Receiver ready Tricopters for sale

I have a few ”receiver ready” V2.5 Tricopters I’m now offering up for sale.

The Tricopters are built exactly like the V2.5 build guide.
All you need to do to make your first flight is to mount the landing gear using the included zip-ties, hook up your receiver, plug in your battery and check the stick direction. The Tricopter is already built, the gain is already set, the props are mounted and balanced, the gyro directions are already set up, the throttle range is calibrated, the ESCs are properly programmed and so on. I have test-flown them all and tuned them in accordingly.

The Tricopters also comes with two extra props (these have not been balanced, though) and one extra wooden arm for your first mishaps.

Things you need:
3s2200mAh Battery (Bigger battery is also ok)
4 channel (or more) receiver and transmitter

This is how you check if your transmitter sticks transmits the stick input in the correct direction:
– Turn on the transmitter and then the flight-controller
– Try arming the controller. (Move the throttle stick to the down-right corner) If the LED does not light up, reverse the rudder channel.
– Start the motors by raising the throttle (around 1/4 or so)
– Move the Pitch (Elevator) stick on the transmitter forward. The back motor should speed up. If it doesn’t, reverse the channel in your transmitter.
– Move the Roll (Aileron) stick to the right. The front left motor should speed up and the front right should slow down. If it doesn’t, reverse the channel in your transmitter.

Do remember that these are KK-tricopters, no fancy auto-leveling and such, they don’t fly themselves. You have to learn how to do the flying.

So, would you want one of these limited numbers of Tricopters V2.5 built by RCExplorer? The price tag is 700 600 USD and payment will be via Paypal (or bank transfer for Swedish buyers), shipping included (as a registered package with the Swedish Postal Services). When your order has been confirmed, you will have 7 days to complete the payment, so make sure that you can fulfill this requirement before you order, please. First come, first serve. Use the contact form and please write ”TRICOPTERORDER!” in the subject line to make sure that it isn’t lost in my messy inbox.


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700 dollars did sound a little high, so I went back and recalculated all the expenses I had when building the Tricopters. I soon found my error, I had mixed up the currencies of one post. 100 SEK and 100 USD is big difference. The correct price for the tricopters should be 600 USD. I will refund a 100 USD to the people that have already ordered and payed. Sorry for the mixup guys.

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