸ™‚
[18:14] -=Chris_Hfx=- lol, Instead of Getaway in Stockholm, its FPV in Stockholm. Police chases and all!
[18:14] -=Austin=- wow I will be visiting this website daily for the new tri and video!
[18:14] -=FPVStockholm=- Ok, it’s definitely worth a try;)
[18:14] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, are you going back to florida
[18:14] -=RCExplorer=- Chris_Hfx, Haha πŸ˜€
[18:14] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Nope, sorry I’ll be going to Ohio.
[18:15] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, for how long
[18:15] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, What is best in the US from your point of view ? West Coast or East Coast ?
[18:15] -=RCExplorer=- 4-6 weeks probably
[18:15] -=Austin=- RCExplorer, are you going back to flitetest?
[18:15] -=FPVStockholm=- Hm, I think I have to go now. Gotta take care of the dog and my fiancee:)
[18:15] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, in the summer?
[18:16] -=RCExplorer=- Technologeek73, I liked California
[18:16] -=Crazyinventor55=- FPVStockholm, aww bye
[18:16] -=Technologeek73=- FPVStockholm, Aww that’s cute x) see ya πŸ˜€
[18:16] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, this year
[18:16] -=FPVStockholm=- haha:D
[18:16] -=AZPilot=- RCExplorer, when you get tired of the snow you can always come to Arizona for some warm flying
[18:16] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, I hope to be able to yes
[18:16] -=isotop=- personally I use Imovie9 but id’like to change ;D
[18:16] -=isotop=- @all: wich video editing software do you prefer?
[18:16] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, well I can make an excuse to go there
[18:16] -=Austin=- yay!
[18:17] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, πŸ˜€ Hehe Would be cool to meet you
[18:17] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, it would be cooler to meet you!
[18:17] -=sveininge=- David i see you fly with 1.3 ghz, how will that work with the 2.4 ghz aurora.
[18:17] -=RCExplorer=- isotop, It has a learning curve to it but it’s really powerful. Or Adobe Premiere
[18:18] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, It works really well
[18:18] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, I use a lowpass filter to be on the safe side. 3Km hasn’t been an issue
[18:18] -=Austin=- will a 1.28g RHCP antenna interfere with GPS?
[18:18] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you think that team black sheep actually have a plane with a range of 120 mi
[18:18] -=isotop=- @RCExplorer thanks:)
[18:19] -=Wargen=- Is that a lowpass filter on the antenna?
[18:19] -=FPVStockholm=- Bye all!:)
[18:19] -=Austin=- Crazyinventor55, where did you here that?
[18:19] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I don’t think the batteries last that long πŸ™‚
[18:19] -=sveininge=- lowpass filter that you apply between the antenna ?
[18:19] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, I think they have 80km range max, not 120miles oO
[18:19] -=RCExplorer=- Wargen, Yes
[18:19] -=Crazyinventor55=- Austin, flitetest
[18:19] -=RCExplorer=- sveininge, yes
[18:19] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, well thats what trappy said
[18:19] -=Wargen=- Ok. Is that the one from Readymade RC?
[18:20] -=RCExplorer=- Austin, It will interfeere just the same as any other antenna
[18:20] -=Aram=- RCExplorer, what kind of antenna do you use most of the time on the video receiver?
[18:20] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, Really ? :s well I’ll be surprised if it really has a 120miles range !
[18:21] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, ya me to
[18:21] -=RCExplorer=- I use a 3 turn helical and a Scewplanar
[18:21] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, would you ever use a yogi antenna
[18:21] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, Did he mean RC link or FPV range ? (or just flight range ?)
[18:21] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, both
[18:21] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Yagi? No, I only use CP antennas now a days
[18:22] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, Wow yeah :s, but in the meantime he really has invested a lot of money and effort into it… I wonder if this is still legal x)
[18:22] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, I don’t feel the need for more than 3km range. So it’s not really an issue for me
[18:23] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, ya you might need a ham license
[18:23] -=isotop=- bye all, see you soon πŸ™‚
[18:23] -=Technologeek73=- isotop, Bye πŸ˜€
[18:23] -=RCExplorer=- isotop, Bye πŸ™‚
[18:24] -=Austin=- bye
[18:24] -=isotop=- isotop quit
[18:24] -=Chris_Hfx=- Dave, so 300mw of transmitter power is a good balance for range and weight? Or is it worth it to go higher? I plan on building a plane first.
[18:24] -=RCExplorer=- I need to go pretty soon as well
[18:24] -=Aram=- Bye David! See (or type) you soon
[18:24] -=Austin=- noooooo!
[18:24] -=sveininge=- so 1.3 with lowpass filter works great with a 2.4 ghz radio .
[18:24] -=Crazyinventor55=- hey do anyoneplay minecraft
[18:24] -=Technologeek73=- Crazyinventor55, Yeah, but rarely
[18:24] -=RCExplorer=- Chris_Hfx, 300mW is really all you need. You would probably get 10km of range with proper antennas
[18:24] -=Aram=- I PLAY MINECRAFT
[18:25] -=Technologeek73=- Aram, who doesn’t x)
[18:25] -=Chris_Hfx=- lol, Crazyinventor, have you seen the minecraft paraody’s on
[18:25] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, do you play minecraft
[18:25] -=Aram=- bye
[18:25] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, A little yes πŸ™‚
[18:25] -=Crazyinventor55=- Chris_Hfx, no I havent
[18:25] -=Austin=- Crazyinventor55, i dont play minecraft because you cant build tricopters in minecraft;);););):p
[18:25] -=Chris_Hfx=- Noooo, don’t get dave into minecraft! Nothing will get updated here!
[18:25] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, awesome
[18:25] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, Might wanna make a RCexplorer server ! x)
[18:25] -=RCExplorer=- Crazyinventor55, Only when I have some time over. I usally spend all my time on the page or building
[18:26] -=Crazyinventor55=- Technologeek73, thats the best idea ever
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- Ok I should really get going
[18:26] -=Austin=- nooooo!
[18:26] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, Thank you so much πŸ˜€
[18:26] -=sveininge=- i really looking forward to your helical build guide
[18:26] -=Technologeek73=- Technologeek73, Have a good evening !
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- Thanks for another great chat πŸ™‚
[18:26] -=Crazyinventor55=- RCExplorer, thanks bye
[18:26] -=Technologeek73=- RCExplorer, Oops, i mean you x)
[18:26] -=RCExplorer=- Hope to see you all next time
[18:26] -=Chris_Hfx=-
[18:26] -=AZPilot=- same here time for some lunch
[18:26] -=Austin=- thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:lol::-};)
[18:27] -=Chris_Hfx=- Check out all 3 episodes. hehe
[18:27] -=Evan=- cheers dude, nice speaking to you
[18:27] -=RCExplorer=- Bye
[18:27] -=Technologeek73=- Bye πŸ˜€
[18:27] -=Austin=- bye:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
[18:27] -=Austin=- thanks so much!!!
[18:27] -=AZPilot=- Thanks RCExplorer for having the chat today
[18:28] -=Evan=- Evan quit
[18:28] -=Austin=- build more tricopters!!
[18:28] -=Chris_Hfx=- Thx Dave for your answer btw, been on the fence on Tx power… 10k is far enough for me.
[18:28] -=AZPilot=- time to do some more building today
[18:31] -=Chris_Hfx=- Well i must sleep, gotta work in 5 hrs. Gotta bring oil to the people! One pipe at a time.
[18:32] -=AZPilot=- well have fun Chris
[18:32] -=AZPilot=- I have to do some more tri building today
[18:32] -=Austin=- yay build more tris
[18:33] -=AZPilot=- well I have to finish my first one
[18:33] -=AZPilot=- cut out the frame yesterday. today is sanding time
[18:34] -=AZPilot=- ok time for some lunch everyone have a good rest of the day or evening
[18:38] -=Aram=- Hello? Anyone still here?
[18:39] -=Aram=- No, no one
[18:39] -=Aram=- This was a triumph
[18:40] -=Technologeek73=- I’m still here πŸ˜€
[18:40] -=Aram=- I’m making a note here, Huge success
[18:40] -=Aram=- It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction
[18:40] -=Aram=- Apeture Science
[18:41] -=Technologeek73=- We do what we must
[18:41] -=Technologeek73=- because we can.
[18:41] -=Aram=- for the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead
[18:42] -=Aram=- And there’s no use crying over every mistake,
[18:42] -=Technologeek73=- But there’s no sense crying over every mistake
[18:42] -=Aram=- We just keep on trying till we run out of cake
[18:42] -=Technologeek73=- And the Science gets done,
[18:43] -=Technologeek73=- And you make a neat gun
[18:43] -=Technologeek73=- For the people who are still alive.
[18:45] -=Aram=- I’m not even angry.
[18:46] -=Aram=- I’m being so sincere right now
[18:46] -=Technologeek73=- Even though you broke my heart, And killed me.
[18:46] -=Aram=- Even though you broke my heart
[18:46] -=Aram=- And threw every piece into a fire
[18:46] -=Technologeek73=- As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
[18:46] -=Aram=- As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
[18:46] -=Technologeek73=- heh :p
[18:46] -=Aram=- Now these points of data make a beautiful line
[18:47] -=Aram=- And we’re out of beta
[18:47] -=Technologeek73=- We’re releasing on time
[18:47] -=Aram=- o I’m GLaD. I got burned
[18:47] -=Technologeek73=- Think of all the things we learned
[18:47] -=Aram=- Think of all the things we learned for the people who are still alive
[18:47] -=Aram=- Go ahead and leave me
[18:48] -=Technologeek73=- I think I prefer to stay inside.
[18:48] -=Aram=- Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you
[18:48] -=Technologeek73=- Maybe Black Mesa
[18:48] -=Aram=- THAT WAS A JOKE
[18:48] -=Aram=- HAHA. FAT CHANCE
[18:48] -=Technologeek73=- HAHA. FAT CHANCE.
[18:48] -=Aram=- Anyway, this cake is great
[18:48] -=Technologeek73=- It’s so delicious and moist
[18:49] -=Aram=- Look at me still talking when there’s Science to do
[18:49] -=Technologeek73=- When I look out there, it makes me GLaD I’m not you.
[18:49] -=Aram=- I’ve experiments to run
[18:49] -=Technologeek73=- There is research to be done.
[18:49] -=Aram=- There is research to be done
[18:50] -=Aram=- On the people who are still alive
[18:50] -=Technologeek73=- On the people who are still alive.
[18:50] -=Technologeek73=- And believe me I am still alive.
[18:50] -=Technologeek73=- I’m doing Science and I’m still alive.
[18:50] -=Technologeek73=- I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive.
[18:50] -=Aram=- I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive
[18:51] -=Technologeek73=- While you’re dying I’ll be still alive.
[18:51] -=Technologeek73=- And when you’re dead I will be still alive.
[18:51] -=Aram=- And when you’re dead I will be still alive
[18:51] -=Aram=- STILL ALIVE
[18:51] -=Technologeek73=- still alive
[18:51] -=Technologeek73=- πŸ™‚
[18:51] -=Aram=- bye guys! got to go!
[18:51] -=Technologeek73=- bye πŸ˜€
[18:51] -=Technologeek73=- see ya

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