The Tricopter V3.5

Got some news for you guys! Today the Tricopter V3 has been upgraded to V3.5!
Tricopter Naze32 frame PDB Tricopter Naze32 frame PDB Tricopter Naze32 frame PDB

Some minor changes has been made to the kit such as;

All fiberglass reinforced injection moulded plastic pieces to improve durability and quality. This includes the top and bottom wire holders, front spacer and all of the tilt mechanism piecesInjection moulded tricopter piecesThe V3.5 also have a larger wire dampeners to allow for larger batteries. New maximum recommended battery size is 40mm tall and 60mm wideWireDampenerNewLastly, the kit comes with the new style carbon fiber arms which were announced over a month back. The new arms are even stronger and more square than the previous model.ReallyLongStick3

The main reason for the new V3.5 name is to make it easier for people to find the new build video that is in the works. Since quite a few things have changed since the launch of the V3 a new build video seems appropriate.

The V3.5 has already been shipping out for almost 2 weeks, so if you’ve ordered one in the past fortnight chances are you’ve already received the new kit.

7 thoughts on “The Tricopter V3.5

  1. Bigger batteries, yay!
    What about landing gear? Have you made it longer to accommodate increase in camera tray height, or will the new tricopter reside on it’s belly?

  2. That is so cool David! The new changes and the new build video are going to be awesome 🙂 Thanks for the awesome job you are doing towards the tricopter an RC community, I really appreciate what you are doing here 😉

  3. Hi David:
    Thanks for the great updates! I was looking for the pdf with the dimensions for the NEW battery tray WIRES.
    The DIY link on the V3.5 page, gives me the old 45mm high wire layout.
    Thanks in advance

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