New FPV video – “Norway”


Anders Lindström, my wife Johanna and I decided to take a 10 hour drive to Kjerag mountain in Norway. This was before the fantastic custom firmware made by Lauka, which have made a phenomenal difference to performance. So the video is not as stable as it would be today. We also had problem with jello in the footage due to the sloppiness in the laser cut prototypes. The milled frames in the store doesn’t have this problem.

Pictures and such, click the link below:Setup:
Frame: RCExplorer Mini Tricopter
Electronics: Mini Tricopter Electronic Pack;
Motors: BE2208-1800KV
Props: 6×4.5 HQ E-prop
ESC’s: SN20A
Servo: BMS-210

FC: Naze32 built in to the frame
Battery: 4S 1800mAh 45-75C
Video TX: Immersion RC 5.8GHz 600mW
Camera: GoPro3+
RC-RX: Hitec Optima 9
AUW: 830 grams with gopro and case

Random pictures:

Beautiful view from the start of the climb up to Kjerag mountain.

Hiking up to the top took about 4 hours (and then 4 hours down) Carrying huge backpacks full of RC gear did slow us down a bit.

1110 meters above sea level (3640 ft)

Edge of the seat flying.

Good day despite loosing a copter over the edge.

Last flight of the day. Time for a 4 hour hike back down in the pouring rain.
Kjerag4What a beautiful place. Wished the tricopters had flown as well as they do now. We could have had so much more good footage. Fantastic trip despite all that though.

Special thanks to Alex, thank you for help carrying and good conversation 🙂

15 thoughts on “New FPV video – “Norway”

  1. WOW! That was a great video David, I hardly even noticed the jello. Once I climbed a Mountain of the same height and it was not easy at all. Those credits at the end were HILARIOUS!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. Well done for another awesome video. You should enter this into a fpv video contest of some sort,it was really well made.

    As usual 😉

  2. Great video! I hope both you and the rest of the community will post a lot of this stuff. It really lightens up a rainy day 😀

    Sorry for the loss of one of the minis, were you able to retrieve it?

    • Unfortunately, we were not able to retrieve it. You have to take a boat to get there (and that was impossible get hold of) and even if we had gotten to the base of the cliffs, it is a larger area and a lot steeper than it looks like from above.
      We did try to get a boat, but when that failed we comforted ourselves with the infinitesimal chance that we would have found it even if we could have tries, and the even more unlikely chance that anything would have survived the fall.
      Still – if anyone goes basejumping from Kjerag and feels like looking around for it, I would give a good reward for the memory card from the camera! There were some amazing shots on there… (or at least it felt like it would be amazing as I was flying).

  3. Yes, I am picturing a rescue mission by kayak to the cliffs, getting the V3 out of the hull of the kayak, search and retrieve 🙂

    – If only there were hours enough in the day!

    Any GPS coordinates of the approx. location?

      • To rent a Kayak there you need some basic safty training fist.
        Do you know where you lost it down there? Molen (to the left) or Geitaneset (toward the middle) og to the right side towards Lysebotn? The terain is not easy to hike in.

        • Yeah, well I have been kayaking a bit before… But what surprised me was that there were no places that rented out kayaks at all, safety training or not! There was just no place to rent one… We thought this was a bit weird, as it’s such a beautiful place, and on a longer trip we would have loved to take a day just paddling a bit along the side of the fjord. There were some Germans there with kayaks, but they had rented them somewhere closer to Stavanger and paddled to Lysebotn. Unfortunately, they were just returning with the ferry and therefore didn’t have time to take us out (or lend us the kayaks). I just don’t get why there isn’t a place in Lysebotn where you can rent a kayak or a small boat (or take guided tours, if they feel that it’s too much responsibility to rent to strangers, security-wise)…
          As far as I can tell, it ought to be more on the left side and a bit inside of the fall, as that’s where I was flying when the connection was lost, but it difficult to say…

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