New video! – “Running Waters”

I brought my trusty old tricopter along with me when visiting my friend “Kajakmannen”, up in Älvkarleby.

They have a hydroelectric power plant which, with it’s surrounding terrain, was just too beautiful not to fly over.

RC TX: Hitec Aurora 9 2.4GHz AFHSS
RC RX: Hitec Optima 9
Camera: GoPro Hero HD set at 720p 60FPS
Video TX: 1.3GHz 300mW, OMM Pinwheel antenna
Video RX: 2 x 1.3GHz Lawmate
Video RX 1 antenna: OMM Pinwheel antenna
Video RX 1 antenna: OMM Open Bi-Quad
Diversity controller: Eagletree Eagle Eyes

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