New video – RC TANK BATTLE

The video was filmed over two days with two helpers.
3 GoPro cameras were used and none of them got damaged.
A Cannon 60D were used as the main camera.
A Röde video mic was used to record audio.

The balloons were filled with hydrogen.

In the scene where the green tank gets blown up, none of us though that the tank would be obliterated. I though it would be big pieces laying around but there were hardly anything left. Except the drive system that was hanging meters up in the tree above.

Link to the tanks used in the video:

Lots of fireworks. Nearly all were used.

To ensure the safety of me and my friends the fireworks were remotely ignited. Here is the remote trigger I built.
It’s nothing more than a couple of buttons and relays. It’s designed to be safe and reliable. First you need to arm the unit and then you need a two hand grip to fire either of the two outputs.

Not pretty but it works well.

The electric fuse. A 12ohm 1/4W resistor and a match-head. When connected to 12V the resistor draws 1A which means that it has to deal with 12W of heat (I^2*R=1*1*12). The resistor is rated for 0.25W (1/4W) and thus heats up so much that it ignites the match-head. Works like a charm.


Snapshot of the editing board. The editing material ended up at 57GB.

Sneaky tank.


Dirty gopro after having 50 rockets shot at it from 20cm distance.

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