15 thoughts on “The Tricopter V2.6HV Deluxe – Part 1

  1. David, amazing work!
    A few weeks ago I’ve made a tricopter basing on your setup and now I see, that you have this same idea as me with the mountage of engines.
    Take a look at the photos in free-time.

    • Hi Michael,
      I´ve saw your perfect and wonderfull Tricopter frame and I like to do it like you. My Friend works in a Laser and CNC factory and he can produce for me, would it be ok for you, that I can use your files dxf would be perfect! Thank you so much in advance! Best Regards Benny
      Here my Email [email protected]

  2. Hi David nice to see new build posts!
    Could you make a tutorial on your KK2 setup and settings?
    I think a lot of people use it on your Tricopter 2.5 so it would be great to have a tutorial for both the old and the new HV version.
    Great work again!

  3. David, why not just use straight suspension wires as the vibrations are in the horizontal plane? I don’t see how bent wires can make a difference unless there are vertical vibrations too.

    • Tried it during the experiment phase but I couldn’t get it to work well with straight wire. The curved wire gives a better vibration dampening as well as is much more stable in the “yaw” twisting plane.

      • Hi.
        The wires get there strenght fron the “straightness”.
        So by bending them in a curve, you take the ridigness away, and they become more flexible.
        That’s why they work so much better in a curved shape than as a straight piece.

        • The reason that the bent wires work better is because they are under tension all the time which results in them cancelling out the vibration as well as suspending the tray as it were hard mounted . the loaded spring wire is a lot more rigid than a non loaded wire .

      • Ah.. I didn’t think about the yaw issue. I can imagine that straight wires will cause the tray to lag and oscillate too much during yawing. I’m going to give the wire solution a try. I’m currently using orange bobbins from GetFPV in suspension instead of compression because I have yet to make carbon fibre shapes like this: ? (double mirrored L). Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of your tricopter experiments on flitetest.

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